What I Wore For… a client meeting

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Thrifted shirt, Zara trousers, Topshop pumps, Urban Outfitters trilby, Me & Zena necklace

Client meetings are new territory for me. As a mid-level creative in a large advertising agency, I very rarely left my desk (which wasn’t always a bad thing… my shiny iMac sat on my desk. Oh I miss it so!). I never had to think about dressing smartly – I think I could’ve rocked up in my PJs and I’d have fitted right in amongst baggy jeans, flat caps and ironic t-shirts. Yes, the wardrobe of an Ad (wo)Man rarely calls for a suit and tie.

In my new capacity as Online Community Manager, I get to go out in the big, wide world. Last week I was in London to meet a client (in some very cool offices in Brixton, complete with office pug who was missing an eye. Only in advertising…). I stood in front of my wardrobe the night before and looked at my floral dresses, skinny jeans and cosy cardigans in despair. I wanted to look smart but cool. Laidback but edgy. Creative but professional, and even more pairs of adjectives.

I eventually plumped for casual chinos and pumps, dressed up with a crisp white shirt and made ‘London’ with a trilby and quirky jewellery. And I felt right at home storming through Brixton tube station, Macbook under one arm and iPod headphones firmly in my ears.*

*Disclaimer – I promise I’m not a fucking hipster or one of these dickheads.



Ah I have this dilema also! Some days I feel so boring in work, but I don’t want to try anything too daring and edgy for work but want to get the balance right. You look fab. I just spent ages looking at that look at this fucking hipster tumblr too, lols ahoy.


You’re describing my life Jen! Except Asda doesn’t allow such cool outfits as this one. You look perfect for the job. It’s a tricky one! xx


I need to learn how to dress for important meetings as well (I’ve settled to wearing jeans to work). I definitely taking inspiration from this look.


Wow – this is a great work outfit – very professional yet casual and approachable too! I love that necklace – it’s beautiful.


Amazing outfit! I just love how you can conjure up such gorgeous outfits Jen!

Lou x – craftyandquirky.blogspot.com


Perfect outfit for a London client meeting. Thanks for the links – I’m addicted to Clients from Hell but hadn’t come across these ones! xx


Love it, very quirky cool, the hat really suits you.
I’m lucky I wear what I want, when I want, do wish for a suited and booted look at times though.



I really love this look, Jen. Super stylish yet super simple and more than a little bit of understated sexy – glad your new job is going well xx


And I always thought all (M)Ad (Wo)Men dressed like Don Draper and Co… Times must truly have changed! This outfit looks like a great combination of smart and comfy to me.


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