Am I Too Old For Pink Hair?

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If you’re a fan of my Instagram selfies (and let’s face it, who isn’t), you might’ve noticed a change in my hair colour. Just before I went to Lisbon, I had an appointment to get my roots done (the platinum blonde upkeep struggle is real) and decided to go for something a bit different. Pink!

pink hair dye at home

I’ve never had a ‘weird’ hair colour before. Chopping and changing the length doesn’t bother me at all and I’ve had every style from a pixie crop to boob-sweeping length. But it’s always been blonde or brown (and a dalliance with red for all of 2 minutes). There’s something inherently ~rebellious~ about dyeing your hair an unusual colour, and at the age of (almost) 30, I was ready to give it a go.

am i too old for pink hair

My hairdressers Rob and Amelia (at Russell Eaton in Leeds, they’re the best) topped up my bleach as normal but instead of the usual toner, they applied a mix of salmon and rose shades to create the look. I didn’t want to go bright, in-your-face candy pink so the resulting subtle colour was absolutely perfect. 

Of course, it almost disappeared after the first wash – apparently pink is just as fickle as red when it comes to longevity. Luckily some Twitter babes told me about BLEACH’s Rose Shampoo and Conditioner which I’ve been using every other wash to maintain the shade. It works like a dream!

When I was thinking about dyeing my hair pink, I did pause for a second to consider my impending 30-year-old status. Only for a second, though. Have a watch of the video above to hear my rambling thoughts on this subject, which include the lines “I’m here to tell you” (cringe) and “it’s something we put on ourselves” complete with impassioned hand gesturing. You are welcome.   

Here’s to never growing up!

how to dye hair pink



LOVE IT! Noticed it over on Instagram, but couldn’t work out if it was the filter or actual change in colour. I loved having pink tips to my hair, I think it was my version of a superhero look! I’m thinking now I’m 30 I need another change, maybe a big chop!


Thanks Emma! I played around with the intensity a bit, building it up using the the shampoo then letting it fade a little. It’s so fun!

You have gorgeous hair but you’d look *so great* with a bob too! Go for it! x

Rosalind O'Dowd

Hi Jen,

I’ve been enjoying your blogs for quite some time, and it’s lovely to get to know you a bit better with your videos.

I was very busy when I turned 30 in a marketing job which I didn’t particularly like. I didn’t have the space in my head to consider it quite as deeply as you are.

However, when I was in my early 30s I realised that working in marketing that was not really my life’s dream. So I gave myself one more chance to audition for music college with the intention of becoming a professional classical soprano at the end of it.

Being in my 30s and having had experience of another walk of life made my experience at college both easier and harder at the same time. I felt everything was riding on it and the stakes were higher than somebody going to study in their early 20s.

However, fast forward a few years and I am now a professional soprano, and although you will never see me on the telly or anything, I am working in Opera most of the time as well as teaching singing to some lovely people.

I’m very proud of telling people my story; of having had the guts to change the course of my life and to swerve feeling unfulfilled for the rest of it.

I’m often hanging out with people who are much younger than me through my new career, and I find that the most ageing thing is to talk about your age!

People don’t seem to notice how old I am unless I bring it up!

What I enjoy about being in my 30s is that increased level of self confidence that many people speak of. If it carries on at this rate, I’ll be ruling the world soon !

I’m looking to you to keep me up-to-date with fashion and make up. At the same time as feeling more confident, it is easier to get set in your ways as you’ve been around for a while. I’ve been very disappointed with this season’s new ranges in the clothes shops so far – what do you think? I’m not a big fan of the 1970s vibe, I’m more of a 50s girl!

What are you planning for your 30th birthday party? Do you keep us posted!

Best wishes,


Hi Rosalind,

Thank you so much for your amazing comment. What a brilliant, brilliant story! I’m so happy to hear you followed your dreams and achieved so much. I feel super inspired!

I’m definitely more of a 50s girl too – you can’t beat a circle skirt and a cropped jumper! Although I do love over-the-knee boots and suede skirts. A little bit of both, maybe?

I’m going to Edinburgh for my 30th so that’ll be nice, then I’m having some kind of ‘gathering’ in Leeds in the New Year (my birthday is 30th December – the worst). It’s not all planned out yet but sure it’ll come together!

Jen x


Love that you jumped the gun and went for the pink hair (and the nose ring)…I understand where you’re coming from in the video — sometimes I really do feel like I passed the prime moment to do certain things, even though there really are no true barriers. So might as well go for it when we have the chance!


Thank you! I definitely think it’s an internal thing… pretty sure no one is bothered at all if I have pink hair or blue hair or plain blonde hair! So you’re totally right – might as well go for it! x


I love the pink hair! I had a brief pink phase a couple of years ago when I had some time off between jobs and I loved it – unfortunately I work in an environment where more than one ear piercing is seen as rebellious so I’m very envious! x


Ah, I can imagine it’s much more difficult when dealing with a dress code… maybe a secret tattoo is the answer? 😉 x


I’ve been thinking about blue hair for such a long time now and keep putting it off because I feel unsure (27 is round the corner for me). I’m definitely going to get it done now! x


Never too old I think for anything. All about how to do it, if the end result is fab then it doesn’t matter what age you are. I am going to give this a go “however” over Christmas I am don’t know how my work would approve so giving it a try whilst at home first


Hair looks fab! Really suits you.
Totally agree that (being over 30 myself) I find myself questioning choices I make in clothes, lipsticks, hair colours/chops etc.. I sometimes think I get lead on reading blogs of ‘younger people’ and do forget how ‘old’ I am. But some stuff I just do. 🙂
Because I look young, also, I think I get away with some thnigs! :p


Charley Wicks

You rock pink hair Jen! And you’re right, feeling ‘to old’ is something we put on ourselves maybe because we think there’s a time in life we should just settle.

I went for full on, bright, Frenchie-style pink hair four years ago and never looked back. I’m approaching 30 now and people have asked me if I’ll still be pink into my 40s. Honestly, the thing that’ll change me back to my natural colour is the upkeep of pink. Like you say in the post, it’s fickle!


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