A Bank Holiday Bargain

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The Bank Holiday Monday car boot in Swillington, Leeds is one of my favourites, so at 7am I jumped (crawled) out of bed, slipped on my wellies and made my way over to the muddy fields. Halfway round, with nothing in my canvas bag and a purse full of pounds, I began to write the morning off and was already dreaming of my bacon sandwich back home. And then, in the corner of my eye, I spotted something…

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The bearded man on the stall said £20, I haggled him down to £15, handed over my money and lugged this beauty back to the car. Thanks to advice from Fashionista Barbie, I used the serial number to look up the year this model was made – 1896! A real piece of history.

She’s missing her box and the wooden handle that turns the wheel, but she still looks the part. I’m not much of a seamstress (although she does work perfectly!), so for now she’ll sit on my desk. Definitely one of my best boot sale buys!

Did you pick up any bargains this weekend?



Those Singers are so lovely to look at that it doesn’t matter if they work or not. I’ve inherited two, I hate using them but they do make brilliant doorstops! x


Wow amazing. I’m so jealous! I really do love a good car boot and have only just started going to them down here in London.

I may start doing more of it. I rek it could be a great blog series.

Congrats on your purchase 🙂

Sarah Betty xx


I’ve always dreamed of owning a classic Singer sewing machine, this one is a beauty, such a great find. I know you will look after it Jen xxx


I can remember my gran having one of these when I was really little, and my mum buying her an electric replacement. It makes me sad to think it was probably just chucked out.


Such a great find. I have long admired the old Singer machines, mostly for their decorative quality. so far have resisted buying the ones I have seen – this may have persuaded me otherwise!


Gorgeous gorgeous piece and so nice to know you’re inheriting something that has really done the rounds and been valuable to so many people (in the same way I know people get creeped out by the amount of people who handle their money before them but I actually find it pretty epic).


i got a vintage leather satchel today for only £3 at our local car boot!! gunna post about it later! my dad was selling our old singer sewing machine and I told him to keep it cause its such a piece of history!

good find!


PolkaDot Lighthouse

What a great find. It’s such a nice sewing machine and I can’t believe it’s still in working order…you’ll need to use it! The Burda website has some good tips for sewing. 🙂


it makes me happy to look at that, I want one so bad! I saw one at the market on Sunday and i loved it but i didn’t have 20 quid with me annoyingly… Love it!


That is absolutely beautiful!! What a find! Love Singer sewing machines, but somehow doubt my white one will hold the same appeal (or will still be alive) in 100 years time. I went to a massive store clearout at the weekend and bought loads of 1950s candy coloured crockery. I liked it so much that I nipped along again this morning and bought more!


I love Singers! My grandma gave me hers but it’s so heavy, and it was broken. This makes me rather sad.

Pip x

Miss Raj

Oooh I love this. I also love buying things for their history/dramatic effect rather than for their actual purpose lol. I have a very old guitar sitting in my bedroom – just because it looks so beautiful! Cannot play any guitar whatsoever though lol :0 very thrifty indeed though, hope you can use it sometime 🙂 xx


Wow! It’s beautiful 🙂 I see why All Saints have so many in their display (the window displays are covered in shelves with loads of Singers etc)
~Hannah xx


ohhh gorgeous! we have one that was passed down from my grandmother – her husband motorised it at some point! they’re so much more beautiful than the white lumps we have nowadays!

Annah xx



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