Monochrome – Both Sartorial and Feline

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I love monochrome – the simple pairing of black and white never fails to look chic. Whenever I’m having a fat day/bad hair day/general freak out at the contents of my wardrobe, I pick out something black and wear it with something white.

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High waisted cords c/o Next, Primark striped tee, pumps c/o Bertie, necklace c/o Me & Zena, Cambridge Satchel

A casual Saturday called for this easy outfit, but I must admit, I was coordinating with someone else…


Meet Travis C Barker. I’ve always been a dog person but this little guy has totally won me over.


Farrah Abigaelle

Do you know that sims game on Facebook? My sims wears the same exact outfit you’re wearing except for the shoes. I find that really funny (in a good way), any way I really like your blog and your style.


omg your kitten is so cute! I need a baby animal to hug stat!

Love the black and white pairing – especially with the pop of colour from the shoes and the bag – perfection!


Travis is so cute. Put him in your satchel and bring him on Saturday please! 🙂
Black & white is great for a stylish but easy outfit, so simple. And that necklace is gorgeous!



Wahhhh that bag is to die for! Love how you’ve matched the colour of your pumps with the necklace 🙂
L x


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