How To Wear Leggings As Trousers

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Well, that’s a blog title I never thought I’d write…

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Zara leggings, Uniqlo jumper, H&M blouse, Jonak brogues c/o Sarenza, F21 necklace, Topshop ring

Leggings as trousers – a topic of hot debate (ahem) among fashion fans. Some believe anything higher than 120 denier provides suitable coverage to be worn alone (although their visible underwear begs to differ) while the thought of such flimsy fashion leaves others cold (literally).

A few weeks before Christmas, I spotted these subtly sparkly leggings in Zara and was immediately smitten. They’re a heavy, stretchy cotton mix with a seam down the front and zips at the ankles, making them a beautiful fit and flattering to boot. The glittery sheen may be a little New Year’s Eve for the 3rd of January, but a cosy jumper and simple shirt takes the edge off the sparkle while 90s brogues give the outfit that ‘My So Called Life’ look.

So while I’m generally against major fashion crimes, I’ll make an exception for leggings as trousers… as long as the following guidelines are adhered to!

1. Wear a longline top – no one needs to know you wear your ‘Wednesday’ pants on Fridays
2. Choose leggings in a thicker material – not only will you feel more ‘covered’ but they’ll suck you in, too
3. Stick to simple colours – neon leopard print won’t flatter anyone’s thighs
4. Pay a little extra – invest your pennies for a quality cotton mix, stronger stitching and added details. Zara and Topshop have some great styles around the £20 mark

What do you think – would you wear leggings as trousers?



I completely agree with your guidelines. I somehow can’t bring myself to wear leggings with a short top! x


Recently I’ve gone a bit crazy for leggings, and I’m definitely guilty of wearing leggings as trousers. I don’t really see a problem with it as long as you’re not showing off your underwear! I always buy super thick leggings anyway and tend to wear with either a longer top or a long cardigan. x


I agree, leggings as trousers are fine as long as its the right type of leggings. It makes me cringe when I see a girl wearing a thinning pair of leggings with her pants clearly visible. x


I’m guilty of wearing them as pants sometimes too…but I’d never dare wear them with a crop top or something, I always like my bum to be suitably covered xx


As you well know, I ALWAYS wear leggings as trousers but I do try to ensure they’re heavy duty ones – my favourite pair are a very thick, seamed pair from Zara so am very much in agreement with you there.


I bet if you bend over your pants will be visible (sorry to be crude!). And that is why leggings are not, and never will be, trousers.


I always used to back in the eighties when I was young *sigh* always with a long top and usually with boots – I feel i’m a little too long inthe tooth for them now tough

Kia @ A View From Here

I used to practically live in leggings – and they didn’t used to be semi-see-through. Leggings I remember were similar in fabric to yoga pants or do you remember “ski-pants” – basically longer length leggings with elastic stirrups at the bottom?
My leggings were usually accompanied by a long (probably band type)t-shirt and rarely with a denim mini or denim shorts (sorry – guess ya can tell I’m a child of the 80s).


I wear leggings in almost anything as they are the ones that can be pulled easily out the wardrobe, can be washed and dries up quickly. Love this post. Thanks for the tips…

northwest is best

Leggings as trousers are a no for me, just because my legs feel too cold! But if other people want to wear them that’s fine by me… as long as there’s adequate bum coverage.

Crafty Nell

There is nothing worse than leggings with an above crotch length top! I don’t think I’ll ever be a real fan of leggings, but they do serve a purpose, and I certainly appreciate them in the spring/summer when I’m not quite ready to get my pins out!

Penny x


I absolutely hate wearing trousers, I find them really restrictive. So thick leggings and long tops all the way for me!


I would definitely add a rule: “Make sure that your figure allows you to wear leggings as trousers”…Anyway, my personal opinion is that no grown women should wear them as trousers, but again that is a personal opinion and anyone who feels comfortable to wear them as “stand alone” bottoms should do so, if possible avoiding to flash me their underwear 🙂


You look fab, very good post though I don’t personally wear them as trousers but team them with dresses that could be classed as too short 🙂 !


I would only ever dare wear them as trousers in the house. It’s a tough one, I think it really does depend on the individual and occasion! xxx


Completely agree with number 4, there’s nothing worse than getting a full on view of someones brightly coloured undercrackers as they’ve chosen to wear £4 Primark leggings as trousers.



Definitely agree with all your musts. Theres nothing worse than someone bending over in thin leggings and you can practically see what they’ve had for breakfast! Your leggings are particularly smart I must say 🙂 you look lovely. xx


completely agree with the rules! I think that its all about getting the right pair of leggings with a top just the right length, and then its satorial gold. I’m superglued to leggings, I just cannot get enough of oversized jumper and leggings….staples in my wardrobe!!


There are very few types of leggings that can ‘pass’ as trousers.. the ones your wearing are fab and thick.. my friend used to wear primark £1.99 leggings with a short top.. She looked like an absolute twat to put it nicely haha! (Don’t worry I told her that she is making a massive crime against fashion (and my eyes) and that she should simply either wear a longer top or invest in some jeans or something lol!)

But yea, your rules are spot on!

The Deer Head



I totally agree with the ‘rules’. I can never wear a short top for fear of the dreaded camel toe.

Chloe Likes To Talk

I have just stepped into the realm of leggings as trousers having purchased a decent quality pair of Topshop leggings. Definitely agree with your rules, they’re the ones I stick too, because the thought of being over exposed is just mortifying. Longline tops, layers and contrasting textures are how I’ve been working with them.

Ms Wanda

Ohhh, controversial but you rock the look. I can confess to wearing leggins as trousers but I usually wear them under a long belted jumper or top and with a pair of knee high boots. It works…I think. Arghh! Fashion insecurity!!


i havent been around in blogosphere for a while and what i notice…

your hair is long now! well, longER. looks very nice jen

xo katrina


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