What’s Your Colour Chart?

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I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for changing my hair colour. Not drastically – I’ve never gone jet black or candy pink. But I do move up and down the blonde/brunette spectrum quite frequently, and have even dabbled in red. Well, what’s a couple of shades between friends/hairdresser and client?

I do find, however, that a change of hair often leads to a change of wardrobe. What suits me as a blonde doesn’t always suit me as a brunette, and that change is most obvious when it comes to colour.

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ASOS pencil skirt (very old) | Cos jumper | ASOS jacket | Clarks heels c/o Sarenza | Mulberry bag | Mawi necklace rented c/o Wish Want Wear | Primark ring

When I wear this berry-coloured pencil skirt as a blonde, it looks lacklustre. The colour doesn’t pop, it washes me out and the overall affect is drab and dull. As a brunette (albeit, a very light one!) the skirt works much better, and the colour complements my skin more than it does when I have lighter hair.

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It’s always useful to know which colours suit your hair and skin tone before you start brandishing your credit card in the neon section of H&M. There are some colours I very rarely wear, regardless of hair colour, because I know they don’t work for me – red (although lipstick is allowed!) and dark navy do nothing for my particular brand of white girl pale. Other colours I can buy without a second thought – mustard yellow, bright orange and pale blue are favourites.

Discovering your colour chart and knowing when to wear it is an easy task. Open your wardrobe, grab items of clothing in a rainbow range of colours and stand in front of a mirror. Hold each item up to your face and look at the effect – if your skin immediately brightens and your eyes pop, it’s a good ‘un. If the colour highlights under-eye circles or makes you look sallow, avoid it. Repeat this process when you change your hair colour to see if anything’s different, and soon you’ll have your colour chart down to a fine art.

Do you know the colours that suit you, and the ones that don’t? Do these colours change with your hair/makeup/skin tone?



I suit all of the boring tones.. blacks, browns, dark purples, greys, creams, navy etc etc. What I’d give to be the kind of girl that can pull off red!

Emily Alice

I don’t think I suit browns, reds, greens, oranges, yellows or blues. I don’t know if it’s based on any scientific reasons or just how I feel about those colours! Basically I wear black, navy, cream and pink all the time!
The Life of Emily-Alice

Kellina's Thoughts

Love the colours in this outfit! And these colours definetly suit you!
Totally agree that one has to be careful what colours to wear! I personally cannot wear ant brown tones!

Caramel Latte Kiss

I’m always told that red suits me, I think because of having dark hair.
Otherwise I steer clear of anything too bright; I’m pale and it just rinses what little colour there is in my skin right out.


Love the skirt, it really suits you especially paired with those amazing shoes! I’m really pale and dye my hair either a copper colour or a bright red so tend to avoid all shades of pink when it comes to clothes. I try to be brave though and do sometimes enjoy the way clashing colours can look. X


I have never even thought about whether colours suit me or not! I’m about to have lighter hair for the first time in my life so I’ll definitely have to start taking it into consideration x


I had my colours done by a professional (Denise at First Impressions in Skipton) and it changed my life. Shopping takes half the time as I know what colours to avoid and I never have a day when I don’t put an outfit together with colours that suit me. I would recommend it.

Peacock's Hat

I like cool colours, lots of purples, black, navy, pink, grey… and the odd bit of red as well. Always quite blue-reds though, nothing too orange. I am very pale but enjoy it, so wear lots of bright colours!
I’m quite open to wearing anything really though, but I must say, I HATE brown. But it suits a lot of people much more than black so it is useful for some! Ooh, and I hate beige. It makes me look like death.


I loooove the new colour! I definitely don’t think blonde suits you, I’ve got too much of a pinky red skin tone & blush far too much! I’ll be sticking to browns from now on! xo.

Elle Falconer

I love jewel tones with my skin colour, but I live in neutrals. I definitely believe that the colour of your hair/skin tone definitely changes what colours you traditionally thought suited you. Take tanning, without a tan white never looks as amazing as it does when you have a little bit of a golden glow, right? I’m still trying to figure out what will work with my body shape and skin tone, and I’ve been a little more adventurous lately (thanks in small part to you)

Katy Scarlett

I find that I can pretty much pull off any colour, not in a smug way but I’ve been every colour of the hair chart (perks of being a hairdresser) and I never really have to change my wardrobe, I may have to brush on a bit more blusher but that’s about it. Really loving that pencil skirt too! X


I have been pretty much every colour I think! I think blonde suits me best though- it’s the closest I think my natural colour is and goes with all of my clothes 😉 I always want to go postbox red though!


I don’t think I suit any other hair colour except for brown. I had it dyed black once but it made me look washed out and I think my skin tone is too dark (and my eyebrows too thick!) to get away with blonde. I like my hair colour though as I have quite a developed wardrobe and make up collection that complements it so I wouldn’t like to have to change it as I change my hair.


Great post, and love the skirt and necklace.
I’ve found through trial and error that I look extremely washed out in anything fawn coloured or sand. And bright colours only suit with a tan. When I was Red I definitely wore more Black to balance it out, and when I was Blonde it was deeper colours to avoid looking cheap.


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