What I Wore for Wet Weather

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Vintage dress, Gap cashmere cardigan via charity shop, ASOS belt, Hunter wellies via TK Maxx, Primark bangle and socks, bracelet c/o Elsie Belle

I often approach ‘summer’ with distain. Despite endless reports of the ‘hottest year since time began’, real summer days are few and far between and it’s guaranteed to rain for weeks on end. Maxi dresses hang forlornly in wardrobes across the country as we reach for our jeans and put the factor 30 back in the bathroom cabinet.

But before you give up on your sweet summer dresses altogether, invest in a pair of wellies. I was determined to wear this vintage tea dress today, and a smattering of rain (or rather, a full-on thunder storm) was not going to stop me. I dug out some knee high socks, added a cardigan and slipped on my Hunters to make a 30-degree outfit suitable for, shall we say, cooler climes.

What do you think – can wellies work with everyday outfits, or should they be kept for dog walking, car booting and festivalling?



Love the vintage dress and the yellow details. The wellies look great, I always struggle to find what to wear in the rain! Your managing to look very chic though 🙂


I think wellies can totally work with an outfit like this…in fact you’re totally rocking an absolutely quintessential english look….

you’re actually inspired me to follow suit, although one, I’d need wellies, and two, I’d have to assess whether its something I could pull off.

As always loving the colour pallette, and loving the jewellery!!


Those wellies don’t just work. They work brilliantly. I love that kind of combination. Something butch like wellies with a cute dress. Love it.


Ooh, that dress is so flattering! You look beautiful in it. I think people should just wear what they want whenever they want so I say wellies are all round staples.


Love it. It’s the summer version of the autumn/winter tea-dress-and-clompy-boots look which I really like.

I really need to find more waterproof shoes. I’m struggling in this warm but wet weather.

High Street Priestess

That outfit really does work! You look fab! I have been toying with the idea of treating myself to a pair of Hunter wellies but I so far I just haven’t been able to justify parting with the crazy amount of money for them. However, seeing how fab you look in yours I might just have to invest in some, they really are much better looking than any other wellie boot! x


aw i love this outfit jen!! the dress is so cute! i like cropped wellies for everyday.. but from horse riding since i was 4yrd old im kinda sick of wearing wellies!! lol 🙂 x


Ooo, I’ve never worn my wellies with an everyday outfit, but it works really well! I love the colour of the dress as well. Actually, the whole outfit is pretty perfect.


I like it. I could do with some wellies today. Sandals and wet weather do not go, that said, it’s not as bad as wet weather and flip flops!


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