I’ve been working with Brit-Stitch pretty much from day 1. Back in early 2013, the small leather accessories brand had got the product sorted but were struggling with the marketing. I joined them on a freelance basis from April 2013 and started to develop their online brand.

My first task was to relaunch their website, introducing them to ecommerce. I worked closely with designers and developers to create the site and wrote and optimised the copy. In launched in September 2013 with great success and I now ensure it’s always up-to-date, adding new products, refreshing the homepage and tweaking the copy. I also launched the brand on to strong sales.

I overhauled the brand photography, styling and shooting lifestyle imagery for use both online and in print. I control all photography aspects for the brand, shooting most imagery myself and project managing any outside photo shoots that are required.

Social media is a key part of the Brit-Stitch brand. I manage all social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, soon to launch Pinterest and Google +) and create all content for the brand. Bloggers are important, too – I use my blogger connections to secure features on some of the biggest blogs in the UK, resulting in fantastic exposure and high quality content.

And there are offline aspects of my role as well. I developed a relationship with PopUp Britain, and Brit-Stitch have appeared at two popup shops – Piccadilly London and the Birmingham Bullring. We’re currently working towards a pitch to John Lewis.

I manage the Brit-Stitch brand on a tight budget and almost all the marketing we do is organic. The growth of the brand in 18 months has been phenomenal and I can’t wait to see it get bigger and bigger!