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Zara dress and cardigan, vintage faux fur coat, Topshop tights, Primark brogues, belt and bunny ring

Magpie Girl is one of my favourite blogs – I think I’m slightly obsessed with the lovely Vicki’s luscious red hair and her bright green glasses. A girl after my own heart! When I saw this post I knew Vicki’s outfit would feature in the As Inspired By… series.

I’m sure fully-fledged Fashionistas will wag their fingers (painted in this season’s mushroom, natch) at me for admitting this, but I don’t have a separate winter wardrobe. All my clothes are in constant rotation – when the temperature drops, I add layers, scarves and socks. I swap sandals for boots, of course, but never physically pack things away. Just like Vicki, those sundresses I wore with bare skin and painted toenails are reinvented with tights and chunky knits for the colder weather.

This Zara dress has been a year-round staple of mine for a long time. Adding thick tights and faux fur makes it seasonally appropriate and toasty warm, too. The bunny is a near-constant companion of mine these days – he’s just so cute.

Who’s inspiring you today?



I don’t have a separate winter wardrobe either! I just chuck on tights and a cardigan with all my summery clothes! You look gorge, as per! x


Absolutely agree about having a rotating wardrobe, I saw this post of Vicki’s and was equally as inspired to layer up some of my summer dresses! I think a summer dress can work so well as a winter dress too. This way you get two looks out of one dress. Perfect! x

Vintage Vixen

Gorgeous, Jen! Love the snuggly coat and new new hair.
I hate winter, I never wear jumpers and can’t abide being all bundled up so it’s maxi dresses with leggings underneath for me. xxx


Oh I love vicki… she is just so effortlessly gogrous. The kind of girl who could throw a binbag on and make it look good!

I love this Jen, really suits you. x

El :)

OMG why have I never seen that girl Vicki’s blog before?? Her hair is so like mine… and her clothes are just wow!! I could learn a thing or two from her.

Love this outfit Jen, the shape of the dress suits you so well. I want it!!



I am LOVING the quiff! A-Ma-ZING darling!!! Although I have a “swap” of sorts its more a re-shuffle. Items stay with me all year round but truly summery/wintery items do get packed away – but not many.


I love your As Inspired By…posts, I love seeing you recreate these looks with your own twist! And you’re definitely not the only one without a summer/winter wardrobe, I keep wearing my dresses over thick tights and under big warm cardigans, it’s the only way to go!x

Pearl Westwood

I havent seen her blog but will be sure to check it out. I have a wardrobe for every season not just summer and winter LOL, I dont really wear the kind of things that work layered up (that is my excuse and Im sticking to it)! Such a cute ring my friend just got a flying pig from ASOS which is really cute too!


I love your hair like that,

and I don’t really have a seperate winter wardrobe either, I just layer things up!

Love your ring. Want.


Lovely outfit Jen, that coat looks soooo warm! I’ve picked up that bunny ring and put it down again so many times , I have no idea why I don’t just buy it! oh and cute hair too!
I’ve never read Magpie girl but I am doing so right now!

Kyrie x


hey jen thanks so much for featuring me in your inspired by post! im so totally honored!!! made my day 🙂 ps love your hair like that!! fabulous!! xo


p.s. how is this outfit different to anything you wear on any other day of the week?! (clue-its not different at all)


Hi Anon,

This outfit isn’t supposed to be radically different – it’s quite clear that mine and Vicki’s style is pretty similar. I really liked her fur and florals combination so I used it to form the basis of my look. My As Inspired By… posts aren’t copycats – I take inspiration from other bloggers and use it to create outfits that fit with my own personal style.

Hope that explains things a bit. Shame you don’t like my hair!


The hair looks amazing Jen! Love it worn that way!

I want Vicki’s hair and glasses and wardrobe too! Love her outfits.

I don’t think any of us would scorn you for not having a separate winter wardrobe though. What’s the point only wearing things for a few months of the year? I’ve moved a couple of my v. summery frocks out of the wardrobe because even with layers, they won’t be warm enough, but most of the rest of it is still getting worn.

The Merry Traveller

I don’t think i have a fixed inspiration icon for now. I seem to be in a drifting state whereby anybody and everybody can inspire me! I’ll think A looks so good in this and the moment i wander into the next blog, I find B looks wonderful and the list continues so I’ll say I am inspired by the universe and the constant flow of blog posts fueled by human energy around me.


I love your dress. It’s really pretty. And your ring is incredible!!

I don’t have a separate winter wardrobe either. I like have clothes in constant rotation.


Great idea!

I have many things that I wear all year round but some things are seasonal. It makes sense to make the most of the clothes you have in your wardrobe rather than buy a wardrobe for each season… (says the girl that can’t stop buying jumpers and boots!)


You two are definitely the Queens of Mixing! I’m with you… The English winter always leave a little space for some spring/summer clothes – so why pack everything away?


I love how you girls still wear sundresses during winter! Very inspiring and I love that cute ring, bunnies are irresistible:)



I totally do that too, I love my dresses and wouldn’t want to send them somewhere dark all winter! Plus I am always too hot, I’m that girl that everyone in the office tells off for making them feel cold by having bare shoulders year-round!

vint junky

Great interpretation Jen. Love Vicki’s whimsical style too….and i love you your hair like that
*sticks tongue out at rotten anons*



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