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The second September hits I’m in tights. After abstaining all summer I’ve really missed my black opaques, so I wore them today, despite the glorious sunshine.

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Photobucket Boutique by Jaeger tee and skirt c/o John Lewis, boots c/o Sarenza, ASOS necklace, H&M ring

I feel a little bit like a librarian in this get up, which is obviously a very good thing. The skirt is the sartorial epitome of autumn dressing – thick cord fabric, rich rust colour, cute detailing and looks good with boots. I can’t wait to wear it with wool tights in a berry shade and a chunky knit.

What did you wear today?



I’ve barely been out of tights! Those colours are fab together and very autumnal.

Today I wore my favourite River Island dress – black with a high Victoriana collar and polka dot print – with black opaques, a tan belt and tan brogues, plus a huge cameo necklace with a wolf on it.


your hair looks great…
really think that autumn shades suit you a lot. i’m pregnant atm so tights are a bit uncomfortable for me as they dig in. shame as i love them, particularly jewel colour ones. xx


I love a good pair of tights! Everything about this outfit is gorgeous.

Today I’ve been wearing black trousers, a black vest and a red shirt. Nothing very exciting.


Shows you how much I liked the job there that every time I see Jaeger items on a blog I get a bit excited. I left that job in July and totally wish I hadn’t now!!


I love that necklace, it’s gorgeous!
I’m so excited for autumn dressing, can’t wait to break out the wooly tights again. Tights are definitely one of the best things about the a/w season!


The weather seems determined to break the tights law. I had some on yesterday when it was freezing. Then as soon as we hit September today it was lovely and warm and I was quite glad I’d left them off.

That skirt is absolutely lovely. Anything in rust seems guaranteed to make me fall in love with it at the moment.


It’s been such a ‘cold’ summer, that I’ve been wearing tights throughout! Love the skirt! Red looks great on you.


im liking the last picture…somewhat made me roar in laughters…

beautiful outfit, im seriously getting excited for autumn. better clothes=better look 😉

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