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I’m somewhat of a sucker for a good sale. I don’t like rummaging through messy racks or elbowing people out of the way for the last ill-advised printed jumpsuit but fortunately (or unfortunately, depending how you look at it), most retailers host their sales online too – with free delivery and plenty of discount codes to be found, it’s far too easy to indulge in a spot of sale shopping from your sofa.

This year, however, I had a plan. I wanted to invest. I had some money from Christmas to spend and I wanted to buy well-made, timeless pieces that would last beyond next year’s sales. So here’s what I got…

The one I’d been waiting for
january sales blog post
French Connection wool dress coat, £80 from £200

A coat was number one on my ‘must buy’ list, and I’d had my eye on this one since I saw it on Wearing It Today. It’s beautifully cut and so warm – a real bargain.

The one that nearly got away
what to buy in january sales
Zara faux fur and wool gilet, £29.99 from £69.99

I tried on this gorgeous gilet when it first hit the rails at Zara and very nearly made it to the till, but the hefty price tag put me off. When I spotted it at more than 50% off I snapped it straight up – very satisfying.

The ones I wouldn’t buy otherwise
good buys in january sales

sale purchases
Cos striped cotton top, £35 from £60 and Cos neon yellow dress, £30 from £70

Cos is a brand I admire from afar. I love the clean simplicity of their designs but always think the prices are too high for such minimalism. When I found myself browsing the online sale, I had to stop myself buying every last piece. Great reductions meant I came away with a classic breton stripe and this eye-popping dress – definitely one for Fashion Week!

The one at an amazing price
what to buy in january sales
Gap grey blazer, £14.99 from £39.99

The Gap sale is amazing. AMAZING. Clearly I have an addiction to grey tailoring, and I got my second fix with this cute blazer which I know I’ll be wearing as soon as the weather allows.

The ones I couldn’t resist
january sales blog post

haul blog post
Topshop nautical jumper, £20 from £40 and Topshop lace bow jumper, £18 from £38

Okay, okay. My mission was to invest in classic pieces and these jumpers are… not. But I couldn’t resist the bright colours and quirky details. These two beauties will look great with jeans and flats. Hurry up March!

The designer one
what i bought blog post
Day Birger necklace, £24.99 from £49.99

I’m allowed one designer piece, right? This amazing necklace was calling my name from MyWardrobe.com and I simply couldn’t say no.

The practical ones
haul blog
Topshop pants, £1-2 from £4-6

Topshop’s underwear sale is a treasure trove of cheap yet pretty pants. I stock up every time to keep my underwear drawer looking beautiful.

I’m really pleased with my January Sale purchases – I didn’t go overboard, get sucked in by huge discounts or buy anything I won’t wear. I got the items I’d been stalking for months, stocked up on the practicalities and allowed myself a little bit of frivolity. And I completely revamped my wardrobe too – a job well done, I think!

Did you buy anything in the sales? What was your best (and most useful) bargain?


Peacock's Hat

I’ve done pretty well in the sales, including getting a leather handbag from work (M&S) that should have been £85 for £15, and a pair of £45 heeled loafers for £6. I also got this to die for black lace dress which I need to alter since its a bit too big but it was too divine to pass up! I also managed to get my hands on a few bits I’d seen before- I’m still deliberating that turquoise sailor jumper though after seeing it half price!


I bought a pair of black booties from Banana Republic (£39.99 from £79.99) as I’d wanted some forever and a black skirt with bright silk hem from Topshop (£6.70 from £28). I hate sales so only rarely buy stuff in them. Good job with the coat and blazer! X


I’ve had a pretty successful time of it this year, which makes a nice change. I managed to buy a gorgeous Dorothy Perkins blazer I’d nearly bought at full price for less than half price, and got a good haul in Next.
I love that dress coat. Great sales buy there, that’ll clearly last you forever.

SarahB @ FridayisForever

Oooh nice finds, that fur gilet looks lovely, I’d love to see how you’d style that up!! Also loving the grey blazer, it seems you’ve found the perfect blazer with little effort – I’ve been looking for YEARS! 🙁 xx


Awesome bargains, Zara has me wanting to buy everything, altho I haven’t been in since they went into sale, probably a good thing! Loving your classic coat 🙂


I’ve been trying to be good in the sales too and only buy investment pieces! I love that blazer you got, the gap sale is always great 🙂 x


Congrats on your very wise sale spending, oh how I wish I was as wise as you. My boyfriend reeeeally wants me to get that blue sailboat Topshop jumper, I’ve no idea why, and I’ve just shown him this, and said that its in the sale….perhaps he will buy it for me, though I think its a long shot!
I think the Cos stuff is great, totally agree with you on the price point though.
Money well spent lady, money well spent!


Thanks Hannah! If your boyfriend’s reading this, tell him I think he should buy you the jumper… it’s a beauty!


Thanks Alice! It’s a tricky one to style as the cowl neck is a bit awkward but I’ll make it work 😉


Ah this has made me go onto the Topshop website.. my bank card ran away! You got some amazing things though, definitely more sensible to invest in classic pieces 🙂 xxx

Jolly Good

A great selection of bargains. This year I used the sales to pick up some basics at great prices. Then during the year I can spend on more special items and I know that I have things to wear them with.


As always, great post! I bought myself a neon yellow skirt from ASOS… pretty excited to wear it (and equally terrified). Anyway, yeah I was compelled to comment as I did a little “top tips for shopping in the sales” post last week. Have a peek at:




Hi Kira, I love the ASOS sale! I did make a sneaky purchase but it was under the influence of red wine so has to go back… bright pink trousers are really not my thing! 😉


I love that sailboat sweater! so cute, I luckily had gotten giftcards and I took advantage of a few sales which stretched my giftcard. I also love the faux fur vest.


That coat is gorgeous, I’ve been trying to find a reason to justify myself spending that much on a coat as I already have too many! I thought Topshop sale this year was definatley an anti-climax, so instead of spending my xmas vouchers on pointless tee’s and strap tops I invested in a leather jacket with fur trim and some comfy fitting black skinny jeans – both timeless pieces that I’ve had numorous wear out of already! http://sophieswallows.blogspot.com/ xo

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Nice buys, I’m a bit scared to do clothes shopping online as I ALWAYS have to try things on first. That said, I have just bought some Topshop biker boots via Ebay and am praying they fit!

All I’ve bought in the sales proper so far is some Red or Dead boots for £85 down from £120, not an amazing bargain, but so nice and amazingly comfortable.


I LOVE the gilet! Tailoring, rust and faux fur?? In one neat package?? Less than half price?!
Oof I think I have sale-envy =)


Absolutely love the gilet, its quirky but classic too. So jealous of your sales restraint, I have a tendency to go a bit wild and buy loads of rubbish that I don’t even need x


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