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When it comes to clothing, who are you? Do you know what you like (and what suits you) and stick to it, or are you open to experimentation? Are you a Kate Middleton or a Susie Bubble?

I think I’m somewhere in the middle. I like classic pieces (denim, stripes, ballet flats) but I’m also partial to the slightly odd (perspex necklaces, polka dot jeans, cat tapestry bags). Fashion would be boring if we didn’t have fun with it, but it’s easy to find your sartorial personality and stick to it. So what happens when you forget who you are and try on someone else for a bit?

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Hummel hi-tops c/o Sarenza, Topshop ‘Kristen’ jeans, Zara tee, Gap blazer and bag, F21 necklace

I’d been looking for some comfortable-but-cool footwear for walking round New York next month, so when I spotted these hot pink hi-tops on Sarenza.co.uk I snapped them up with my ambassador code. I love them – they are insanely comfortable and the pop of pink gives them a girly edge – but they are so not me. I’m not that cool girl who can pull off sportswear as a legitimate fashion choice or shave one side of her head and totally work it. At my core, I’m a jeans-and-t-shirt girl with a northern accent and a hipster hair do. And I’m okay with that.

But it’s nice to have a break from who you are every now and then. Wearing things that push you out of your comfort zone is a great way to experiment with style, and you might even find something that sticks. I’ll definitely be wearing these babies again!

Do you venture out of your clothing comfort zone every now and then?



I’m still debating with myself whether to buy a pair of high tops or not…this post is defintely pushing me towards making that purchase!
Cara x

LilliesandLove xx

I love this outfit and you’re totally pulling it off! I’m also a jeans, t-shirt and pumps kind of girl, I don’t think I’m edgy enough to pull of some of the looks that I love on other people. For instance, I’d never dare to wear these shoes, but they look wicked on you!


I’m not a great one for stepping out of my comfort zone – I’ve only just started experimenting with leggings and skinny jeans! Love your sunnies 🙂


Patterns are my ‘out of the zone’ items. I surprised myself immensely last week by buying an Aztec pattern maxi dress. It’s unlike anything else in my wardrobe but I love it. Not bad for a pattern phone I thought…

L. Figment

I definitely know what you mean, I’m constantly experimenting and trying different things out (and going through phases). Sometimes my outfits don’t come out right but I post them anyway ’cause it’s a learning curve for me – I can find what I’m comfortable with and what suits me (which don’t always go hand in hand).

Good Morning Angel.

Rosie B

I love wearing things that are a little bit ugly or out of my comfort zone, it makes fashion so much more fun. It’s good to look a bit ridiculous occasionally, stops you taking yourself too seriously. Those shoes are properly incredible though, I’m so in love!

Rosie xx
Just Listen


You know I’m not sure I agree Kate Middleton is within her comfort zone. I think she has a ‘look’ but actually,. she did cowboy, she does military, etc. I know she loves a wrap dress and louboutins but I am not sure she is predictable.

Ann at Secret Blog

I think it’s great to have a theme to your wardrobe. I’m always in awe of someone who can dress in a certain way but still look contemporary and stylish.

My wardrobe is a mish mash of everything but my comfort zone revolves around jeans and cardigans!


I love those shoes! They’re such a pretty colour.

Oh God I don’t really have a style… Definitely not a Kate Middleton type. I am far too lazy to look that groomed and polished, I’m much more of a scruffy, unkempt type. I almost made that sound like that’s a choice – it’s definitely down to laziness! x


I feel like wanting to venture out of your comfort zone is a good thing, as it means you must be pretty comfortable in your style.

I am a split personality of pencil skirts and cardigans on the week days and mini skirts and breton tops on the weekends, and I like having the dynamic as it stops me from getting too bored!


Just yesterday I bought a dress. I’m not a dress person, and if I wear one its very much for a nightime dressy do, so I’ve purchased one with the intention of wearing it in the day – most definitely out of my comfort zone! I feel a bit overdressed in a dress, so I’m trying to dress it down.
If all else fails, it will become an evening frock!


Wow love this outfit Jen, the pink really makes it. I am an utter susie, I would love to be a Kate and have a go to look it would make life simple. I love to mix it up, which means sometimes I am clueless, which is not good when your in a hurry or have somewhere to go. On the other hand it’s always doubtful that I will wear the same as someone else. xx


I think they look really good, you can definitely pull this off! I agree with stepping out fo your comfort zone, however i’m rarely brave enough to do it! x


I think it can only be a good thing to push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time, but it can be hard. I also think a pop of colour is the perfect place to start 🙂
R xx


Such a cool outfit, I love those high tops and splash of pink in the bag. Following, love you to stop by my blog sometime.



My style is constantly evolving but one thing I can’t wear is jeans, I dont know why I just feel wrong in them!


love the trainers on you, think that you can totally rock them. I do think it easy to get style pigeon holed & breaking out a bit can only be a good things creatively. xxx


I’d struggle to define my ‘look’ but I definitely always envision one thing and almost always end up looking like Gimli from Lord of the Rings.
I really liked this post and your outfit. I’m not a generally pink/plum/purple person but your shoes are great!

-M x


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