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Fact: bloggers are terrible enablers. Over the years, I’ve purchased all sorts of things from blogger recommendations and I trust the opinions of my favourite bloggers implicitly. Basically, I’m a huge sucker for ‘blogger trends’ and will buy into pretty much anything that’s photographed with a 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Yesterday I had some time to kill in London and found myself wandering into Muji (dangerous) and then Liberty (a bank balance death sentence). I’m currently on a ‘no-clothes-shoes-accessories’ shopping ban for Lent, so I went a bit mad due to withdrawal and splurged on a whole host of Blogger Buys, as seen on my favourite online platforms. So here’s my very first haul – as inspired by my bloglovin’ reader.

aesop natural cleanser oily skin

The Stylish Skincare
Inspired by gh0stparties

Aesop Amazing Face Cleanser, £21

Since using up my NUDE Facial Oil a few weeks ago, I’ve been looking for a new cleanser to use with my Clarisonic. I have oily skin so the blogger’s favourite Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil wasn’t right for me, but I came away with the Amazing Face Cleanser which includes a gorgeous blend of citrus to remove excess oil.

boar bristle hairbrush

The Boar Bristle Brush
Inspired by Wish Wish Wish

Mason Pearson Pure Bristle Handy Brush, £42

When I started having bonded hair extensions fitted last year, I became quite militant about caring for my hair. I’m also still obsessed with the long, thick lengths so brush it all.the.time, which isn’t always good for it. I was noticing some breakage, so invested in a Mason Pearson brush to keep in my handbag. Bonded extensions need careful brushing to avoid damaging the bonds, so this pure boar bristle style from the classic brand is perfect.

liberty print diptyque candlediptyque candle liberty limited edition

The Design Candle
Inspired by Vivianna Does Makeup

Diptyque Insolite Candle (Limited Edition), £45

I have to try very, very hard to control my candle obsession. £45 is a gross amount of money to spend on a candle, but nothing – nothing – beats Diptyque when it comes to gorgeous design and long-lasting scent. This is the new limited edition candle in collaboration with Liberty – a zesty, citrus scent with a floral heart that’s just perfect for bright spring mornings.

FYI, if you’re a fellow Diptyque fan and still wince at the price, I’d really recommend the miniature versions. At £20 a pop they’re still expensive but the scent is just as strong AND you get the jar afterwards… which if we’re honest, is one of the main selling points.

muji jewellery storage ideas

The Minimalist Storage
Inspired by I Want You To Know

Muji Acrylic Storage, from £2.50

The Muji acrylic storage systems are so popular with bloggers, their quotes are featured in displays at Muji stores. When picking up mine, I spotted Lily and Kate giving their seal of approval – very cool. I have a few Muji bits for storing makeup and stuff on my desk, but after a huge jewellery sort-out at the weekend I knew I needed to add to my collection. This 12-section tray is perfect for earrings and rings and means I can see my favourites at a glance.

And here endeth my very first haul! Have you ever bought anything after seeing it on a blog? Which are your favourite blogs for product recommendations?



Well I think you know the answer to the last question, in fact I have a very post in mind titled ‘I blame the Internet.’ I bought a Phillip Lim bag in the Net a Porter sale after reading tweets that the sale had started (I sent it back), it’s just as well shopping is my vice otherwise I’d be a mess. I’m constantly inspired by others, as I don’t actually physically go shopping much (too dangerous) I use bloggers to discover the best of the High Street for me. I can cover ASOS pretty much by myself.

My Muji tray looks a site right now, think I need another one!

Jade Wimsey

Have you tried Neom? They have some beautiful, non-synthetic scents (also another blogger favourite), I was dying to buy a Diptyque but found that I liked Neom scents more

Beauty Butterfly |
UK Beauty Blog

Erin S

Totally know what you mean – I’m a sucker for a blogger recommendation – I recently bought Clarins Lotus Oil Treatment, something I probably would never have heard of without blogs – the verdict’s still out though!

Mojitos and Handbags


Hi Anon,

Over the last couple of years my life has changed quite a lot and in turn, the focus of this blog has changed to match it. I no longer refer to myself as a ‘thrifty’ blogger (as I quite obviously am not!) and have written several times about how my shopping habits are different now I have more disposable income.

Unfortunately I do still get labelled as a thrifty or second hand/vintage blogger and although I’ll correct where I can, I can’t control everything written about the blog.

I’m sorry if you came here under the pretence this was a thrifty blog – it’s not and I’ve tried to remove all references to it being one. If you would like a list of genuinely thrifty bloggers to follow I would be more than happy to recommend my favourites.




Oh man, firstly – your photos are lovely. Secondly I hear ya, bloggers are the worst enablers! Such a fan of Muji storage – I have the narrow and long draws and a couple of the acrylic pen holders. I keep going to Space NK and sniffing the Diptyque candles (I love the Mimosa one!)…but I’ve not succumbed to buying one yet…only time will tell.

Panty Buns

I think you would get close to 100 percent agreement from other Fbloggers Lbloggers and Bbloggers. I think most of us tend to review things we like ourselves. When I buy things I’m not all that fond of I often don’t review it and then give the good reviews for the fashions I do like along with where I got them. It’s the same story with commenting. If I really dislike what is being reviewed I generally don’t comment, so most of my comments are positive because I’m commenting on things that look attractive to me. I think that is enabling.
I like the look of almost everything in your haul of blogger buys. I’m a sucker for brushes, the jewelry all looks pretty and the stylish skincare sounds wonderful. It’s good I don’t live next to a Muji or Liberty. It’s bad enough trying to resist some of the gorgeous fashions online that I see other bloggers posting about.

Harriet T

Ooh you got some lovely things – and I feel like I recognise them all from my own wishlist! I am so inspired by blogs still, much more than conventional advertising.

ps great response to the commenter above.


Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or not, Anon… but thanks for the heads up, made a bit of an error on the specification of the lens! It should be 50mm f/1.4 which I’ve now corrected 🙂

Maria Fallon

Bloggers are THE worst for enabling, I imagine I would have a much more dull wardrobe without everyone’s recommendations! 😉

Maria xxx


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