What I Wore – From The Brush to 140 Characters

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On Wednesday I paid London a flying visit to attend the first Cherry Bites Lunch – a fantastic gathering of likeminded people with interesting things to say and fabulous outfits. Find details of the second event here.

I got the train down and, as I often do when I’m bored and have a computer in close vicinity, tweeted my outfit using the #TodayImWearing hashtag.


When I arrived in London, I made my way to Drink, Shop & Do, an adorable venue just round the corner from Kings Cross. I found the Cherry Bites Lunch-ers nestled round a table and settled down to join the discussion. Sitting next to me was Danielle, a fashion illustrator from Toronto now living in London. Danielle had a sketch pad in front of her, a portable watercolour pen and a tin of paints, and as we talked blogging, style, work and life she painted. I was her second subject…
She made my Primark pieces look exceptionally stylish and gave me killer cleavage! I love you, Danielle.

It’s fascinating to look at the way documenting style has developed. From early fashion magazines which were illustrated in their entirety, to the glossy, high-octane photoshoots of the 80s, to the current trend for 140 character tweets which express every last detail of our outfits.

Fashion illustration remains popular, despite the technological advances. I wonder if Twitter will have a similar staying power?


Victoria India

Ohhhh how lovely of her! This is so sweet! I have to do illustrations for my course, and i must admit doing it on a computer is a lot easier than drawing freehand. But i know a lot of people who think otherwise! I think it’s a real talent to draw free hand xo

Affair with my Closet

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That illustration is beautiful! I often wonder if the social networking tools that we have now will stick around – will there be twitter and facebook in 10 years time, or like the bebos and myspaces before them will they be eclipsed by the next big thing?

I reckon Blogs will have more stying power than most though. Here’s to blogging forever!


What a gorgeous illustration 🙂 It is crazy how documenting style has evolved, but I love that all the different ways, including illustration, are being championed 🙂



Wow, that’s beautiful. I love style illustrations but as I have absolutely zip artistic talent of my own, I’ll just have to admire other people’s work instead.

Did you take pics of the outfit so we can compare the two?


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