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We all know blogs have redefined the way we discover information. Mere years ago, we relied on professional, advertising-driven outlets like magazines, newspapers and corporate websites to tell us what was happening in the world, what was hot for Spring/Summer and what mascara we should buy. Now, a search for ‘London Fashion Week AW12‘ brings up blogs before the actual LFW website. Google knows as well as we do; a blog is often the most relevant and up-to-date source of information available.

So, blogging is important. It’s part of our society, our culture, even our economy. It deserves discussion. But just how much can we talk about it before we’re going round in circles?

*cue Carrie Bradshaw pondering* When it comes to blogging, are we all talk and no action?

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On a professional level, I talk about blogging a lot. I advise my clients on creating online communities through blogs, I talk to them about working with bloggers and the favoured way to approach them. I write blog posts for numerous brands and I get asked lots of questions about blogging dos and don’ts. I love all that. I could blather on for hours about the blogging community and all the benefits it holds.

But when it comes to my own blog, I just get on with it. If I want to write something, I write it. If I’m too busy or have nothing to say, I don’t write anything. I monetise my blog and sometimes my posts. I respond to PR emails that start ‘dear blogger’, if they sound interesting. I ignore press releases that aren’t relevant to me. I removed Little Bird from one blogger collective and I haven’t joined another since. These are the choices I make and I’m happy with them.

Many bloggers do things differently. Some do things I don’t agree with, others do things that inspire me to change. But although I’ve been part of blogger discussions before, and have bashed out the odd Judgemental Jen tweet laden with condescension (blame tiredness or train boredom), I try very hard not to preach about blogging. The brilliance of a blog is in its unique voice – we are all individual people, doing things in our own way. Our personal edge is the exact reason people read our blogs – we’re not corporate machines and most of the time, not driven by advertising revenue. If we all started doing things one way, we’d become boring.

So maybe it’s time to take a step back from the endless discussion. There’s nothing I love more than sitting down with a fellow blogger and chatting about our collective love for the community, but I won’t suddenly blurt out my opinions on affiliate networks. Firstly, that’s pretty rude and secondly, affiliate networks don’t make for scintillating conversation.

Of course, there are a few things bloggers should understand to keep themselves on the right side of the law. The ASA’s digital remit on disclosing paid-for online promotion, for example, and intellectual copyright. There are also many examples of ‘best practice’ for bloggers that can be helpful, especially if you’re new. But after all is said and done, the most important part of blogging is actually doing it. Because if we didn’t, what on earth would we talk about?

What do you think – do you find discussions about blogging useful or overwhelming?

ETA: I definitely agree that talking about blogging is very helpful for new bloggers who are just starting out. Tips from established bloggers are invaluable when you’re new and sharing ideas and advice with the others is a great way to build and strengthen the community. This post is more about ‘opinion-driven’ discussions on what is right or wrong for bloggers, which often pose conflicting ideas and can be more confusing than anything.  



As someone who is quite a novice when it comes to blogging and still trying to work on the community aspect I find the discussions (mostly) informative. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, everyone has their own (sometimes strong) opinions and I am still working out where I stand on many things.

I have only recently discovered your blog and find your posts about blogging really useful, so thanks!


Thank YOU for reading and commenting! Definitely agree that many discussions about blogging are informative, especially when you’re starting out.


I think you’ve summed up my blogging attitude. We all have a choice to read, write, debate, what we like, when we like but it should be taken with a pinch of salt. Communicating over the Internet can be dangerous, we know that we interpret things differently, depending on how we are communicating. So really, I just don’t think it’s worth the commotion, positive or negative.


I do think its useful to talk about blogging. I don’t think I’ll ever fully get to grips with all the issues that blogging seems to bring up but talking and thinking about blogging hopefully puts us all on the right track to creating the type of blog that we want to create, whatever that may be. x


Oh definitely, Lily! I think talking through issues can be therapeutic, but it’s so easy to move from a casual chat to something that becomes preachy. It’s just about finding the right tone, I think.


As a regular blogger on tumblr, moving to blogspot gave me quite a shock!

Everyone was so ‘nice’ on here, lovely comments, friendly posts, little swearing and best of all not so many boobs(not that I don’t like them!). But quickly I realised it’s all about traffic, followers and sponsors. Not very much is ‘individual’. Ok, it might be a bit hash to generalize because there are many great blogs that aren’t sponsor driven, but it seems to be a bit of a trend. And reading endless posts of the same content, for the same brands and websites got me writing and posting in a different style that isn’t me. I lost my voice. Suddenly I was stressed about not getting the ‘right’ picture when we went out. The fact I have no editing skills and I’m STILL (after four months) getting used to the layout on here was making me grumpy. It SUCKED the fun out of it.

I never started out to please the masses. I never wanted to get anything out of blogging other than an aesthetically pleasing hobby/outlet to keep me creative. Blogging is my online visual diary. A pretty place of calm. So I’ve had a weeks break, read this post, and watched a few other videos on the topic and I’m ready to get back to it without the worry. Thankyou Jen.

I blog because I have something to say, and for me that is enough.


I absolutely agree that there’s a pressure to be perfect, to compete and to make it a profession, although I don’t think every blog is like that and there is a way to achieve a balance between monetising and remaining independent. Some do it well, some don’t!

I completely empathise with getting the ‘right’ photo when out – I don’t write about my experiences much because I prefer to enjoy them and be in the moment, rather than worrying about the images and eventual blog post!

Glad you’re feeling better about blogging now and hope you can find your voice again 🙂


It’s posts like this which is why I love your blog! It is so refreshing to hear this from an established blogger (and I really enjoy how you balance writing and fashion in your posts).

My blog is very much in its early stages however even I often find myself occasionally talking to my friends about people from the community like they’re the new celebrity! I think it’s great that the blogosphere is flourishing however sometimes the sheer volume of outfit posts and London fashion week diaries available online sends my levels of wardobe envy off the scale 😉



Thank you Jennifer! It can be a bit overwhelming, can’t it? I try to pick and choose what I read, sticking to blogs I love and trying out new ones now and again. I find that’s the best way to be inspired and enjoy the community.

Good luck with your blogging journey! 🙂


As a relative new-comer whose still finding her feet (even with my own blog) I do find discussions about blogging refreshing, interesting and insightful. Everyone needs to start and gauge an understanding from somewhere!!

I couldn’t agree more, however, with your point about being individual as a blogger. The reason / inspiration that inspired you to start a blog should be what exists behind every post. Talking about such inspiration isn’t always necessary – it shines through in the writing of your posts!

Rosie x


First off, I have to say I love your posts like this! As a newbie blogger – and quite a young one at that – I find posts and discussions like these very helpful with getting my feet on the ground. I don’t actually talk to people about blogs a lot, I don’t think my ‘irl’ friends would really get it and I sometimes feel quite intimidated by the blogging community as I think I won’t be taken seriously due to my age – probably just being silly though!


Hi Charlotte,

I think the blogging community CAN be intimidating, and it’s something that can be felt at any age but I can see how it’s harder for someone younger. I don’t always think it’s a conscious thing – many bloggers have formed groups and are close friends, so breaking into the ‘circle’ can be tough.

One thing I’d say is get on Twitter and start talking – overall it’s a very friendly place and people will respond 🙂

simple sophie

I find discussions on blogging and the “do’s and don’t” quite useful in these early days of my blog. It makes me realise what things I need to be careful of and what things I need to look into. There are some blogs I follow purely because I love reading them, take yours for example, and others I follow to help inspire my style.

However, I do feel there are some which don’t seem to be the blogger talking themselves. It’s like they’ve lost their voice to follow the trend of fashion or beauty blogging and writing about things they aren’t passionate about.

I write about things I enjoy, things I have a keen interest in. I’m not driven by followers or sponsors. Besides, I’m in my last year of A levels choosing a uni course and saving money – I hardly have time to blog as it is!

I think the blogs that work are when the blogger’s personality shines through and they don’t take themselves too seriously. Write about what your passionate about and what you think your readers will enjoy pondering over. I love being reccomended blogs and clicking links to references sites, it keeps me entertained and I think that’s the point of blogging?~

Make Do Style

Jen you are wonderfully professional and a good blogger so when you discuss it I listen but honestly most of the discussions are to insular or smack of nepotism for me to engage. IFB do give out really useful advice as well.

As a trained fashion journalist and stylist I found blogging a great way to just do what I wasn’t doing. When I started I was only styling and had left my writing days behind, Well a MA and six years later I’m still blogging. I like to keep it a mix of shop edits, styel advice and personal information with the occasional rant. Soon I am going to have to move on from my current indulgence but I’ll worry about that when it happens. I don’t do advertising because I’ve felt comfortable with it. The times I tried I had some jobsworth asking me to link to x rather than y so I just thought I wouldn’t bother at all.

I agree individuality is what keeps blogging fun and interesting.



Thank you Kate – what a lovely thing to say!

I absolutely agree with your ‘insular’ description. Sometimes I wonder what non-bloggers think of all the commotion around this relatively niche hobby!

Steph0188: StephanieDreams

Love this post Jen, such a good read and got me thinking.
I love my blog, I’m proud of it, and if people ask them I am happy to explain and talk about it. Actually talking about ‘blogging’ in general can be hard work though, a lot of opinions from people, a lot of blogs, lots of people. There is no right and wrong and I think some times I just think, it’s only a blog, chill out!
It’s easy to judgmental, and we all think it if we don’t say it, especially now twitter is around. I try and keep out of it as much as possible too though, and yes I think chatting to new bloggers is fab, letting them know experiences and what I have done ‘right & wrong’ but I think when I over think it, it becomes too much.

I read blogs I like, and I comment on blogs to let people know what I think. I join in conversations when I feel I actually have something to contribute, I need to step back from saying something just because I can


Steph, this is EXACTLY it. I totally understand the need to talk about blogging – it’s a love we all share and getting to discuss it with people who understand is brilliant. There’s a natural kinship with fellow bloggers. But like you say, there are LOTS of us, with different opinions and different views. Apart from the general online publishing rules, there are no rights and wrongs and what works for me might not work for you.

I think taking a step back and chilling out is something every blogger should do. Thanks for sharing! x


This was so intresting to read and brought up so many points for me to ponder. Blogging for me provides an outlet where I can interact with people who share the same intrests as me. And lust over pretty clothes! I think the best blogs are when their personality shines through.


I do think talking about blogging can be helpful just because other bloggers know what you are talking about and can offer an informed opinion whereas other friends can’t but just going on and on about it definitely can be counterproductive!

Maria xxx


Amen Jen, such an interesting post to read. I very much blog what I want and stick to my own blogging style. Blogging, for me, is an outlet to share my style and opinion that ‘real life’ people didn’t seem to share with me two years or so ago.

While I am part of a bloggers collective, it hasn’t changed my approach to blogging at all: I still witter hours away reading and commenting blogs, creating my own content and getting to know like-minded people (: I think discussions about blogging are useful to an extent, but it is fast becoming a dictatorship with particular topics! xx


Thanks Michelle! Totally agree with your comment – listening to some blogger discussions can feel like being dictated to and that takes the fun out of it. And like you say, you’re part of a blogger collective and that works for you – even though it didn’t for me, I wouldn’t tell you it’s wrong. 🙂

Little Sparklets

Great post! I’m new to blogging myself and today moved from over to as I find it easier to use. I’m trying to get more readers and have switched the name of my old twitter account to my blogs name. It obviously doesnt happen over night but do you have any tips? I’d love my blog to become as popular as some of the ones I’ve stumbled accross online..and this has mostly been through twitter! 🙂

I think blogging is a great way to talk about things that interest you personally – but what if others aren’t interested in what you write?

Yaz ~


Hi Yaz,

Just keep getting involved on Twitter – most of my new blog recommendations come from tweets I see, and bloggers are often happy to retweet links and share the love. Try Facebook too! 🙂


A good point. I’m new to blogging but love discovering people’s thoughts. Even if it’s not especially well written or the content isn’t for me, I admire people who ‘put it out there’ and JFDI. 😉

Katy Scarlett

Found found this post after Sarah Betty style tweeted it as one of her favourite posts. I’ve been blogging for less than a year, and have read, heard and attended too many blogger do’s and don’t chats I’ve lost count! I always feel like its just the same things repeated, kinda like how best tops are always released in summer just with a few tweaks, I feel the same can be said about chats about blogging. I sometimes go days without posting as I would rather quality over quantity which is what I go for in blogs I read so apply the same to mine. I post about stuff that I would personally like to read myself. And to be honest a full time job, that isn’t blogging, living in two different county’s, sometimes just gets in the way of blogging, and I feel guilty for not posting as in blogger chats they always tell you to post regularly to boost your traffic. I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about something that is basically a really enjoyable hobbie!
Fantastic post! Look forward to reading more from you!

Katy xx


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