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During London Fashion Week I left the cobbles of Somerset House behind to explore East London with Shopikon. The aim of the day was to discover some of London’s hidden shopping hotspots – Shopikon is a destination shopping guide focused on independent and grassroots businesses – and despite being a regular in central London, I’d never really ventured East. So with flats on my feet and a tote bag over my arm, I headed off to Spitafields for our first stop – traditional food shop A. Gold.

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I loved the 50s vintage vibe to the shop decor and had a good long look at all the classic tins – who doesn’t love a vintage tin!

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Next stop was London Loves LA, an amazing vintage pop-up shop packed with 90s finds. There was a ‘back to school’ theme in the shop, with a selection of classic class photos (you know the ones – everyone sits on benches, the tall kids stand at the back and at least one person has their eyes shut) hanging up on the walls. I also spotted a range of Sweet Valley High books – amazing!

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Next on our tour of East London – Mawi and Luna & Curious. I absolutely love Mawi’s oversized statement jewels and the shop was a treasure trove of sparkly stuff. Luna & Curious was a treat too – vintage typewriters sat next to cashmere jumpers and there was even a knitted baby hat in the shape of a  crown… for £48. A tad pricey, but so beautifully laid out it felt reasonable.

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Next up, shop/café/cool kids’ hangout Pitfield. I was in heaven here – eclectic homeware and beautifully designed ‘rooms’ mixed with the mouthwatering smell of lasagne cooking in the kitchen. After wandering around the shop space, we grabbed a table and enjoyed fresh salads and tasty quiches.

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After lunch we went on to ‘The Best Shop in The World’ – literally. LN-CC (which, quite awesomely, stands for ‘Late Night Chameleon Café’) has been voted the world’s best shop. I’m not quite sure what ‘best’ means but this place was insanely cool – off some dodgy back alley in Dalston and down some dusty stairs sits this amazing wooden structure, filled with glowing light and gnarled branches. The shop sells clothing, books and music but I was enthralled by the interior design and the brilliant treehouse that overlooks the clothing displays.

We also stopped by Beyond Retro to find some final vintage bargains, but by then my feet were falling off and I was ready for a nap. It was fascinating to be shown the sights of East London by such knowledgeable guides – the guys from Shopikon lived here at a time and knew the area well.

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After a long day, the other bloggers and I – Dylana, Natalie, Ellie and Uli from We Are Social – headed home… until 8pm, when we were joined by Gem and had a rolicking good time at Brawn, where much meat was eaten and plenty of red wine consumed. Thanks, Shopikon!

Heads up – I was compensated by Shopikon to take part in the shop crawl but not to write this post. 



I want a light up globe so badly now! I had one as a child but it got stolen by Burglers, which was the single most traumatic experience of my childhood!


Every shop looks incredible! Love the look of the oversized chunky jewels, right up my street.
Love your dress with the scarf as a belt, looks great.

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I really love to shop from vintage shops and your photos in this regard are very very awesome looking….other than that the necklace is looking so attractive…thanks!!

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