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Topshop is often heralded as high fashion on the high street. It has a knack for taking catwalk trends and selling them to the masses and is loved by celebs, editors and bloggers alike. But if you’re not into the high fashion thing, you don’t want to spend £45 on a pair of leggings or you’re over the age of 23, Topshop can be a very scary place…

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Topshop skirt, shirt and cardigan, Arla flats c/o Sarenza, silver collar tips via eBay

When I walk into Topshop, my eyes are assaulted by the array of skull print leggings, floral bralets and dip dye hotpants. At 26 I feel old, my DDs aren’t going anywhere near those bralets and their size 12 jeans don’t fit me which is why I often flee for Zara, a safe haven of gentle pastels and appropriately-sized jeans.

But I think Topshop gets a bad rap. It’s not just a purveyor of the hipster’s uniform – if you root around a bit, there are some lovely pieces to be found. Like… well, this entire outfit. The denim shirt you’ve seen before but the grey jersey skirt and gloriously soft cardigan are recent purchases. All three pieces are simple, well-made and easy to wear – there’s no weird embellishment, no religious imagery, no cutaway panels. They’re basics, but with those Topshop touches that make them feel fresh and modern – cute pockets, draping, a tailored fit.

Without that telltale Topshop styling, these items mix well with my wardrobe and I’ve been wearing the skirt non-stop since I bought it last week. So Topshop is back on my shopping list – I’ll just leave the more directional stuff to my younger, more cutting edge counterparts!



agreed! although i am unfortunately the other end of the age spectrum. i go and (at the age of 14) and am thinking that i am a bit too young, or just simply not daring enoguth to compete with older girls whom have the bravery to become more experimental with fashion. although you just have to delve in a reach for the good items, like shoes or basics. x


I do love Topshop, but I agree you have to invest a bit of time (and money) in finding some decent items. I think Topshop actually caters for a lot of tastes, and if you have a strong sense of style then you can easily come away with some lovely clothes without looking like you had a fight with one of the mannequins and left wearing whatever stuck to you.

Please may I?

My daughter works there and I often get the hand me downs from her. Some are pieces are fab. I do feel far too old to shop in Topshop mind.

X x


I don’t actually shop in Topshop anymore but I do browse in there from time to time and like the majority of things in there. However, I’ve found (in particular from the basics range) that items aren’t very well put together – I have quite a few tops that have developed holes in after only a few wears. Same for Topman, where my boyfriend buys most of his t-shirts.

Laila x


I like the things I see in Topshop, but the last thing I looked for there was a pair of jeans in a size ten. In the store I went to across all the styles of jeans a size 10 was the largest size they had! Although not having any sizes larger than a 10 is ridiculous it didn’t make me feel very good about myself, and kind of put me off shopping there again!


Topshop is one of my favourite shops as it has given so much life to our British high street! I absolutely love your blog and need those collar tips pronto 🙂

ReeRee Rockette

I rarely go to Topshop, and every time I do I’m reminded why! How can a shop so big all be so samey?! I also find 80% overpriced.
It wasn’t cool when I was younger, and now that it is, I’m too old 😉


I have to admit to being a bit of a topshop addict – despite not liking 80% of their stuff! I always browse online first, so I know if they will have anything I like in, and you can check the stock of your favourite items in your local shop too!

I would definitely buy your outfit from Topshop!


i know a girl who wears top to toe topshop all the time.. and it really upsets me because 1. she has loads of money and could shop anywere but chooses to shop here 2. she never buys the beautiful stuff that topshop do sell but seems to be drawn to the naffest things that they stock and 3 . she actually thinks shes the bees knees in it all and that the rest of us are simpletons .. grrrr..gets my goat that does!!!

nice cardi by the way it looks very cosy!



I spent an hour in Topshop today, tried on a million items, and left with a necklace! There’s a lot of stuff I find myself putting back after spotting the price tag & thinking the quality is just not worth it! x


I find topshop a little hit and miss. Sometimes they have amazing pieces but other nothing in there suits me at all! xx


At 24 I’ve stopped shopping in Topshop as it makes me feel ancient. My body isn’t fit for sequinned hotpants nor am I “rock chick” enough to pull of studs/chunky jewellery and the likes. I did like this post though because I do like this outfit. And you’ve restored my faith in what used to be one of my favourite stores.



I love topshop but your right my dds aren’t getting in though stretchy bralets – the size 16 doesn’t come close hahaha

Dearne Sutherland

Love the skirt – I was going to buy the dress version! I recently bought a Topshop denim shirt and have been living in it. I think their Autumn/Winter collections are stronger than their Spring/Summer. They always seem to lose the plot in a sea of fluro…

chloe verde

i love topshop, i use them for tops, accessories, cardigans etc, basically anything that doesnt go near my post-teen legs. if i lost a few stone i’d definitely shop in there more!

but its definitely something you have to mix with other pieces, there is always the danger of looking like a mannequin.


Oh my, Topshop makes me well mardy sometimes. But at the same time, every now & then I find a prize gem in there & it’s usually something that lasts me years until I’ve loved it to death.


I love Toppers. Always have, always will and at 25 years of age I don’t feel at all old when I walk in their. Granted I buy some silly pieces like anything with an animal print on, clear plastic rain jumpers and studded slippers but that’s what I love about it. It isn’t just full of plain “I can buy that any wear’ clothing. It’s getting a bit over priced these days I feel but I still think you can find some gems. I have that skirts and that denim jacket and both were excellent purchases that I continue to wear again and again

Lucy Nation

I’m 31 and feel like someone’s mother when I go in Topshop now. That’s why I never do. I look online occasionally though and have found a few things. The last thing I bought was the blue boat jumper that you have 🙂


Some of the leggings have the same pattern as ones I wore as a 90s child. I sometimes feel excluded by Topshop and I’m only a size 10-12. I feel like they make everything with a size 6-8 in mind and it’s just not right for anyone over that size in style and fit. Saying that, some of my favourite things come from there.


Man… I wish my butt was a short shorts butt or I was under 23 again, but alas…

I also agree that you can find some really nice pieces that would suit any age. Their skirts can be a bit on the short side, but not always as you have demonstrated here. I got a really pretty floral dress from them last year that is so versatile that I can wear it anywhere from work to drinks.

Saying all of that, they clearly have a target audience and one that loves them very much, because they are very good at catering to them! I think I would still go there even if it wasn’t my style as it isn’t just a store but a concept and an experience.

Gemma Satire

I absolutely agree! Lately I’ve not being feeling the Topshop love at all. You walk in and everything is just “grunge” or really really over the top dressed up dresses and you just think omg…FML. And I have DD’s too and it just makes me sick looking at all the little cute crop tops and bralets because it’s like you’re too fat to wear them but it’s like noo…you are a GIRL who’s hit puberty with actual boobs not a 12 year old child! I went in the other day to try on some pretty simple shorts and I swear their sizes are getting smaller and smaller. I tried on a size 10 and it was like trying on a child’s P.E kit or something. Wanted to kill myself in the changing rooms there and then!

But still, like everyone else I still can’t help but shop in there despite the fact I’m a maturing young woman and not a rebellious glamorous grungy girl in an illusionary rock band.

Gemma x

Peacock's Hat

I do love Topshop, some of my favourite items are from there but I do completely agree with you. I have to root around to fit things I like, since I am not stick thin and don’t want to have my arse-cheeks on show in tiny hotpants. I also find their sizing completely irratic.


ooh that cardigan looks lovely!

i have a bit of a love-hate relationship with topshop, i just find it so expensive and unjustifiably so! definitely does make me want to put down the chocolates and hit the gym though… don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good thing. hmm xx


It’s good to know its not just me who feels this way! I always feel a bit to uncool for Topshop and not ‘out-there’ enough fashion wise.
I also never get why Topshop sell sweets near the counter when their sizing seems on the small side to me as well lol


The only thing I buy in Topshop is the jewellery in the sale. Not that I don’t like the clothes, I just find they are made for smurfs and it’s so expensive. I am adamant I can find virtually the same thing cheaper elsewhere. Hannah x


Hi all,

I work as a stylist for Topshop and reading through all your comments has been a massive interest!!

It’s great to see that on the whole most of you love Toppers, but also extremely interesting to see what the negative points are that you all raise! Will def be forwarding on these comments to Head Office as its always good to react to a good cross section of feedback from our valued customers.

Thanks again for the comments! x


i LOVE the buttoned up denim shirt! I really like your hair at the moment- so chic and pretty



I love Topshop for their nautical stuff, and their skirts. I’m not willing to pay their non-sale prices for most stuff, but I get so much wear out of knee-length skirts because I wear them both for work and casually. I just bought their Sailor Skirt for £28 (actually minus 10% student discount, get in), which I think is more than reasonable.

When I went to NYC their Topshop was even pricier than ours!


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