What to Pack for a Festival – Beauty Products and Cosmetics

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This is the second video in my ‘What to Pack for a Festival’ series (and my second video EVER!). The first covered the clothing and accessories I’ll be taking to the Isle of Wight Festival this weekend, and in this one I’m waffling on about the beauty products and cosmetics that will be coming with me. Have a watch…

I exported this one in HD and it looks so much better than the first – I’m slowly getting to grips with a very unfamiliar format!

I’m now all packed and on my way to my friend’s house where I’ll be staying the night in preparation for an early start tomorrow to kick off the four hour journey. The lovely ladies from Oxfam have warned me that the festival site is very muddy and wet – great! Hopefully my Hunter wellies will see me through the weekend… have a good one!


Sarah P

Ahh, I have the Technet charger – it’s the handiest gadget! Took it to Leeds Fest with me last year and it helped my phone last all weekend. Couldn’t live without it now.It’s always in my bag just in case!



Jen you were in the Metro the other day – hope it was with your consent.


Hi Anon, thanks for your concern – the photo used in the Metro was my entry for the Oxfam Isle of Wight Festival competition and I gave my permission for it to be used 🙂


I hope the conditions get better for when you arrive! Have you seen the tail backs and problems on the news? 🙁 Fingers crossed, I am sure you’ll have an amazing time!


I’ve seen a few of your tweets from the festival – hope you’re having a lovely time. Your voice is so soft and lovely – and that’s not meant to sound as creepy as it does!


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