January Sales – my review

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Today I went sale shopping. This is rather significant for me, as I usually avoid the sales at all costs. I like to think of shopping as a sensory experience – it’s about taking time to really look at things, feel the fabrics, imagine them in your wardrobe. When it comes to sale shopping, there’s no chance to do these things. You’ve got to keep your eyes open and your elbows sharp… grab things you like, work out the price, put back the ‘not so sure’ items and pay. You can do all the nice touchy feely bits when you get home.
But, after a year of poor retailing and the threat of a VAT increase come 1st Jan, there are some really great bargains to be had and I thought now was as good a time as any to get involved in the January Sales.
So, here’s my sales tale. First up – ASOS
The ASOS sale started on Dec 24th and is advertised at up to 50% off. After a really good trawl around, I found the biggest savings to be had were on dresses, knitwear and footwear. I filled my basket with everything that caught my eye then, with a total of £249 (ARGH!!), I removed all the things I could do without. In the end, I only bought these…
Steve Madden biker boots, £105 down from £150, ASOS
I spent over £100 so got free next day delivery (next working day, which is tomorrow!), but if you spend over £75 you’ll get free standard delivery, and there’s the Super Saver delivery option, which is always free no matter how much you spend. Returns are free too, so if I change my mind they can go straight back… although I highly doubt I will!
Next up – Topshop
Topshop is somewhere I rarely visit. I adore the clothes but find them hideously overpriced for what they are. I think the fact that the clothing is often hyped as ‘high fashion’ is used as an excuse for high prices. If you’re like me and think the same, the sale is the perfect opportunity to stock up on Topshop goodies. I really recommend this sale for knitwear – they had racks and racks of jumpers, knitted dresses and cardigans. I originally picked up 4 different pieces but really had to restrain myself!

Top, £10 down from £18, Topshop
Cardigan, £18 down from £35, Topshop
Slipper socks, £7 down from £12 and tights, £5 down from £8, Topshop

Then on to Gap
Gap is one of my favourite high street stores – the quality is fab, everything is really well cut and they really do know basics. Of course, you have to pay for all that. The Gap sale was advertised as up to 50% off and was really well stocked, with plenty of sizes. I wanted jeans but their skinny styles never go on sale – shame!

Tee, £6.99 down from £10, Gap
Wool cardigan, £24.99 down from £55, Gap
Finally, H&M
I find H&M shambolic at the best of times, but add a sale and frenzied shoppers into the mix and things just seemed to crumble! I couldn’t face looking at the sale section as it was madness, with clothes everywhere! So I went straight for the denim section as I need new jeans…
Jeans, £14.99, and wool beanie, £3.99, H&M
The jeans are just how I like them – tight with a bit of stretch and very straight in the leg. Since I had my hair cut short, I’ve been finding it really hard to wear hats without looking bald! This mini beanie sits atop my head without covering too much hair, so it’s perfect.
Total spend: £195.96 – I’m pretty impressed with that, I must say! I’ve stocked up for the next few months and it’s all really great quality stuff that will last for much longer than one season. I’ll definitely pay more attention to the sales from now on!
Did you get any really great bargains?



Thats a great haul! Wat city do you shop in? I braved the sales yesterday but was mega disappointed 🙁 Im gonna try Glasgow city centre on thurs and see if thats any better.

I got 2 pairs of jeans from new look for a tenner each, two bras from new look for 6 quid, and a pack of two tights from h&m for 12 quid that werent even in the sale haha. how rubbish! 🙁 I didnt find online much better. Those asos boots are gorgeous though 🙂 xx


Hi Rogue – I got this little lot from York as that’s where my mum lives. I’ve been staying there for Christmas and met up with my oldest friend for the sale mission!

I usually shop in Leeds (that’s where my Mr and I live) or Sheffield (which is where I work). Hope you have better luck as more things get reduced! 🙂


You did great Jen… love all the bargains you got.

I shopped for shoes at Aldo’s online… I ordered a lot of pairs. Can’t resist the additional 30% off from the sale price.

Cafe Fashionista

Jen you’re killing me with those boots! I want! I want! I want!! The only thing I scored were a couple of cute nightgowns from Victoria’s Secret. They’re completely adorable; but definitely not practical until the warmer months. Love them anyway!! 🙂


Hey lovely, great boots! I braved the sales yesterday and got a few bargains, Hennes was completely packed so I didn’t even bother going in. I didn’t get chance to go to Gap, I love the quality of their trousers and jeans.

I’m hoping once the frenzy dies down there will be a few good bargains to be had, despite the VAT increase.



Wow, looks like a great big haul to me!! Shopping like this is so much fun!!

I really love that Topshop red hearts tights, it’s so adorable:)



Those are very good bargains! I’m afraid I’m all lucked out. Hmmm … I have ’til tomorrow to score me some things. Wish me luck!?

PS I love your Steve Madden boots. They will give all your outfits that extra oomph!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

Haha, I’m so envious. I’m such a bargain shopper so I should be all over sales. But, sadly, I haven;t had a chance to go shopping! But great job on all your finds! Expecting great outfit posts, soon 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Nice review! I got some amazing things at H&M and Bloomingdales today! But everywhere else was okay.



Ohh you got a lot of great buys ! I want to go to year end sales so bad . I end up with nothing 🙁 Anyway , can’t wait to see how you will wear all of those buys !


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