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Years ago, I read an article in a magazine about seasonal style. Apparently, the way you dress can be classified by the seasons – Victoria Beckham, with her tailored dresses, coiffed hair and court shoes, is a ‘Winter’. Sienna Miller, her of flowing blonde locks and maxi dress fame, is a ‘Summer’. There was a quiz (naturally, this was the 90s and it was probably Cosmo) and my love of chunky knitwear, tights and brogues put me firmly with the Winters.

I’m just not very good at dressing for summer. I have a terrible habit of buying too-short dresses which look indecent without tights, I’ve tripped over my maxi dress hem more times than I’d like to mention and my version of a tan is a slight pink tinge, cultivated with badly-applied Dove Summer Body. By the time August rolls around, the initial novelty of not having to wear a thermal vest has worn off and I’m bloody sick of painting my toenails, so I start dreaming of my AW wardrobe… and, erm, buying it.


Michael Kors leather biker jacket, TK Maxx

I ‘just popped in’ to TK Maxx one afternoon under the pretence of buying a birthday present, but came out with this instead. I’d been looking for a leather biker jacket for months and I’m now desperate for cooler weather so I can throw this butter soft beauty over a tea dress and tights. It smells DIVINE too.

Navy and tan collared dress, Next

I actually bought this last year – it’s my go-to dress for frosty days and looks great with bright tights and a chunky cardigan.

Poncho-style knitted cardigan, Topshop

I bought this in the Topshop sale at the beginning of summer for a very reasonable £20. I thought it’d be a great camping cover-up (which is was, more on that tomorrow) but now I’m ready to wear it with skinny jeans and a striped tee.

Vintage leather shorts, Mighty Baby

My favourite vintage shop has a whole section dedicated to leather shorts – these are slightly high waisted, not too short in the leg and had a £10 price tag, so obviously they came home with me. They’re crying out for thick tights, heeled brogues and a printed blouse.

Jonak boots c/o Sarenza

I’ve already worn these with summer dresses and bare legs, but I think their true partner is a pair of 120 deniers. They’re cute and comfy and I know I’ll wear them so often you’ll be sick of them come January.

Admittedly, it is nice to sit outside without fear of frostbite and I do like being able to just drive my car rather than dig it out of 2ft of snow first, but I really am looking forward to the colder weather. What about you – are you a ‘Summer’ or a ‘Winter’? Would you take a parka over a playsuit any day, or will you still be wearing your flip flops in October?


Lucy Nation

Great haul. I love the jacket. I’m so glad its not just me who finds the summer tiresome. I merely tolerate it until September/October comes around and I come into my own with clothes. I’m definitely an Autumn girl xx


I cannot wait to wear all the lovely jumpers and coats i keep spying in shops at the moment, dressing for colder weather is so much better imo!

Stacey xx


Dressing for AW is fun, but I do find myself missing the sunshine when the evenings are long and dark and it takes forever to get light in the morning. AW clothes are great though, although to keep things interesting often requires quite a few different coats/big jumpers!


That jacket is beautiful! I can’t wait for A/W, I don’t know why I am so psyched but I have lots of outfit ideas in my head 🙂

Maria xxx


jjjjjjjjjjjjjesus you got that jacket from txmaxx? i need to go in that shop more often!! was it expensive? so jealous :o)

Funny Little Frog

Is it possible to be a spring or autumn? lol I don’t really like wearing layers but I dread having bare legs too so tend to stick somewhere inbetween xxx


I’m spring/autumn. Winter is too cold and summer is too hot but spring and autumn are just right. I sound very Goldilocks don’t I?

I nearly bought a Paper, Denim & Cloth leather jacket from TK Maxx last year. I do vaguely regret it because it was the perfect shade of brown and such lovely leather, but I was being sensible. I don’t wear leather jackets so I bought some shoes instead.


That biker jacket of yours is perfection! I want one like that so bad, I’m on the hunt and am not stopping until I find one! I’m in no hurry for winter to get here though, I like my fingers and toes being consistently warm 🙂


That leather jacket is gorgeous. I am definitely a summer clothes person. I have a bit of an aversion to knitwear and tights. I definitely live in the wrong climate for my taste in clothes…My summer and winter wardrobes don’t really differ that much apart from adding tights and a cardigan when the weather gets colder. I’m feeling a bit more inspired to embrace winter this year though after all the crappy unpredictable weather lately! x

Miss Raj

I am definitely sick of painting my toenails now. I much prefer the winter wardrobe too – the problem with summer here is that it’s never quite warm enough either to go all out. You feel a but silly wearing a flimsy mini-dress only for it to start showering, or for you to start shivering. Much prefer winter, love layering my clothes up and can’t wait to get my boots back out! x


I’m definitely a winter – summer makes me feel all flustered, I hate being too hot! I’d much rather be bundled up in tights and hats and scarves please!


I’m def a Winter person, have a theory it’s cause I was born mid summer! I get so crabby when I’m overheating, seriously the only place women should be able to sweat is the gym! Love your new buys, the Topshop cardi is especially fab 🙂


I think I prefer Autumn, I like being able to wear short things without my legs being out. Summer here is too inconsistent and I always end up feeling under or overdressed somehow. Really looking forward to multiple layers and tights again and getting a bit more creative.


I would love to say I am Sienna Miller all the way but to be honest I like my jeans, boots and jumpers too much. 🙁
Oh well, you can tan in Decemer right? (In Australia..) :/ ahahaha xx


I always find it a lot more fun to dress for AW as well (I like to think I’m an Autumn). That jacket is amazing. It’ll be perfect with a dress.
And I’ve been on the hunt for leather shorts for ages.


I love summer and maxi dresses, flip flos, rolled up jeans and t-shirts with no coats required but I do have a deep, ingrained love of chunky knits and big socks… can I be a season chameleon?
The jacket is beautiful – you can not beat that new leather smell…

Chloe Likes To Talk

I’m definitely a winter dresser, even though I love the warmer weather in summer. I’m comfiest in a sweater dress, leggings and my Steve Madden riding boots. Love the sun though I do, I’m looking forward to cuddling up in my winter wool, comfy coat and bestest boots.

Christina Sanders

I love this post! I’m also really bad at summer dressing, I never seem to get it right – everything is always to tight, or too heavy or to short or too see-through. I’m best in autumn clothes. I love that jacket, what a great find!
Christina x


I love the poncho cardigan from topshop, and the biker jacket. I think I’m more like you, i’m a winter dresser I love been able to layer and wear tights (and I don’t tan all that well either)
Jess x


I am winter all the way. My all-time favourite thing is a vintage suede coat with a huge faux fur collar that I can’t wait to get back into.

(I’m currently sat at home with a stinking cold, watching the rain pelt down outside – it might as well be October and not August!)


I’m totally a winter. Chunky knits are so much more forgiving than bikinis. That leather jacket is an amazing find.


WINTER!! I hate being too hot and outfits in the summer are just not as fun to put together 😀


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