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When it comes to tights, I’m a real magpie. I love them bright, bright and more bright. A jewel colour, smooth finish and high denier equals a hosiery triumph in my book. So when We Love Colors asked if I’d like to review some of their tights, I knew I was in for a treat. They love colours – what more could I ask for?

I chose Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Solid Color Tights in Amethyst and Solid Color Nylon Socks in Maroon

We Love Colors are based in the US (hence the missing ‘u’!) and sell a HUGE range of tights, leggings and socks in all the colours of the rainbow. They also offer a fantastic plus size range.

It took me an absolute age to choose my two pieces – they really do love colours, and there are so many to choose from! I finally settled on a pair of Solid Color Tights in Amethyst and some Solid Color Socks in Maroon, and I’m delighted with them both. The tights are silky smooth and the colour is so intense – I had so many comments when I wore them for work. The socks are equally soft and are the perfect length for scrunching down around the ankles.


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Wearing: Red or Dead mac, Warehouse dress via charity shop, Primark long sleeved tee, brogues and ring, Matalan bag, Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Solid Color Tights and Solid Color Nylon Socks
On: Wednesday 15th December
For: Visiting the In Laws

I love the colours together, and the simple browns of the mac (which deserves a whole post of its own), brogues and bag ensure the bright colours don’t look overpowering.

I love the range from We Love Colors and really want to purchase more pairs – they do ship to the UK (although the customs charges are a bit off-putting, I must admit) and at around £8 a pair the prices are reasonable too. The quality is definitely worth paying that little bit extra, and the choice of colours is just fantastic. Now I just need to choose!

What do you think of We Love Colors? Do you have a favourite shade, or do you prefer classic colours like black?

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The colours are fabulous, and the quality sounds spot on too.
I need to hear more about this Red or Dead mac, it’s so lovely x

Em x

Gorgeous colour tights, i love them with the navy dress too.
I do love a bit of colour on my legs, i have so many tights to wear now i can fit back into them comfortabley! x


Oo, yes. Emilio Cavallini tights at John Lewis are really good. And I am passionate about over-the-knee socks at the mo. Purple and black stripes today. Bamboo too. More eco-friendly.


Have you dyed your hair?! Am I really ignorant for not noticing… I knew you were gonna do it at home but I wasnt sure if youd done it yet 🙂 s’lovely! And those tights are SO bright! I normally just stay safe with black or grey… but this makes me want proper coloured ones now 🙂 xx


Love we are colour tights! so jealous they sent them to you!! 🙂 x
can u enter me in the giveaway below my dear i cant seem to leave a comment!? think its my laptop playing up!

Penny Dreadful

Wow, they really are nice and bright! I love colours too, but think I might have to stick to UK tights. Hate being slugged with horrid customs, it always makes me so sad.


I cna’t believe you got your dress at a charity shop – it’s still in the shops!! What a magpie you are for a great bargin! LOVE the colour of the tights works fabulously with the dress and coat B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L!!! Nicola x


What a gorgeous colour, perfect for this horrible weather.
Love this with the socks, and are the brogues unlaced? great idea if so. Love that matalan bag!!


Half Dressed

I do love their tights, and I’ve seen so many great reviews. The only thing that puts me off buying is the customs charges. You picked a great colours, the outfit looks awesome

L x


I know I love colours too!! We Love Colours do fantastic colourful tights. I’m sure colourful tights are the best way to brighten dreary winter days.


Wow, they’re such a gorgeous colour. I’ve heard so many good things about them. I must invest in a pair even though I’ve always been wary of coloured tights.

Georgie Lowen

I have been meaning to try a pair of them, although I am a bit scared of bright coloured tights to be perfectly honest. But, I have had a nice deep amethyst green tights before as well as burgundy ones from John Lewis and they looked ace with pretty much anything I wore, but they were quite expensive to keep replacing (about £7 a pair). I would think that that is a good price for tights if they lasted aaaaaaaages! But, I always tend to put a nail through my tights!
(This is a looooong comment hahaha!)


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Thanks so much for sharing. I love tights and wear them everyday due to my trouser phobia. I’m always thinking “I want a pair of … coloured tights” so this website is perfect for me! x


Oh they are gorgeous, such an amazingly vivid colour. I’m always a bit wary of buying stuff like that from America though as customs charges can be so variable and I hate ending up paying a fortune for stuff.

I’ll stick with my DP tights. Not too expensive, lovely colours and really good quality.


If there is one thing I love too it’s a good pair of colourful tights and the pair you chose are simply stunning. I especially love them with the socks, such a great colour combo and the blue of the dress make this whole outfit a palette I simply adore!!! A shame they are USA based though =(


claire (jazzpad.)

Really love the sound of this brand. Coloured tights are such an easy way to spark up an outfit, especially in these dreary winter days! My favourites are actually the kneehigh socks though, and then I can wear them alone or over the top of tights for extra warmth! 🙂 jazzy ♥… if you haven’t already, get your skates on with my Vintage Tapestry Bag giveaway! 🙂


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