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Black is not a colour I wear often. It’s never really featured much in my wardrobe – even when I went through the obligatory teenage goth phase, I mixed my black skater jeans with a purple glitter corset and floral hair corsage (seriously). I’ve always found the shade to be more drab than chic and although some – like the very stylish Jazmine – can pull it off perfectly, it’s just not my thing.

But… there are some days when only black will do. Usually these days involve some sort of wardrobe crisis, a fashion malfunction or a general feeling of enormity. On these days, a black shroud is most welcome.

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Skirt c/o Next, Forever 21 jumper, Primark long sleeve tee, ankle boots c/o Sarenza, Emma Fox bag via TK Maxx, Miss Selfridge ring, wooden necklace via charity shop

Okay. So I’m not exactly ‘shrouded’ in black. But this look was the result of a few too many outfit mis-hits – jeans that made sausages out of my legs, a blouse that gaped at the chest, fussy accessories, an indecently short dress… after a lot of fussing and faffing, I pulled on the printed skirt and a black tee, threw a black jumper over the top, whacked on a necklace and called it a day.

Do you ever have days like that? What do you wear when all else fails?



I’m gonna need to see pics of that goth outfit… 😉 Unfortunately I have to wear black to work so I pretty much avoid it at home, black tights are my failsafe tho, they go with just about everything! 🙂


I don’t believe such a picture exists… thank God we didn’t have digital cameras/smartphones when I was a teen! 😉


I’m not such a fan of black either, but this outfit looks awesome on you!! I love that you mixed black with brown tones too =) When all else fails for me, I tend to throw on my favourite 50s style dress with tights and a cardigan, it seems to go with every colour!!


gutted i cant find that skirt anywhere on the next website- its gorgeous! especially standing out against the black background- not your usual look but youre working it!


Aw sorry – I got it last year so think it’s probably gone now! It is lovely. Glad you like the look 🙂


i definitely have those days, usually on the days I plan to take blog photos too – they’re so frustrating. Your outfit looks great though! x


It’s gotta be a skater dress and cable-knit cardi for my disaster days. Although actually, thinking about it, that’s pretty much what I wear all the time…

My big dilemma is how to dress Office Smart now I actually have a job! Oh, to have your v. grown-up yet fun wardrobe 🙂

Charlotte {Charlotte's Web}

Even if it was a last minute outfit, this definitely suits you. My last minute outfit is very similar, only my jumper is purple. Coincidentally, I ended up wearing it today after a clothes dilemma!

Gina G

I love black it is the foundation of my wardrobe. To me it is an essential colour and looks great with red, blue green, pink, purple etc. I alway feel safe in black, comfortable and dressed.

The outfit looks great, the additions such as the cute nail polish and that fab handbag add life to it. I really like the necklace as well.


I don’t wear a lot of black but you can’t beat it sometimes. I have a few dresses that are my failsafe when nothing else works as all they need are tights and heels.
Your hair has got so long! x

Peacock's Hat

I’m a bit schizophrenic when it comes to colour; I wear a lot of very bright things but also a lot of black! I’m quite lucky though in that black suits me so I can throw it on whenever really. I tend to a bit too often!


this is cheating! hahaa i want to see an al black outfit next.

Me today – black dress, tights, creepers and coat. GOFF haha


I often have those days! Today was indeed one of them… I went for black tights, a black mini skirt, leopard print converse & a metallic silver/black knit jumper. And I wore sunnies so I totally rocked it!


Your hair looks great in these pics, it’s growing isn’t it!
Black used to be a lot of my wardrobe, as my body confidence has grown I’ve been happy to let colour in. Although my sis wears black as majority for her outfits she adds some coloured accessories to help lift it.


I have these days when I don’t plan outfits! I have black high-waisted shorts I always fall back on when that happens. And I always feel much better when I wear a hat for some reason. x


I know what you mean with the black shroud. I normally wear black when I’m working on various Uni projects, I guess it makes me concentrate more. Love this outfit, the necklace is gorgeous.
R xx

Sunshine and Rhubarb

My current fail safe is dark blue jeans, charachter t-shirt and uggs. Bad I know, but I have challenged myself to be more adventurous! Friday here I come!!
I do wear a fair bit of black though – it goes with pretty much everything.
Right, I’m off to go and find some colourful clothes……..


Love this outfit! The print of the skirt is gorgeous.
When I am having a nightmare/fat day I wear anything that fits & flares, or a tube skirt with an oversize top. This is obviously only if I absolutely have to leave the house, otherwise it would be pyjamas naturally!


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