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This week’s Wardrobe Wonderings is one that I’m sure a lot of you are pondering as we approach summer…

“I’m going to my first festival this summer, I want to look nice but still be practical! Can you help please?”



ASOS shorts, Gap tee, H&M shirt, Chockers boots, Primark brooch and hat, thrifted bag

Festival dressing can be tricky. Just ask my dear friend Vix, who told me a wonderful tale involving a playsuit, a festival field and some public nudity.

Yes, my fellow style-obsessed sisters – I know festivals seem like the perfect showcase for your favourite outfits. When no one blinks an eye at fully grown men in gimp suits, you can get away with the most outrageous things. But think it through before you slip into that gold lamΓ© catsuit and stick on those feathered eyelashes. Will you still look so circus-chic after 8 hours of festival life? You will get grass and/or mud stains on your bum. You will be hit by a paper cup full of cider (if you’re lucky). And you will get covered in other people’s sweat. Not a good look.

But before you rush off to Black’s to stock up on waterproof trousers, galoshes and a full body parka, read my fashionable festival tips…

  • Separates! Layers! My favourite words! And oh-so practical for festivals. Easy to get in and out of (Portaloos and tents don’t leave room for wriggling), you can shed a few if you’re too hot and add a few if you’re too cold.
  • Wear boots, not wellies. Wellies and heat make for hot, sweaty, blistered feet. A sturdy pair of boots will make stomping across dust, mud and grass easy. 
  • Take an across the body bag, or bum bag if you’re brave enough. You want your arms free (for holding cups of cider, waving frantically to Muse, hugging random strangers) and you need to keep your belongings close. Wear your across the body bag swung round to the front to keep sneaky stealers away.
  • Keep jewellery to a minimum. A festival is not the place to debut your diamond engagement ring, intricately beaded necklace or Swarovski bracelet. It will get a) lost, b) stolen or c) broken. You can’t see it very well, but I’ve pinned a cute heart-shaped brooch to my shirt to add a little quirk and that’s it. 
  • Cover your head. If you’re lucky enough to get sunshine at a festival, a burnt parting/red nose/peeling forehead is never a good look. And if it’s raining (which it probably will be… this is a festival, after all), a hat or headscarf will keep frizz under wraps. 

So there we have it, festival fashionistas! Now you’ve read my advice, I need to see you rocking it. Send me a photo of you working your best festival look and you’ll feature in next week’s Wardrobe Wonderings – the results post. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog if you have one!

Are you going to a festival this year? Do you have a top tip for festival style? Do tell all.


Vintage Vixen

Wise words, my dear Jen!
Another tip would be to avoid an overlong maxi, if you must wear a long frock, go for something just skimming the ankle. I don’t even want to think of what a long hemline may absorb in one of those porto-loos (same with flip flops and Gladiator sandals, sturdy boots every time).
Yes, all-in-ones may be the “in-thing” this season but just remember when you decide to bypass the loo queue and squat behind the John Peel stage you’ll be subjecting your fellow festival-goers to full scale nudity, never a great look.


After reading your blog, I swiftly directed myself to Chockers through the link. I am utterly amazed! What good stock they have! I shall definitely be visiting the shop more often, and would just like to say thank you for introducing it.


i dont even want to imagine stripping off a playsuit in one of those festival toilets! when i was out the other day i was thinking about your post on playsuit loo stripping!

sunglasses are my tip! i always take a few pairs coz one is bound to get lost at some point! great for covering those post hangover eyes and keeps your eyes protected from the sun! plus they do look pretty cool!

i think im going to go for lightweight separates so i can mix and match if weather needs be!

another post of invaluable information jen! ill see if i can come up with a festival look and email it you again!


I think festival looks should look effortless and i think this looks like you have tried to hard. I think i like this look though ?!?


for above: make your mind up? ur hating on the look, or you like it?
well my love, I really like it. I can not wait for Glasto- 2 weeks today! 5 days off camping and a backpack to put everything in- ahhhh! I have lots of long sleeve tops to put under dresses/pretty things to keep me warm. and cant wait to rock my hunters again πŸ™‚
great post


Such an unexpected look on you Jen… but I like it… it looks so fun and relaxed.

Festival dressing is the best… you can over-accessorize and overdress without people staring at you. Have fun! xoxo


Great advice. My plan is to do at least 1 festival next year, so I’m definitely taking this advice on board. I think layering and not dressing up like it’s a party is the best advice.

You look great. I love the shirt and boots.


LOVE the denim shorts, Jen – and thanks for this post, it’s v timely as I’ve got an all-day outdoor gig to go to on Saturday (Editors and Snow Patrol in Glasgow). Pray for sunshine! I’ll send a pic of my festival look – I’m really enjoying these challenges, hope you’ll keep them going. xx


Chockers, huh? Not Docs then.

Now this is a challenge I might attempt. Largely because this is how I look pretty well all the time. You’d never post my pic though. I’m such a slob.


great tips! and the outfit looks cute. i rarely go to festival maybe because the insane crowds in ny, but i would definitely just rock it on a regular day just to be stylish! haha

Scarlet Owl

I once made the mistake of wearing flip flops in a festival toilet cubical (it was really hot, I wasn’t really thinking!) and it was a horrible mistake. I’m definitely investing in some boots. Yours are a really nice colour πŸ™‚

the crafty currant

Yay for straw boaters … i use to have to wear one for school when I was little. Clearly a fashion forward tot … hehe!! Festivals just don’t appeal to me at all, I dont like it if I cant get a shower every morning … yuk!!


I wish I had need for this post, but sadly no festivals for me this Summer.. Loving the look though. I wish I could pull off hats, I’d love to wear one like that in the sun – but I just look ridiculous in pretty much all hats.

Thanks for the comment. Site’s definitely worth a look – as I said, there’s quite a bit of tacky tat, but there are some real gems to be found amongst them – & with free delivery, I’m certainly not complaining!
Make sure you share with us if you make any purchases – look forward to it πŸ™‚



love it, what a great festival guide! my festival tips are as follows:
1. ALWAYS put sun cream on the bottom/back/behind of your legs, i never ever knew sunburn there could hurt so much haha.
2. always wear a hat, again, sunburnt face is totally not a hot look.
3. never wear anything on your legs, you just get muddy and crappy, mud washes off skin a lot easier than it does from leggings!

and glastonbury specific…
dont be afraid to wear a bin bag!! greatest idea of my life ever!
anyway i seriously love these wardrobe wonderings, so so useful. πŸ˜€ great post jen. xoxoxx


Leggings are my best friend at festival, especially if it’s muddy! They are light weight and warm so you can pack a few and if they get wet or dirty they wont get weighed down like jeans and other heavy trousers. You’re outfit is to cute, I would totally rock it for the entire festival, love the tie string jacket, the hat, the boots….. everything to be honest =)


No one’s mentioned my top festival tip, the Kag in a Bag! You absolutely need one of these, I know it’s summer, but it is England after all. Cath Kidston’s are particularly cute, but Primark have got polka dot and leopard print ones in at the moment. Though the Primark ones leak a little.

Make sure your wellies/boots have a good grip, last year I wore some stupid Rocket Dog welly boots that had no grip and it was impossible to get to the top of muddy hills. (I disagree on the wellies point, I’ve never had any trouble with them, and I’ve never had any non-welly boots that I felt were 100% watertight, they always have zips up the side or laces where mud and worse could get in.)

I always take some old trainers for messing around the campsite in. When you’re sitting by the fire at the end of the day, and when you first get up and are just dragging yourself out of your bed, having boots/wellies on seems like a massive drag. But maybe that’s just me.

And my last top tip is to take long socks to wear with your shorts. They’ll keep your legs warm without taking up too much space in your bag, and then when they get dirty, you can just pop another pair on.

Oh oh, dry shampoo! You totally need dry shampoo. Don’t bother taking actual shampoo and trying to wash your hair for real. I have seen lots of girls doing this outside their tents in a morning with cold water, it must be freezing. It’s a festival, you’re meant to look grubby!

I’ve been to Leeds Festival five times, but sadly no festivals for me this year. πŸ™


Good tips! I almost ended up at Coachella back in April but the plans didn’t go through. I’ll be sure to follow these for my next festival, though! That’s a great straw hat.


Oh I’m so not a festival person – not cos of extreme girliness or anything, just cos I’m not really into music enough to justify spending 5 days without a shower! This look may be a little tricky for me – I may attempt an amended version over the weekend.


thanks for the tips! i’m not going to a festival this year though. that scene is just not for me πŸ™‚

Cafe Fashionista

Wellies! Take a cue from Kate Moss – seriously. Whenever I go to festivals, I wear wellies as it always seems so muddy on the grounds. Plus, they look adorable with just about everything!! πŸ™‚


When it comes to festivals, I cannot live without my wellies! Wearing knee high socks (I tend to scrunch them down a bit) will prevent any chaffing or blistering.

Lovely post Jen! I’ve been to Glastonbury twice; but my exams clash with it this year, so I won’t be going this year. Badtimes. I can still use these tips for festival chic as it looks like our weather isn’t gunna be so brill this year!

Lou x


The first time I ever went to a festival was a disaster of sorts. I didn’t take boots or wellies- major fail!

I remember wearing a pinstripe dress on the final day of the festival that actually worked for me, but the whole rest of the weekend I write off as fashion wreckage in my style books!

Very good advice for festival go-ers.
& looking forward to the results x


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