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Topshop tunic, Gap Jeans, Primark long sleeved tee, Primark boots, vintage belt

It feels like it’s been raining for 3 months. It hasn’t, it’s been about 2 weeks. But still, come on! It’s so hard to wear my favourite dresses when it’s pouring down outside.

This weekend has been so much fun – I had friends come to stay with me, so yesterday we travelled up into the countryside to a gorgeous pub with a roaring fire and delicious food. It’s just the perfect way to spend a cold, wet afternoon. And today, we took a trip into the city and I bought my Christmas decorations! Eeeek! I’m so excited! It’s our first Christmas in the flat and I can’t wait to get it looking festive.

How did you spend your weekend?



Love the stripes, Jen! I have a thing for stripes, I have too many stripey shirts in my closet!!

I’ve had a bz weekend as usual, doing shopping and Christmassy stuff, also attended a wedding. I feel so tired now! My weekend seems to be more busy than weekdays:P

Vintage Vixen

Loving the new haircut!

This weekend was spent searching for bargains, meeting friends, drinking far too much and planning nect weekend’s birthday festivities.
Maybe I’lll give the dreaded “C” word more thought when my birthday’s out of the way!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Jen




Ooh where did u go? I love the Cow and Calf pub out in the countryside – thats a good one to try if u haven’t been already.

I have got one of those TS tunics with a rose print and I love it.


Cafe Fashionista

Two weeks, three months – when it comes to rain eventually you lose count! 🙂

The pub you described sounds so comfy and cozy – I wish I could find an adorable little place like that to take up residence in! I’m sure you will transform your flat into a winter wonderland, Jen!

I spent my weekend attempting to get some Christmas shopping done – with disastrous results. I have no clue what to buy anyone! :/


@ Victoria – We went to The Chevin in Guiseley! So not that far into the countryside, but once you leave the ring road it’s green fields and sheep all the way! I love it up there. xx

E is for Eleanor

Ahh thanks for your comment! I didnt even think of Primark, so that will have to be put onto my list of places to go this week!
Thanks for the tips lovely!

Your outfit here is great! I love the stripes 🙂


I love the stripes!! You look gorgerous in this outfit. It was a really good plan for a rainning weekend! Ive been ill so…


Your boots are adorable, and I love that little jewlery stand behind you 🙂 it seems like it rains everyday where I live too, it’s a downer!


You look too cute!

I had a great weekend! Started a new “tradition” with the hubby and managed to run 6 miles on Saturday. Yipppeee!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse

Cute stripes. It had been raining nonstop here as well, even higher than the usual average (which was grey enough, we’re known for our rain), but we finally had a break in the clouds! I hope you get some sunshine too.


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