Trying to explain what I do to people can be tricky. I often use this quote from Mad Men, used to describe Peggy’s job to her mother  “she writes the words that go in adverts. It’s called copywriting, Ma!”

If you need a bit more than that, here’s some information about all the different things that make up my particular brand of ‘copywriting’.


My social media services are entirely bespoke depending on the needs of each client. You might be starting from scratch and need full social set-up and support, or just want a bit of moderation cover for a particular event. I can make your Instagram inspiring, your tweets titivating and your posts perform perfectly, for a week or a month or for the foreseeable future  whatever you want.

I can also work on the strategic side, creating content calendars based around campaigns or specific goals. I can analyse the results of your posts, dig deep into your audience demographics, advise on where to spend your budget and set up social advertising. I’ll make sure your content is always fresh, relevant and interesting. Promise.


When it comes to copywriting, I’ve done it all. Websites, articles, blog posts, email campaigns, banner ads, meta data, online brochures… I could go on and on, but you get the gist. For anything that involves arranging words into a pleasing, convincing format, I’m your woman. I can handle the whole process, from developing a new tone of voice to proof-reading the final result.

I’m no stranger to search engine optimisation either, so if you’re looking to increase your Google ranking or just make your website more search-friendly, we should talk.

And I even dabble in the odd bit of offline copy – if you have a lovely piece of print you’d like me to look at, just give me a shout.


After five years of taking daily photographs of myself and my surroundings for the blog, I’ve developed a bit of a knack for styling and photography. I’m not a professional  I can’t redecorate your living room or photograph your wedding  but for brands looking to really get the best from their products, I can offer styling, photography and image editing services.

I shoot with a Canon 500D and edit in Photoshop to create eye-catching, online-friendly images that are super shareable and perfect for your website, online shop or social media platforms. I have a huge collection of props to really bring scenes to life, and if it’s people you need I know a couple of lovely-looking models who’d be happy to help.

All the photos on this site were taken by me, so have a little look and get in touch if you’re impressed (fingers crossed). Want to see more? Check out my Instagram.


Blogging for five years has given me more than thousands of selfies and an expensive candle habit  I’ve developed some great relationships with fellow bloggers, agencies and PRs. Not only that, but I truly understand how things work  I’ve been on the receiving end of good (and bad) collaborations so know what to do (and what not to do) to keep all parties happy.

With an extensive knowledge of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel blogs, I can pinpoint the best bloggers for your brand. I can negotiate coverage on your behalf and ensure control of the content posted through careful briefing and appropriate payment.

I can also organise blogger gatherings or get you brand included in existing blogger events. Trust me  I’m a fashion blogger!


My event coverage experiences ranges from the sublime – snapping for Instagram from the FROW at New York Fashion Week – to the bizarre – tweeting about the Queen’s geraniums at Coronation Festival! Armed with my camera, my iPhone and a good 4G signal, I can document any event, taking high quality photographs to be used later on your blog or website as well as snapping in-the-moment shots and posting them straight to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I can even do a bit of filming for use on Vine, YouTube or other video platforms.

Having a brand representative on the ground at an event is a necessity these days – your audience doesn’t want to wait until the professional shots are online to see the action. They want to feel part of it as it happens, and covering an event on social media does just that. A Vine video montage of a live performance or a beautiful Instagram of clothes on a catwalk help bring your customers closer to your brand, reinforcing their positive feelings about your product or service.

I’ve covered events all over the world and have the confidence to jump straight in – whether it’s interviewing Adrian Brody backstage at a fashion show or asking a Spanish market trader to chop up a chorizo sausage. It’s all part of the fun, and your online audience will think so too!


How can I help?

I’ve been doing this wordy thing for a while now. Over the years I’ve moved from working in print, TV and radio to doing the digital thing, and these days I rarely stray offline (although if you have a brochure that needs writing we should talk – I find them strangely therapeutic).

The internet and I have an understanding – I know what works (and what doesn’t), what gets people talking and what Google’s spiders are looking for. I’ve helped countless brands develop their online presence – from big multi-nationals to small start-ups. And I’m pretty confident I can help you too.

So with all that in mind, maybe we should chat? Use this form to get in touch, email me directly on jen at jforjen dot com or catch me on Twitter.