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ASOS dress, Primark tee, Primark cardigan, M&S tights, Steve Madden boots, vintage belt, Matalan bag, name necklace
And the details…
Thanks to The Fashion Diet, I’ve been making the most of what I’ve got and trying to come up with new looks from old clothes. Well, not that old. But you know what I mean.
I bought this dress from ASOS about 6 months ago and have worn it just once. There’s something about it that leaves me feeling uninspired. I’ve never been one for a sixties silhouette – I’m not a straight up and down flower girl with wavy hair and that boho undone cool. I’m much more of a fifties filly with a nipped in waist, immaculate makeup and painted nails.
This dress screams sixties to me. It was definitely made for someone with smaller boobs than mine! But I think by belting it and teaming it with my favourite chunky boots, I’ve made it more ‘me’. The print cheered me up on a grey day and one of my work friends said I looked beautiful! So I think we can declare it a winner, and I’ll move it out from the dark depths of my wardrobe.
How would you style this dress? Do you like what I did, would you do it differently? I’d love to know!



I like how you brought out the red tones of the dress.. I would have done the same but using my FAVORITE tights, my bright red ones! Cognac boots would also look awesome. I love how you kept the look super layered.. works well with the busy print, keeping everything else simple!

Cafe Fashionista

Personally, I love the way you’ve styled this dress – it looks perfect, Jen! I must admit…you are reminding me a bit of Twiggy in this frock – tres adorable!! 🙂


I love this dress!! I think I’ve seen it in the ASOS sale and you aren’t helping me not snap it up!
The length really suits you, makes your legs look really long!
I probably wouldn’t have worn the tee under the dress, but then I would have been freezing.

X x


I love how you’ve styled it – I would’ve worn it with a belt too as I’m also a fan of nipped in waists. I really like the bright print too! x


You have such slim wee legs missus! Swoot swoo! 🙂 I like the dress combo’d with the cardi and the belt over the top. Could you wear it without a belt too? Looks really cute nipped in at the waist though xx


Well personally I would have done it differently but I am uninspiring! I think you look way more stylish than I would have!

The outfit looks fab and you look really skinny in it.



I love the way you wore it, plus the dress is definitely a cheerful one!

I’m wondering whether it will look good over a black turtleneck and thigh high boots:P


i love your mix and match skills! i usually hesitate to mix the colors/ prints and tend to go with black alot, thats why i love what you did here! and your right that owl head is almost identical! aww 😀



I like the way you’ve styled this. The belt keeps it from being super flowy and makes it have more shape. Looks great!


I think the print is great, and teamed with the cardigan and belt you really have managed to make it your own 🙂


This outfit is fab, you did a great job with it! The colours all work well, would make a great summer outfit too with gladiator sandels

The cardi is very pretty, I want one!


Looks really nice! Well put together! And this time of the year some colours really help to battle the grey days. In summer I would probably just wear it with some sandals and nothing else, but I have to say I’m also not much of a 60s girl.

Anna Jane

Glad you’re being good with your fashion diet! Tbh I can’t see why you haven’t worn this dress more – the yellow really suits you, and believe me not many people suit yellow! Your choice of colours and layers really work well too.

I had to laugh when you said the panda hat made you resemble a mushroom – looking back it definitely definitely resembled the same thing on my head!

– Anna Jane xxx


I Love this dress!!! love the mix of colours. great idea need to search thru my wardrobe! xo


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