Smashed Avocado and Feta on Toast

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avocado on toast recipe
I’d like to introduce you to The World’s Greatest Snack (TM). After discovering this delicious combination a few weeks ago, I’ve basically eaten nothing else. It’s amazing for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I’d eat it all day, every day if that wasn’t a bit weird and obsessive.

This isn’t a recipe as such, because this is obviously just delicious stuff on toast. But I have perfected the method, so here it is – avocado, feta and tomatoes on toast with Sriracha hot sauce.

You’ll need:

– 2 ripe avocados
– Half a lemon
– A handful of cherry tomatoes
– 2 slices of wholemeal bread
– Feta cheese
– Sriracha hot sauce
– Salt and pepper

The method:

Slice your avocados in half, remove the stone and peel away the skin, then ‘smash’ them in a bowl. I think the term ‘smashed avocados’ is possibly the most obnoxious phrase in food but that’s basically what you’re doing – keeping some big bits rather than mashing it all into a paste. You want a bit of bite! Squeeze in the lemon juice and season.

Toast your bread. While that’s happening, slice your tomatoes and crumble some feta.

When the toast is done, smother it with smashed avocado, add the sliced tomatoes and top with feta. The finishing touch and the thing that makes it all come to life is the Sriracha – drizzle on to your heart’s content, sit back and enjoy.

smashed avocado tomato toast
OMG I want to eat this right now. 



I’m in love with avocado on toast but usually just have it on its own (boring!) Will definitely be giving this a try 🙂 x


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