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Just the other day, myself and the lovely Gemfatale were tweeting about our dressed down and dressed up looks. We both admitted we were really rather rubbish at dressing up – for me, a pair of heels is enough to take me from day to night. For her, it’s the false lashes!

I chose this week’s Wardrobe Wondering based on a fashion flap I’m sure many of you share with me, Gem and the questioner:

“How can I find a more definite distinction between a casual look and a smarter one?”

And no, the answer isn’t ‘go out and buy a two whole new wardrobes’! There are lots of ways to dress up a casual look or tone down something more formal and you probably already have everything you need. Let’s take a look…

For day…


Tesco shorts, H&M tee and tights, Primark cardigan, belt and brogues, thrifted bag, name necklace, Me and Zena ring

For night…


Tesco shorts, H&M tee, Primark blazer and necklace, TK Maxx shoes, thrifted bag

I’ve based both my looks around these Tesco shorts, which are slightly tailored with a muted floral print making them easy to mix with a multitude of patterns and colours. You don’t need separate clothing for day and night – it all comes down to maths!

For day
+ tan accessories to break up block colours and add detail
+ a large, slouchy bag
+ tights
+ a cardigan cover up
– jewellery – keep it clean and simple
– makeup – a natural look is great for day

= a cute and casual look that’s perfect for the 9-5

For night
+ a bit of structure – I tied the bottom of my tee in a knot, but you could add a belt
+ statement jewellery
+ a small handbag
+ a sleek cover up, like a blazer or fitted jacket
+ some fabulous heels
+ colour pop lips
– the tights

= an oh so glamorous look that’s made for dancing the night away!

And there you have it – two clearly defined looks, one for day and one for night, without the need to splash out on anything new. So what do you think? Do the numbers add up or would you do something differently? And what defines your day and night looks? I’d love to know!

PS – Got a Wardrobe Wondering of your own? Want to see it answered in detail with photos to boot? Well why not let me know your closet conundrum and I’ll pick one for next week’s post. Don’t be shy!



Those shorts look so cute! I love how you’ve styled them for both day and night – it’s great to have clothes that work for both! x

E is for Eleanor

These wardrobe wonderings are fabulous!

Those shorts are divine and for me, it’s all about the red lippy! A great easy transition from work to play! x


yes, red lipstick definitely dresses up any outfit! i would put bigger heels on though hehe (and keep the tights on cos i get sooo cold haha)


Nice! I like seeing these sorts of details. You did a good job making the look work for day and night… cool! I really like your purse.


Hi there! Just found you blog and I really love your style. These shoes, for instance, are totally up my alley. Lovely 🙂



Great advice missy 🙂 You look fab!
My usual night time equation is daytime + red lippy + fake lashes = night time. But my wardrobe isn’t as good as yours so I’m allowed to be lazy 😉


I usually just add heels, maybe change to brighter (if possible) tights and add lashings of eyeliner and mascara!


Great advice – thanks. I’m rubbish at dressed up, think it’s because I can’t do heels (really struggle to walk in them). Flats never quite do it in the evening though unless it’s very hot weather and they’re very glam.


Great thoughts! My only point would be that I think the black tights would look good on the ‘night outfit’, too. Personally I normally don’t differentiate much between day and night, although I do (mostly 😉 stay away from the sequins at work. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Jen!


oh, your blog is so, so lovely i’m now a follower 🙂 also, i love your outfit, i especially love the thrifted bag <3


such cute idea! the floral shorts look so much more “dressed up” when you styled it up with the blazer! which is what i usually put on when i want to look more polish 🙂


i kind of like the two to blend & don’t like to look too different for a night out. then again, i dress in a very non day time way to go to work too!

Pixie Dust

Love the skirt!
I adore your blog and I will cerainly be coming back to read more from you :)) Please check out my blog too and if you like, comments and follows are much appreciated! :)) <3

Have a fab day!!! xxx

un petit lapin

I really like that cardigan in your day look. The colour is so pretty.

My day to night switch just involves a change of shoes and eyeliner. Maybe a waist belt if I’m putting some effort in. Sorry, I’m lazy ;x


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