Preggo Updates – 25 Weeks

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I spent most of my 25th week of pregnancy in Copenhagen, walking about 20,000 steps per day and doing a lot of STUFF.

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Before we left home, I was a little bit worried about how I’d fare in Copenhagen. My last big trip during pregnancy was to the US and it involved a lot of afternoon naps, slow walking and ‘resting’ in bars with a bowl of mac and cheese. But Rob and I were heading to Denmark with all our combined siblings, and I didn’t want to be the preggo at the back asking for a toilet break every 5 minutes. I was determined not miss a single section of action, and really didn’t want the rest of our group to feel like they couldn’t do things because of me.

I needn’t have worried, though, as Copenhagen was the perfect city to explore while pregnant.

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Copenhagen is chilled out in a way I’ve never experienced in another major city. Apart from the one main tourist street in the centre, there were hardly any people… anywhere. The streets are so wide and clean and peaceful – it’s really quite something when you’re used to the hustle and bustle of literally every other big city.

There was a lot of walking, my feet did hurt and I did start to flag a little… and then we discovered the bikes. We cycled all over the city and even in rush hour, I didn’t ever feel unsafe. The roads are exceptionally flat and the bikes we hired were motor assisted, so pedalling was hardly any work at all and journeys took no time. We zipped all over the place, locking our bikes up when we stopped for food then jumping back on to continue exploring.

The ease of cycling (no long walks, no packed metros) combined with the laidback pace of the city and the manageable temperatures (around 16-19 degrees) made it an absolute dream trip at 25 weeks – if you’re currently preggo and thinking about booking a break, I’d highly recommend. Full post coming soon!

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In other preggo news, my bump is getting bigger every day and Baby A’s movement has been really strong this week. After a horrible few weeks with my skin, I changed up my products and things are clearing up nicely – I’ll write a proper post on this, as I’ve really struggled with my skin during pregnancy and there are quite a few things you need to avoid, which makes it even more difficult!

Sleeping is another point of contention at the moment – I usually love sleeping on my back but that’s not advised during pregnancy as the extra weight at the front can press down on a main artery in your back, leaving you gasping for breath. I’ve been trying to stick to the recommended left-hand side but my hips are achy and it’s just not very comfortable. 

Vague moaning aside, I’m still thoroughly enjoying being pregs. Yesterday I read Milly’s 6 month baby update (how adorable is Florence though?) and got very excited and a little bit impatient for Baby A’s arrival in November. But although I can’t wait for the actual baby bit, I am loving the pregnancy bit too. Hopefully it’ll continue in this fashion for another 3 months… it’s pretty easy all the way through, right? 😉

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Copenhagen is a beautiful city and hospitable, especially in summer. Good choice to spend during pregnancy there.


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