Wearing a Wide-Brimmed Hat

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The wide-brimmed hat is fashion royalty. Worn by everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Sienna Miller, it’s a style staple for the summer months and an essential part of any Riviera Chic outfit. It’s also an absolute bitch to wear and often ends up looking less like a fashion statement and more like a giant dinner plate perched perilously on your head. Sigh.

I bought a wide-brimmed hat a year ago and wore it once for approximately five minutes, before it was laughed off my head by everyone in the room. Like I said, it’s a bitch to wear. But I hate to see anything sitting so forlornly in my wardrobe, never being worn. Plus, hats are really awkward to sell on eBay, so I decided today would be the day I Made. It. Work.

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Felt wide-brimmed hat via TK Maxx, vintage trousers, Primark t-shirt and necklace, H&M sandals and ring

Granted, a huge felt hat is not the most practical thing to wear in 20 degree heat, but I soldiered on regardless. What do you think – a style success or millinery faux-pas? Would you wear a wide-brimmed hat?



love the outfit.. i love wide brimmed hats do remind me of old aud in breakfast at tiffanys…not sure i could have coped with a felt hat today!, perhaps a straw one would have been better!

A Thrifty Mrs

I have a hat just like that that my friend sent over from Spain. I wore it last winter on my way to the pub and not one, not two but three groups of people laughed at me in it. Pah! Most off putting. I adore it and so want to wear it but I’m too nervous.

You look fab in it, you’re really pulling it off. Oh and how tiny do you look in that outfit? So slim and toned! Y’cow. Ahem.


I adore wide brimmed hats in principle but I have never taken the plunge and actually worn one. I decided a while ago though that I am going to be brave and wear one on my honeymoon next summer. Will def be emulating my idol Audrey Hepburn with some oversized shades in the glorious Thai sunshine!

I really love how you styled this outfit, it looks fabulous. I adore theat shade of yellow on you.

Loveaudrey xxx


Your hat looks great. I love wearing hats although with my really wide-brimmed ones I sometimes find it a bit hard to see where I’m going – not really ideal for crossing roads! x


You look fab, and totally made it work…but it’s making me hotter just looking at it! Were you not boiling up today?! xxx


It’s brave of you to wear it out even if people laugh. That’s what fashion’s about, isn’t it? If no one laughed or noticed, maybe it’s not that exciting. I think it really works on you! And yes, would definitely do a wide brim hat myself.

Please may I?

I adore the hat! It suits you perfectly.

I have loads andyes hubby always laughs at me and my youngest refuses to be with me when I wear them but why let little things like that shop me?!

I have been wearing mine out in this heat and it as been very practical too. So hats off to you Jen!

X x


Jen, I love it. That detailing around the crown is just lovely.

I have a wide brimmed felt hat that I’ve worn exactly twice – once when I tried it on in the shop and once to take a photo of it for the blog. Oh the shame. I just don’t want to be laughed at when I wear it and the people at work don’t seem to think that wearing a hat is normal behaviour.


Love the colour of your top with the wide trousers. I’m a hat fan, but I wouldn’t be brave enough for one like this.


I have a brown one – I wore it to LFW and it got the shit photographed out of it, but I feel like a total idiot anywhere else. Maybe one for places where there are lots of fashion people to understand?


You definitely made it work!! The hat looks amazing on you and goes so well with the rest of the look. Also, love the colour of the top.


What a hat, you look great! I have a wide brimmed purple straw hat which I wore a few times last summer and plan to wear a few more times this year.

Amy (London, UK)

Can’t believe you got laughed at – the hat looks great on you! I don’t wear my hats much for the same reason though and in my very ‘urban’ area people just stare…so sad, what’s happening to Brit fashion, it’s just a hat: what’s not to get?!! Agree with MJ and Alex’s comments too.

Amy xxx

August Paddock

I love hats and have just brought a little straw boater type one to perch ion my head! Well done with the felt though – hot! Great outfit x


Hats, they are weird things, aren’t they? I’ve got several but only wear them in the garden or in some Southern country where the sun is blazing – which seems silly because the hat looks great on you and I feel I should brave up… Total fashion success, Jen! xo


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