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After a few of you asked me about the location of all my outfit photos this past week, I thought I’d do a little post on the place we visited and the villa we stayed in.

We flew into Portugal then drove about 1.5 hours across the border into Andalusia, Spain, to a little village called Sanlucar de Guadiana.


It’s such a beautiful place – very peaceful and quiet, with just a few cafes, a couple of shops and a church. There’s also a fantastic view across the river to Portugal, and a regular ferry service so you can hop over in less than 5 minutes.


The villa we stayed in was absolutely glorious. I’m an interiors obsessive and nosy to boot, so I was smitten the second we walked through the door. ‘Casa Verde‘ is a traditional Spanish farmhouse that’s been lovingly restored, maintaining its beautiful original features.


I could’ve spent all summer at this place. The balcony was cool and shady with a great view over the river, the roof terrace was perfect for sunbathing, the fridge was always full (thanks mum) and the wifi was strong (even on the roof). I absolutely loved it – light and airy with high ceilings, original tiles and beams. Oh, the beams.


If you fancy a bit of a break from everyday life and want a relaxing spot, I’d really recommend this part of Southern Spain. And when you’ve had enough sunbathing and need to get out and do something, there’s plenty to keep you busy – we zip-lined from Spain into Portugal, took a boat trip down the river and went shopping at the weekly farmer’s market.


Take me back, please!


Lisa Farrell

This looks gorgeous! Just returned from Andalucía myself, such a beautiful part of the world. Will have to put Sanlucar de Guadiana on my list for next time! 🙂


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