Diet Coke

To amplify their online presence and reinforce their positioning as a lifestyle brand, I was commissioned to shoot a range of fashion-based images for the Diet Coke social media channels.

The brief was to create images that resonated with familiar situations, like choosing the perfect party dress, getting ready for a night out and relaxing with a good book on a rainy day. Unlike traditional product photography, Diet Coke wanted the shots to have that ‘Instagram feel’, like they were snapped in the moment – I used my own Instagram news feed as inspiration, looking at the set-ups and layouts people naturally captured and shared.

I styled and composed each shot, taking time to ensure the product was central but not overpowering. Shooting chilled glass and metal is very tricky – avoiding reflections and fingerprints was a challenge, but I developed a few clever tricks to keep the product looking pristine!

The end result was a series of images that spoke to the Diet Coke brand without appearing too ‘salesy’ – the shots are polished and professional but with that natural edge that allows them to fit seamlessly into a Twitter or Instagram feed.