How To Get Perfect Skin

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Wondering how to get perfect skin?

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I’ve spent many years (and many pounds) perfecting my skincare routine – expensive cleansers, ‘miracle’ moisturisers and toners that never seem to do anything at all but cost a fortune. Taking care of your skin is important, but after one-too-many mud masks, I’ve come to realise something – nothing beats the velvet perfection of a good foundation. Nothing will banish under-eye circles like a decent concealer. And you can blitz that spot all you want, but by day three (the red-and-angry phase), you’ll be praising the genius who invented ‘heavy coverage’.

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Creating a flawless base is the most time-consuming part of my makeup routine, but it’s definitely the most beneficial. With skin sorted, the rest of my makeup goes on without a hitch. Even at the end of the day, when my blusher’s worn off and I’ve smudged my mascara, a good base will stick around and compensate for my failings elsewhere. Basically, I’m having a love affair with coverage and I don’t care who knows it.

These products form my Skin Staples – the ones I reach for day after day, for morning meetings and date nights and lazy Sundays. A different combination will result in a different look, meaning I’m covered (literally) for every situation.

The Porefessional by Benefit (c/o) – my everyday primer, the one I rely on to keep my makeup where I want it and not halfway down my neck. The lightweight formula is so smoothing – I’ve repurchased this little beauty time and again.

Prep + Prime by MAC – this was an impulse buy (damn you beautiful MAC MUAs!) but I’ve grown to love it. It has a slight shimmer so I prefer it for an evening look, but it’s got serious staying power – perfect for sweating it out on the dance floor.

Nearly Naked by Revlon – I’m not a big fan of lightweight coverage and BB creams are my own personal nightmare, but I was drawn to the ‘in betweeny’ formula of Nearly Naked. More coverage than a BB cream but lighter than a foundation, this is a dewy dream and I think it’ll be great for the summer months (if they ever arrive. Hint hint, Mother Nature…).

Studio Fix Fluid by MAC – I *love* this foundation. It’s so silky smooth – it glides over skin, covering any blemish that dares cross its path. Pricy at £20.50 (and it doesn’t come with a pump so you have to buy that separately at £3.50, which almost made me reject it on sheer indignant principle) but definitely worth it.

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Hide the Blemish by Revlon – a long-time favourite of mine. I’ve used this since I was 14 and the creamy consistency is wonderful at covering those less-than-perfect bits. It’s not very long-lasting and does need touching up throughout the day… but it’s a cheap and cheerful buy and one I’ll always have in my makeup bag.

Corrector by Bobbi Brown – slightly dramatic, but I couldn’t live without this concealer. Honestly. It’s my desert island essential, the product I buy in bulk for fear of being a day without it, my little miracle pot. Rather than covering dark circles, it corrects them (clue’s in the name) – you’re colour matched at the counter and your shade balances dark areas, creating a flawless finish. Obsessed is probably the right word for my feelings about this one.

Full Cover Concealer – Extreme Camouflage Cream by Makeup Forever – this is tricky to get hold of in the UK (the link is where I bought it from, the only place I could find it) but worth tracking down if you suffer with scarring or beastly blemishes. It’s a liquid concealer so great for dried-out spots (eew, right?) and lasts forever and a day.

Fake Up by Benefit (c/o) – a new product for me, but one I’m quickly falling for. Although this is designed to be used under the eyes, the crease-proof formula is great for around the nose and I love the smooth consistency.

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Mineralize SkinFinish Natural by MAC – another product I’ve repurchased again and again. This is a really light and airy powder that settles nicely on my skin and looks beautifully natural. It’s not the best at oil control and I find myself topping up throughout the day… but the finish is worth a bit of extra effort.

Hello Flawless Powder by Benefit (c/o) – the final product from the goody bag I got at a Benefit event a few weeks ago, and one that’s growing on me. More coverage than the MAC, meaning it can look a little mask-like, but it’s got real staying power and keeps shine at bay.

So, that’s my solution to perfect skin – a hoard of perfecting products that will give you the kind of skin a three year-old would be jealous of. And if anyone asks, you can give them the standard celebrity answer – ‘it’s all down to soap and water, just like my grandmother used!’ I won’t tell, promise.

What are your makeup must-haves for cheating your way to perfect skin?



I’d really love to try Benefit’s makeup – sounds kind of weird but we don’t have it in my country and it’s kind of sad 🙁 haha.

Great post!



I have extremely oily skin and as a result, I’m still searching for the perfect combination of makeup that will stay on my face all day. I’ll have to try the powders you recommended! x

Beverley Southern

I use the ‘Hide the Blemish’ concealer as well and I find it works really well 🙂 Probably one of the greatest makeup products I’ve bought, simply because of the fact that it actually works!xx

Olivia Woodington

haha is it strange the lighting in the photography made me feel calm? I might try the benefit and Makeup Forever concealer! I’ve been searching for a new one! Thank you lovely!


I’m always trying new foundations hoping there will be a perfect one! I definitely prefer the dewy look over matte. I really want to try fake up! xx

Lucy Loves To Blog

I love the Benefit Hello Flawless powder! I tried the Fake Up concealer on Saturday and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I almost brought myself the Revlon Nearly Naked last time I went shopping but I opted for the Rimmel Wake Me Up instead, maybe next time! xx

Lucy Loves To Blog

Hannah Cagney Lace

Such a lovely post Jen! You have a way with words that makes me want to read quickly to the end, resulting in sadness when there’s nothing else to read.



For me it’s Touche d’Eclat for the dark circles under the eyes and redness around the nose; cream blusher, never powder, and a hint of highlighter down the centre of the nose, middle of the chin and top of the cheekbones. I love the one by Stila.


I was just thinking today why is it that women are nearly required to wear foundation and thus improve their looks, but guys don’t.
I’m luckily one of those girls who doesn’t feel compelled to cover my skin (even though it’s way less than perfect). Except under-eye circles 🙂 I swear by Revlon Colorstay Under-Eye Concealer, it’s been my go-to for about 11 years now. Stays put forever, blends nicely, covers well and doesn’t crease.

Paris Franz

I’ve been in hibernation over the winter so haven’t worn much make-up. What make-up I do have is well past its sell-by date, so you’ve given me a few tips here on how to replenish my supplies.


How to get the perfect skin? Not what I was thinking when I clicked on the link. Sure this works, but it is cheating. The perfect skin needs no foundation :).


Hi Jen. Thanks for this post. I use the same make up as you and recently all my friends have changed to BB cream, have you tried any? any that you like? or do you prefer continue using regular make-up?

thank you!!


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