The Lazy Girl’s Guide To… Accessorising

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Listen up, Lazy Girls! Plump your pillows, stretch your legs and draw the curtains – it’s time to shut out real life and read this guide to accessorising for the excessively lazy. Enjoy!

Do you often find yourself rushing from the house, one shoe in hand, stuffing your purse into a bag you got free with a magazine five years ago and slinging a hastily-chosen (and so last season) necklace around your neck? Yes? Well worry no more, fellow flagging fashionistas. This guide will show you how to accessorise your outfit quicker than you can say ‘just five more minutes’…

Finding unique, stylish and inexpensive jewellery can be a real pain in your denim-clad behind. Hunting down those independent boutiques takes time and effort, and for a lazy girl, it’s all too easy to pop down to Primark and buy whatever looks sparkliest. But if you really want to transform an outfit, statement jewellery is the way to go.

L: Handmade corsage, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace, Primark ring
R: Super Duper Things brooch, elsiebelle necklace, Primark headband  

L: Accessorize headband, vintage pearls, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace
R: Helpless Romantic brooch, pinkplectrum necklace, Me and Zena ring 

The right jewellery can take a simple outfit somewhere really special. And how hard is it to pin on a brooch or fasten a necklace? You could even get your other half to do it while you sip your morning coffee. 

Top tip – Hone your magpie eye by searching Etsy for pretty things to add to your jewellery box.

Scarves are the forgotten friends of the lazy fashionista – if you can tie a knot, you can work a scarf. The easiest way is around the neck…

ASOS gold and black silk scarf, vintage red and cream silk scarf

Long or short, tied in the middle or at a kooky angle, scarves add a flash of colour, pattern and detail to your outfit. You could also wind one through your hair, slip one over your wrist or tie one to the handle of your bag. And the simplest of knots will do – you don’t need a naval officer for this one (although you might want one anyway).

Top tip – Charity shops are a treasure trove of kitsch scarves your grandmother would be proud of, but you’ll have to root for them, as they’re often hidden in boxes of bric-a-brac. Take a limber friend along for this bit.

There’s nothing wrong with hoarding handbags – it’s every woman’s right. Just like using chocolate as a mood improver and demanding full use of the bathroom, a wardrobe crammed with handbags is part of the female psyche.

L: Fossil leather shoulder bag. A big, slouchy bag is perfect for lugging your essentials around during the day. 
R: Rocha John Rocha leather satchel. An across the body bag leaves your hands free for nail painting, tweeting and trying on shoes.

L: Thrifted straw bag. Straw bags just scream summer and they’re perfect for stashing sun cream.
R: Thrifted mini leather across body bag. Every girl needs something small and dainty to dance around on a night out.

Top tip – Choose a mix of fabrics, colours and patterns and think about the clothes they go with. Then at 8:02 when your bus is pulling round the corner you can grab the perfect bag and be on your way. 

So there you go, lazy girls. Three simple ways to accessorise your outfits, leaving you fashionable in a flash with plenty of time for your morning croissant. Eaten in bed, of course. 


Style of a Fashionista

Great tips you are so right about accessories being a really important part of an outfit and they make every outfit individual.

btw love the trousers you are wearing they are a fabulous fit on you xoxo

E is for Eleanor

Excellent post! The jewellery is great, as it can totally make or break an outfit! And i love scarves! Great for covering up a delicate scalp and protecting coloured hair in the summer sun! x


Fantastic tips! I’m not the best at accessorising, so this really helps! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


A delightful set of tips 🙂
I’m becoming rather fond of the Lazy Girls Guide series, a book I can carry around in my 1 of 500+ handbags (i’m so glad you confirmed that hoarding fact)next please !


I love these posts – great advice and a nice peek into your accessory collection! I love the scarves – I have a few that I love and they brighten up any outfit 🙂 x


you certainly know how to accessorize, m’dear! when it comes to jewelry i’m always scared i look tacky, if you get what i mean? thank-you for your lovely comment, i am still in total shock about the bag!

love, jazzabelle. xxx


This has certainly given me an inspirational kick, I am utterly rubbish and always wear the same jewellery/accessories with everything! Haha. Bad times. After seeing all this, I think I need to try harder 🙂 xx


Such a good idea for a post! I especially love your ASOS scarf and purple swallow brooch. Gorgeous outfit too!

Sitting Pretty


Disco Goth

Thank you for saying it’s not necessary to do anything difficult with scarves, I can’t do anything more than a knot and now I know I don’t have to!



this is a brilliant post, i love your lazy girl guides. you have such a readable writing style, I look forward to reading more guides for the ultimate lazy girl. like moi! xo


Great post! i love your bags, and you’ve inspired me to play about abit more with accessories, so thanks 🙂

Completely agree that charity shops are the best places for finding scarves, even if you have to rummage a little first it’s almost always worth the effort xxx

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes

Great post! Accessories are something I never pay too much attention to myself. I mean I have so many bits and pieces but I never even bother with them. I really should start wearing my accessories.

Cafe Fashionista

Ostentatious jewelry is my absolute favorite. It is shocking just how much some sparkly baubles can spruce up one’s look du jour! Fabulous guide, Jen!! 🙂


Such a great post, Jen! And I love your collection of accessories, so pretty!! And I really want to tie a scarf around my neck like you did:)

Pixie Dust

Hey honey, thank you so much for your comment <3 If you like my blog, please follow, I have many new posts coming up which I think you shall like :))


Love it, love reading these posts.
Accessorizing takes such a long time and effort, glad to know a lazy girl can do it.

X x

p.s fab trousers, I’ve got some similiar from DP’s

joelle van dyne

this is a great guide! because i totally have the problem of either a. being late for work but well dressed, or b. being on time for work and basically wearing my pajamas. i rely on my purse a lot to make my outfit more interesting, but because i can’t very well carry it around the office all day… to distract from my messy jeans and big tee shirt… i love these ideas, especially for how to wear the scarves. ~joelle


I so need to follow this advice, I’m so lazy with accessories and really should make more effort. Fab post! x


Great tips! I always forget about broaches – I may invest in one! I’m definitely a bag hoarder – one of them has a wee vintage scarf permanently tied to it! x


These posts make such great reading, Jen. And I totally agree about making the effort to just finish off an outfit with a little touch here and there..Accessories can totally make or break a look in my opinion !


Love this post my dear! love the scarves! 🙂
you have a envious amount of accessories!!
vicki xo


I must admit I am poor at accessorising but can’t really do it with my work uniform but I never leave the house without a scarf they are the easiest of accessories!


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