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Weirdly enough (for a blogger), I’m terrible at taking photos when I’m out and about. But last time I posted a few images of what I’d been up to it seemed to go down well, so over the last month I’ve been making an effort to capture more moments to share with you. Should you find such photos interesting, you can find them just below…

1.                                                                                                2.
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1. Technically, it’s been more than a month since I saw Britney Spears at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena. But I think she deserves a mention! If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know my musical taste is limited to 90s hip hop, 00s pop punk and classic cheese. I went to Britney’s Femme Fatale tour and loved every second. Girl still got it!

2. Forget goodwill… Christmas is the season of snacking! I have little bowls of treats dotted around the house, so working from home is a constant battle of wills. This is my attempt at ‘healthy’ festive food – two chocolate coins balanced out with a clementine. Oh, and a copy of Stylist to keep me occupied!

3.                                                                                                4. 
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3. You’ve already heard about my day with Dita, but this photo is worth a second share. I never miss an opportunity to whip it out and ask ‘did I tell you I met Dita Von Teese?’ to which the reply is always ‘yes and I don’t need to know again.’

4. I never knew how cold life was without a wood burning stove, until I got one. I worship this thing. I’m not happy unless it’s roaring with fire and the house is so hot I have to open a window. If you have the chance, get one – you won’t regret it. Oh and also – pretty flowers.

5.                                                                                                6. 
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5. I snagged this vintage jumper at a charity shop a few weeks ago but still haven’t plucked up the courage to wear it. Any ideas? I have a pair of glittery leggings (I know, but trust me – they look good) but think that might be a tad OTT, even at Christmas…

6. Our tree has been up for a couple of weeks but I still can’t stop gazing at it. I did a whole post about my Christmas decorations  – getting the house all festive is definitely one of my favourite Christmassy things.

7.                                                                                                8.
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7. Christmas celebrations (round one) with my girls involved an M&S turkey, robin-printed loo roll and homemade, ridiculously strong Cosmos. Round two is coming up this evening and I predict more of the same!

8. Gratuitous mirror shot for you. I had lots of lovely compliments on my hair when I tweeted this image – I’ve been growing it out for AGES and it’s finally getting past the hideous mullet stage. I need a little more length and then I can start curling it like my hair idol The Glamourai. Love. Her.

9.                                                                                                10.
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9. I cannot WAIT to wear these babies! I’ve been saving them for Christmas week which is finally here – they’ll get their first outing at tonight’s Christmas celebrations and yes, I will be wearing them by 6pm. They’re from Primark and cost just £7.

10. This is the Giddy Giraffe smoothie from, erm, Giraffe. They’ve recently opened a restaurant in Meadowhall Sheffield and I’ve been along a few times – I love this smoothie and the Farmers’ Market Veggie Burrito. Nom.

11.                                                                                             12.
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11. Travis working hard on a Sunday night – kitty labour! He’s such a loveable little guy – although still quite naughty – and keeps my seat warm when I get up. I was a dog person for 25 years but can now officially confirm I’ve been converted!

12. One final tree shot. These are my favourite decorations – the bird is from eBay, the straw reindeer from Ikea and the moose is from Liberty. His name is Angus, if you were wondering!

What have you been up to recently?



I went to see Britney at the Motorpoint Arena last month and loved it too! Was surprised to be of average age as well, with only a few teenagers/kids around!
So jealous of your wood-burner, can only imagine how lovely and toasty it must be xxx


Think you’ve just made my mind up about a woodburning stove, i’ve got a huge fireplace and have been contemplating it for a while!

C x


I’m awful at taking photos when I’m out too, readers must see me as a complete hermit! The last time I took photos with friends for my blog, some eloquently-spoken *cough*cough* teens shouted: ‘God, some people will take photos of anything, won’t they?’ at me… So jealous that you saw the Britters, and I love the photos of your decorations too. xx


Love all that you do. Have enjoyed visiting your instagrams & blog throughout the year. Such a fun, humble & clever girl you are! Enjoy Christmas with plenty of bubbles 4 you. Dayle


I absolutely love this post. So many pretty pictures! What are you on about you lemon? You are an awesome photographer. Love the vintage touch <3 Also Travis is so CUTE! I adore cats. In fact I’m pretty sure I’ll be a crazy cat lady well before the appropriate age =S

Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo


Love this post! I’m such a naturally nosy person, so I really love snaps taken from throughout someone’s week….although in the case of most roundup posts of people I follow on twitter, I’ve sometimes seen and fallen in love with pictures already.

But I’d totally be a Dita bore if I’d met her too….she is heavenly, and I wished I looked like that!!


I went to see Britters at the arena too. Thought she was amazing – but that poor boy that she got up on stage, he was a bit flabbergasted!

I’ve been rocking my Christmas pj’s since Sunday night and thoroughtly enjoying it, although the boyfriend is not!



That straw reindeer totally rocks, I got a little carried away and bought the giant version! The Harrods bauble is so effortlessly timeless, and will make a great keepsake in years to come. Don’t ever part with it xxx

jennifer june

You look so gorgeous in your mirror shot Hun! Loving the Christmas tree too, so purdy! Cannot believe you met Dita, yous look good together!!hehe


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