Raindrops and roses

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ASOS dress, Primark cardigan, Primark tee, M&S tights, Primark shoes, handmade corsage, Topshop ring, DP belt

Wearing this dress makes even a horrible, rainy day like today feel happy and sunny and ever so cheerful.

When it comes to feeling positive, the simplest of things can turn my frown upside down. A glass of OJ in the morning, for example. Or discovering three unwatched episodes Project Runway on my planner. Getting unidentified packages in the post, a hug from the Mr and trying out a new breakfast cereal all rate highly on the happiness scale. These small, seemingly insignificant things that make up my everyday are the things that really matter – and most of the time, I don’t even notice.

What makes you happy on a less-than-sunshiny day? A new pair of shoes? Fabulously applied mascara? Or something altogether less shallow, like the sound of singalong birds, or freshly mown grass? I’d love to know!



talking of things that make you smile, come and join in our mse game GG!!

a sparkly pair of shoes cheered me up today (well, kind of)..

i love that dress, was tempted to wear it this morning too! xx


Cutest outfit ever ♥

I went to the beach today in the pouring rain. I think the rain makes the beach more beautiful than the sunshine.



Oh that dress is so gorgeous! Love the print, and the big rosette just makes the whole outfit! I like your list of little happy things, I know what you mean about them making a day so much nicer! x

Amy Marie

Gorgeous outfit, it’s perfect on you. That dress is such lovely colouring, I’m a sucker for florals and love wearing them on miserable days.

Love, Amy Marie.


I love the floral dress paired with the flat brogues! The thing that makes me happpiest on a rainy day is coming in and swapping my wet clothes for my PJs, sitting in the warm and watching the rain out the window 🙂 Or sheltering in Starbucks with a soya latte and Grazia! x


This outfit is so cute. I love it. I need a wider belt to copy your layering tip about rolling the top under it. I tried it yesterday but it looked all wrong.
You are certainly getting your money’s worth out of that pink flower, and who could blame you it’s perfect.
Vicki xx


I love this look Jen, it’s possibly my favourite outfit on you!

What cheers me up on a rainy day? Reading blogs from people who live in sunnier climates!


A big cup of hot chocolate, a croissant (oh dear, it’s a all about food for me…) or seeing you in this lovely outfit. Honestly, before I even started reading I thought ‘This is the perfect outfit for a dreary day like today!’

E is for Eleanor

oh a wonderful outfit! it suits you loads!

and hmm, talking to someone who is polite and nice on the phone at work. Or the barista paying me a compliment in the coffee shop- that always makes me happy! x

Pink Flower

That corsage is utterly delightful – i just love the colour its lush!

I love laying in bed, pulling the curtains open and hearing the sound of birds. Plus actually seeing a slightly blue sky on a morning knowing that Spring is around a corner is helping me get out of bed a lot at the moment.

Vintage Vixen

Don’t you look adorable, Jen?

My day put a smile on my face, a trip to a new town to trawl the charity shops with my bestest friend and a bag of goodies to bring home, too!



That dress looks so lovely on you 🙂
A glass of ice cold milk or OJ in the morning and getting a new purchase through the post and wearing it that same day make me very happy 🙂

Audrey Allure

beautiful outfit 🙂
my little lift-upper is just chatting with a friend i haven’t spoken to in awhile, even if it’s just to say hi how are you 🙂


You look amazing today Jen. Everything about the outfit is just perfect and so pretty and springlike 🙂

Unexpected kindnesses made me happy today.


Hot chocolate always helps! And cuddling with a purring kitty.

Your outfit is so cute and perfect for Spring!

Thanks for the compliments on the red chair, but I have to admit it’s not mine. It’s in the common area in my building… LOL

Viva La Fashion

it seems to rain non-stop where i live but i think music or a shopping spree would definately lift my spirits.

too bad i don’t have enough money to go shopping everytime it rains. sigh. oh, well. hahahah. 🙂


Lovely outfit, love the summer side to it, played down with the brown. Very nice!

Things that make me happy, ooh among a few, the dogs falling off the couch whilst asleep, new shoes, or the best strawberry milkshake that I get back home.

X xx

Anna Jane

This is a very happy and positive outfit, and the corsage totally completes it! Pretty!

It is indeed the little things that bring happiness… for me it’s all about discovering creme eggs that have yet to be consumed, as well as finding that oh-so-perfect lipgloss that decided to go missing for the best part of two months!

– Anna Jane xxx


I love the dress! The flower sets it off so well 🙂 Hows your saving plan coming along? You defo dont seem like you need any more clothes eh missy :p Always love your outfits! A cup of tea and sitting in bed watching old movies always makes me happy. I love getting away from the city too. Wish I could do it more often 🙁 xx


Ps. thank you for clearing up my thoughts over edward, thats so random! haha it fair did make me chuckle 🙂 it is indeed lady luck, I think they were stopping doing the personalised brooches at the end of jan so Im glad I snapped one up on time xx


gorgeous dress 🙂

things that make me happy on a not so good day?

a letter from a friend in the post

a long cuddle with my kitty

making the perfect cup of tea


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