What Do You Wear At The Weekend?

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I’ve always considered the weekend a bit of a fashion No Man’s Land. After a week of shoehorning myself into leather pencil skirts and never wearing enough layers, I start my Saturdays in yoga pants, a 5-year-old uni hoody and Ugg boots. Admittedly, it does get better after my Pilates class but for me, weekends are usually about casual comfort.

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Zara jeans and faux fur gilet, Uniqlo cashmere jumper, Zign brogues c/o Zalando, ‘take charge’ necklace c/o astrid & miyu

This is what I wore today. Not a bad outfit, but nothing to write home about. Neither stylish nor heinous. And very typical of what I wear at the weekend.

I very rarely snap my weekend outfits because I like the break from blogging. Documenting what you wear every day is brilliant motivation for being more creative with your style, trying new things and moving away from your comfort zone (hello jeans!), but it’s also nice to just throw on the first thing you think of (hello again, jeans!). And honestly, it’s a bit of a relief to put on an outfit without wondering if it’ll make a popular post.

What do you wear at the weekend?



My weekends are the opposite! It’s the only chance I get these days to take photos for my blog, as I hardly get to see daylight during the week, so I tend to save my favourite or newest outfits for the weekend, wearing boring clothes to work. When I was at uni I tended to blog during the week as I liked dressing up for seminars or simply wandering around town, but sadly those days are long gone now! xx


Im thw same tho weekdays can become a slob day aswell for me! Sundays = lazy day usually hence im still in my PJ’s and intend staying like that


Yep I’m the opposite too! I never have time before leaving the house to take outfit photos and I usually just wear something that is comfy and has pockets as I’m on my feet all day in work. Weekends are the times when I can dress up 🙂


I think I’m agreeing with everyone one else too-its the other way round for me! I actually work in a jeans shop, so HAVE to wear jeans to work, so come my days off I like to put an effort into dressing! Same at the moment that when I finish work its dark (booo) so no good for outfit photos. Having said that, I think your weekend look is very nice anyway, the gilet is so unique that it makes the outfit a bit more special than the usual jeans and jacket combo!


I suppose it depends what is happening at the weekend. For mooching around the shops and doing a spot of cooking, I adore my jeans. However, if it’s a lunch date or a meet up with friends, I think you’d spend a bit more time in front of your wardrobe.
I love your shoes in this outfit 🙂
R xx


Your weekend outfits are far more stylish than mine! Unless I’m going out, I usually spend the weekends at home relaxing, so it’s joggers and a vest for me. I’m in quite a customer-facing job at work, and despite the fact I have no dress code I like to make an effort in the week – meaning weekends is lazy time.


I actually LOVE this outfit. Socks and loafers and 7 8ths jeans – fab. And pearls amazing touch too.

Rosie [a rosie outlook]

I am the same as you, I dress up in the office and usually try and bring my own style into my workwear; but this usually means shift dresses or shirts and pencil skirts (and more often than not, heels) so I am always glad of the weekend when I can slob around in jogging bottoms and slippers! If I’m seeing friends I usually wear an outfit like yours above; jeans and loafers or leggings and a shirt etc! I am only starting to realise now that this means my workwear to comfy weekend wear ratio should be 5/2 whereas it is probably about 50/50 – I am a sucker for a cool t-shirt! xxx


I totally understand you. After a week of trying to impress all of the people i see daily, it’s nice to just wear a tshirt and yoga pants and some slippers. Haha, nobody needs to know.


My work means I get to wear whatever I want, from the grungy to the prom-like. 🙂
Weekend wise I’ll wear whatever is appropriate for the situation, if it’s only a lazy weekend with the dogs it’ll be sweats, if I’m out then I’ll make an effort.
Love the gilet, gorgeous colour.


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