Preggo Updates – 18 weeks

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It’s been a turbulent week for the world but over here in the pregnancy bubble, things are far less horrifying. It’s all quite joyful, actually.

18 weeks has seen the vague swooshing turn into more defined movement, and I’m now feeling little ‘pops’ which I’m guessing are kicks. Kicks! From my baby! Who is growing inside me! When you think about it properly, it’s pretty mind-blowing.

My bump seems to be about the same size as last week, and body-wise not a lot has changed. The hormones are running riot, however – my skin is in total meltdown (although my hair is thick and swishy, so I guess that balances out?) and I’m ready to weep at any given moment. Here’s a list of things that have made me cry over the last few days (apart from the obvious):

  • Thinking about that Nationwide advert where the man leaves his scarf on the bus
  • A small child running gleefully through Co-op
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Slicing open an avocado only to discover it was brown inside

We’ve started sorting out the house ready for our new arrival – I’ve already decided to sell half our worldly possessions at a car boot sale next weekend and am now trying to work out how to squeeze a dishwasher into the kitchen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about bringing our baby into the world and the values we’ll pass along. Right now it feels so important to share compassion and love; to instil a sense of respect for others; to go about life with an inquisitive mind and an open heart. I’ve held tightly to these things over the last few days and knowing I can pass them along to my child is a great sense of comfort during uncertain¬†times.

Be kind to each other, now more than ever. When people¬†are divided and the future looks unfamiliar, it’s all we can do.

PS – It’s a girl! <3

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