What’s Keeping You Warm This Winter?

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I know I’m stating the obvious here, but winter is cold. I mean, really bloody freezing. I love bright, clear and crisp November days but that sun and blue sky can be deceiving. At this time of year, clear days are the coldest of them all and if I could assume the role of Fashion Mother for a second (I stole that term from Elly – sure she won’t mind), you really do need to wrap up warm to stave off the common cold/flu/hypothermia.

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Jersey dress, ASOS | Leather jacket, Michael Kors via TK Maxx | Scarf, Zara | Tights, Calvin Klein via TK Maxx | Boots, c/o Zalando | Gloves, TK Maxx | Bag, Mulberry | Sunglasses, Jigsaw (prescription)

Keeping warm doesn’t always mean bundling up in a sleeping bag-esque coat, though. My love of jackets is well-documented on this blog and with a few seriously snug additions, my favourite leather biker can see me right through winter. Here are a few recommendations…

  • Find a great scarf. This tartan one is from Zara and can also be used to swaddle babies, cover the legs of OAPs and protect a small village from strong winds. In other words, it’s bloody massive and I love it. None of this cotton business – go for something in wool or fleece, that’s big enough to wrap around twice, and bask in its snuggly awesomeness. 
  • Get yourself some gloves. TK Maxx is fab for gloves – the bigger stores have a huge selection of leather, wool and nylon styles to suit all tastes. I got these knitted fingerless ones so I can use my phone when I’m out and about, but I also have some leather Dents ones for smarter occasions. 
  • Thick tights will save your life. Well, maybe just your legs. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating – as soon as the temperature drops, it’s 120+ denier or bust. Again, TK Maxx are good for quality tights on the cheap – these Calvin Klein beauties were £7.99 for two pairs and feel divine. 
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  • If it’s sunny, wear sunglasses. Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean the sun’s any less damaging. If you wear glasses normally (like me), it’s even more important to protect your weak and puny eyes. Mine are prescription from Vision Express. 
  • Boots > ballet pumps. In the past I’ve been guilty of wearing ballet pumps in rain, snow and gale force winds. Don’t do it – frostbite is a very real thing and your feet deserve better. Wear boots – they don’t have to be knee high or have reinforced soles – but treat your feet to a pair of socks and a leather exterior. I love ankle boots and wear these studded ones constantly.
  • Cheat your way to warmth. You’d never know it, but I’m actually wearing the modern equivalent of Long Johns in these photos. Uniqlo’s HEATTECH range is superb for secret heat – I have a fair few long sleeve tees to wear under jumpers and dresses, and a couple of pairs of shorts and leggings to go under jeans and tights. There’s all sorts of fancy technology going on under my clothing but basically, an extra layer of insulation means there’s no need to go OTT to keep warm. So you can take off those snow pants, m’kay?
What’s keeping you warm this winter?


Avenue 57

Haven’t been here on your blog for a while (life got in the way) but can I just say your hair looks AMAZING .. the style and colour are the best I’ve seen on your since … well in a long time! Hope that doesn’t sound rude and all other cuts/colours were not nice, they were – it’s just this is THE BEST!

PS – you look great!


Hi Fiona,

Thank you! I’m pretty pleased with my hair at the moment, which is rare for me as I usually hate it! Glad you like it too 🙂 x


I’d just like to add to your winter survival tips, my recent discovery of fleece-lined tights. Primark sell them for £3.50 a pair, and they are amazing. Not at all as thick and bulky as you’d imagine them to be, but super-cosy.

Samantha Manzella

Great tips! I love wearing trouser socks, crew socks, and even knee highs when it gets chilly. NY is so funny because it can get over 100 F here in the summer…and below freezing in the winter. Crazy. I am a self-proclaimed coat addict, though. My favorite wool peacoat has been keeping me cozy for the past week of chilly post-hurricane days. 🙂

– Samantha


Knee highs under trousers or over tights are great when it gets really cold!

Hope you’re ok after Sandy, Samantha. Stay safe x


I love that scarf! Been after one for a while so glad you posted this. Uniqlo Heattech is a godsend, so glad they’ve started offering printed styles, hello polka dots!


You cannot beat a long john! Andy wears them for work, and I scoffed when he said I should get some. I scoff no more, they are bloody toasty.
Love that granny picnic blanket for a scarf. 😉


Such a helpful post! I recommend primark for thick tights, they have ones that are fleecy on the inside, super cosy and they keep you nice and warm 🙂

Maria Fallon

I need to get me some Heattech! I love this outfit though and on a side note, I am loving your make up classes now I have some new specs!

Maria xxx

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