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I am beyond excited to see Blink 182 at Manchester Apollo next week. Rob and I are massive Blink fans and their music has provided a soundtrack to our 10 year (I know!) relationship. I snagged these tickets on eBay and we can’t wait to see our favourite band in a small venue. Dream come true!

Last Friday I went round to my friend’s for cocktails, homemade calzones (more on that later) and a game of Scrabble. I am terrible at Scrabble, despite the fact ‘words are my money’ as pointed out by my dear friends. The pressure really gets to me! True to form I lost, and even a heated dispute over the validity of ‘QI’ as a word couldn’t save me.

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I was quite surprised to be invited to the Christian Louboutin AW12 preview at Harvey Nichols in Leeds… but I’d never turn down a chance to drool over beautiful shoes! I particularly loved these black suede knee high boots with tassels – slightly more practical than the 6in heels!

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On Tuesday my mum and I went down to London to see Madonna in Hyde Park. I’m not a huge fan of Madonna’s latest music (why won’t she just play the Immaculate Collection and be done with it?!) but she put on an amazing show. Although she did flash her bum at the crowd. Which was nice.

The day after Madonna we headed into central London to do something quite major – try on wedding dresses. Me that is, not my mum. I’ve heard such good things about the Phase Eight bridal range and it’s only stocked in House of Fraser Oxford Street, so I decided to take a look. The dresses are absolutely beautiful and so affordable… but for some reason I can’t stop thinking about Jenny Packham. Damn that woman!

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Wednesday was the Next Christmas Press Day. I wasn’t sure about the whole ‘Christmas in July’ thing, but as soon as I stepped foot in Next’s Winter Wonderland, I was as giddy as a five year old. Real Christmas trees! Reindeers! Woollens!

Autumn/Winter is my favourite fashion season and I absolutely cannot wait for the leaves to fall and the temperature to drop. I’ll be keeping my eye out for this floral blazer and the big cat belt. Too cute.

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Sushi still freaks me out a little bit. I love the taste and Yo! Sushi is my mid-week restaurant of choice, but… it’s raw fish! Still, that sticky rice always gets me. This is an M&S sushi platter that I had for lunch – no tuna mayo sandwiches over here!

I am ridiculously proud of this calzone… THAT I MADE MYSELF. Well, my friend made the dough. But I added the filling and, um, put it in the oven. And ate it! It was delicious.

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With this lame excuse for a season we’re having, I’ve had so little opportunity to wear my summer clothes. The first ray of sunshine in weeks saw me racing for this vintage skirt I bought in New York, teamed with a lightweight knit from the French Connection sale, a very old brown leather belt and brown platform sandals c/o Bertie.

Finally, the sneaks of my dreams. These metallic Nike kicks arrived this morning c/o Sarenza and I just adore them. I’ll be wearing them with jeans, skirts, shorts, jeans, jeans… everything. Love. Them.

What have you been up to recently?



that calzone looks so good! and the wedding dress looks stunning from what i can see of it!



I love Scrabble so much, but I could be better! It’s terrible because I’m doing an English degree, yet my boyfriend who’s doing a Sports degree beats me every time. It’s embarrassing.

I love sushi, it’s so good! x
Sirens and Bells

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

I’m shit at scrabble too – also with an English degree and grammar nazi tendencies. You don’t need to be a good writer to be good at scrabble, just know some random words – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Do you have a breadmaker? Pizza dough is so easy in it. Haven’t made calzone for ages though.


As an English teacher I am expected to be awesome at Scrabble. I always get random brain freeze and find it impossible to make the simplest of words. It even goes as far as me thinking,’come on, I need a word with S in it!’ Completely tragic.

Love the skirt by the way.


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Sooo jealous of you seeing Blink, I still haven’t managed to get round to seeing them and it’s driven me mental! You’ll have a fab time though 🙂 x


Love the metallic trainers! I normally look forward to autumn fashion but there hardly seems any point with the weather we’re having at the moment… might as well be September already. Come on sun!


I was at Madonna too, I felt the same. I was thinking ‘play the hits Madonna!’ Like a prayer was amazing and loved the opening with the guns x


Wow! Busy, busy, busy! I love that you get to go to press events here in Leeds, it’s so nice to hear about these things close to home.
I love the vintage NY skirt. I’ve bought a similar red one and I’m really hoping for some sun this weekend to bring it out!


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