‘The Remix’, aka ‘Wearing Your Clothes’

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I’ve always thought fashion has its own language. Like many industries, the fashion world has developed a set of words and phrases that could be completely meaningless to an outsider. Getting dressed becomes ‘making a sartorial choice’, black and white is ‘monochrome’, a dress is an ‘LBD’, and one of my personal favourites – we don’t just wear our clothes each day, but ‘remix’ them.

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American Apparel jumper, Topshop leather trousers, H&M shirt, Ara flats c/o Sarenza, ring via charity shop

The Remix is common among fashion blogs (and in fact, I did one myself about a year ago) – remixing your wardrobe involves taking a few items and styling them in a variety of ways. So… wearing them, then?

When I buy something new, I’ll rip the tags off at the first opportunity, put it on and wear it regularly for the next few weeks until the novelty wears off. When I picked this pink jumper from my wardrobe, my only thought was ‘ooohh yes, lovely pink jumper! I’ll wear you again today’. The fact I wore it mere days ago doesn’t bother me, but neither am I trying to prove that it can be worn a multitude of ways – surely we buy all our clothes on the basis that we’ll get more than one wear out of them? So is re-wearing something really a process at all? To me, ‘The Remix’ is just a fancy name for getting dressed every day.

What do you think – are we all masters of The Remix by wearing our clothes more than once or is it just a made-up fashion phrase for something people have been doing every morning for centuries?



‘The Remix’… never heard of that before but I think you are on the right track – it is just the wearing of your clothes. Clothes are definately there to be worn more than the once. We buy them because we love them. I think that ‘the Remix’ is in fact looking at your clothes in a different light. I know that you do from reading past posts here but some peeps would probably wear their pink sweater (for example) with the same trousers every time they wear it. Like you, I like shaking things up and being a little creative (with jeans, on top of a shirt, over a dress, etc). I pressume this is the basis of a capsule wardrobe (but obvious ours are very large capsules!!) 🙂

Lucy Nation

I’m with you on this one, I’ve never been quite sure myself. I used to follow the Flickr group called ‘Wardrobe Remix’ where people posted photos of their daily outfits. The name does suggest a kind of mix and match scenario but I thought taking a few items and styling them differently was called a wardrobe capsule challenge? I am never sure what people mean when they say something has been ‘remixed’ :0/ x


I have bugger all in the way of clothes so I remix the hell out of them! I’m also a creature of habit so I’ll quite happily wear one piece in multiple looks before doing the exact same with it once it’s out the wash. I adore your pink jumper by the way.


I’m glad someone else likes to wear their new clothes as much as possible when they first get them. I do get lazy some mornings and wear an outfit combo that is tried and tested, but I’m always pleased with myself when I’m like ‘oh this does go with that!’


I think you’ve totally nailed it – remixing is just getting dressed! I suppose from a bloggers point of view, its a nice way of featuring different ways to style the same outfit while proving that bloggers do actually wear the same thing more than once! Saying that though its not something I’ve ever done on my blog. If I think about it, I’m actually quite useless at remixing my clothes. When I find an outfit combination I feel good in, I want to wear it all the time, so I find it difficult to wear pieces from that outfit differently. I think forcing myself to remix can actually be a tricky task sometimes, so perhaps not as simple as getting dressed after all?


I literally wear the same outfits over and over again so I’m technically “remixing” them (whatever that is) but it’s not because I want to… it’s because I have no money to buy new things with *cries* xo


It would be silly to wear something only once. When we buy clothes we buy them because we want to wear them because we like them. Remix all the way X


Sweet look! I always mix my clothes up, I can’t afford to wear everything once – plus, where’s the fun in that?! X


Of course we do wear all our clothes more than once unless we’re super rich celebs, but I agree with Nicola in that I think the ‘remix’ concept is a good way of getting yourself out of your comfort zone with certain items of clothing and forcing yourself to try wearing it with things you wouldn’t normally. I love how your posts always get people thinking!


totally agree with what you are saying! ha however my take on the remix, is if you want to refresh your wardrobe but are financially challenged wearing your clothes differently. We all have go-to outfits we know are great but wearing our things different is fun, layering being my favourite thing! I recently discovered turning dresses that fit oddly into skirts just by layering on top with a thin jersey! simples x


I’m terrible with wearing things soon after I’ve bought them then never really wearing them much again. I need to do the remix! Love the leather pants 🙂

Caroline x


Remixing made me laugh, it’s definitely just wearing your clothes.
I tend to wear the staples more than once, and try changing other more stand out pieces to work more than once so I see it more as recycling (especially if it’s charity)
Love those trousers.

Ms Wanda

I agree it is ridiculous jargon, but sadly I’m not sure people do by clothes to wear again and again nowadays. Most clothes are so cheap and badly made nowadays that they either get thrown away or fall appart very quickly. So I say Viva La Remix!

Juicy Satsuma

I guess when people say “remix” they mean wearing one item multiple ways which I think most of us do anyway!

Like wearing a dress as a dress but the next time tucking the bottom half of the dress into some jeans so you’ve now got a top!x


Wow. Love this outfit! I do though have one question I hope you can answer… “I have just bought a navy blazer from H and M and I don’t know how to wear it without looking like I am going to work! Any ideas from you, Jen or others would be lovely (and a post would be even better with YOU showing others how it is done).” Thankyou, xx. Btw: I am quite short!


Yeah, it’s a fancy fashion phrase that makes what we normally do every time with a really nice piece seem, well, fancy. 🙂
That’s a lovely jumper you have on. Love the leather pants too.


Oh yes, made up term, without a doubt.
I do tend to wear the same things together so I try to make an effort to wear things differently but no matter how you get dressed , you’re still just getting dressed.


i wear the same items i heck of a lot, especially in the winter. i have two lambswool jumpers from m&s and i wear them all the time, so i can understand this. also not washed my levis jeans for about 5 months, but that’s another story


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