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A few days ago, I turned 27. I’m not freaking out. I don’t feel old. I’m actually quite pleased about it!

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Silk blouse, Jaeger | Knitted cardigan, Mango | ‘Jeggings’, Uniqlo | Boots, NW3 by Hobbs | Bag, Mulberry | Necklace, NW3 by Hobbs | Ring, Primark

So, I’m officially in my ‘late twenties’. I weigh more than I did last year. I’ve given up any hope of ever wearing a crop top. I have a genuine need for eye cream. But I’m ok with all of that. I want to shop in Hobbs, not Nasty Gal. Seriously, I do!

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I’m hoping my first outfit of 2013 will set the tone for my year as a 27 year-old. I spent much of 2012 feeling old and trying to shoehorn myself into trends (and Disco Pants) that just weren’t me, but it’s like a switch has been flicked and I feel entirely ready to embrace a more natural style – for my age, my body type and my personality. So that’s comfy cardis and cute blouses with statement lipstick and killer jewellery, then.

I have a pretty exciting year ahead  – a wedding (mine!), honeymoon (again, mine!), maybe a house move and another kitten to add to our family. Can’t wait to get it started!

Are you embracing your age? Tell me your digits – promise I won’t spill the beans 😉


Peas & Carrots

32 in a matter of days – eekk. Still feel like a 16 year old only with two children, a mortgage and a husband.
age really is just a number. Have a great birthday!! Oh, and I too love Hobbs shoes and bags.


I’m 27…nearly 28. I was a bit freaked out but I feel like things are good and I’m happy with my age, it really is just a number! Xx

Minimum Mouse

Great post. I’m going to be 30 this year and still haven’t done most of the things you are supposed to do by that age. I’m not married (though I am engaged), nowhere near owning my own home, nowhere near ready for kids, but I have embraced the one thing that being this age brings – the maturity to know that none of that matters. I’ll do the things I want to do in my own time. Age shouldn’t be a marker to test yourself against. I try to remember this when I get those ‘Oh my god I’m nearly 30’ moments!

Dearne Sutherland

I was totally fine with aging until I turned 29 and now I feel a meltdown coming on! I arrived in London as a 24 year old and have blamed aging/weight again on living here…I think it’s time to face the fact that I’m just getting older! 😉


I’m 34 and proud!
My 20s were fun but my 30s thus far have been awesome – more confidence, focused ambition and more at peace with who I am.
Birthdays are a blessing – the more you have, the longer you live 😉

Miss NR Young

I am now 30 and actually feel like I am finally finding a style I like and don’t care as much if I fit in. I have bought a house and am getting married this year too. I stress about my oncoming wrinkles and ever expanding bum but actually think I am alot more stylish now!You look great! xx

Olivia Woodington

You look wonderful and your skin is glowing! I wish you luck for the coming year and congratulations on getting married! I’m only 15 but i hope when i’m 27 i look as classy as you!
I’ve just started my own blog i love it if you could take a look? It’s not anything special but i’m getting there! Your blog is so inspiring!


I bought a Nasty Gal dress and it has cut outs….I’m scared. I think I have a few years of experimentation yet and I use Susie Bubble as my yardstick.
Love your hair! I’m contemplating spending £110 on my next batch…gahhhh

Elle Falconer

I’m 23, I’ll be 24 in May, and at the moment I don’t feel much about being 23 or being in my twenties, haha. Anyway, Happy Birthday! I’m so happy that you’ve been able to share all the things you’ve been able to do on your blog! I hope 27 brings you many blessings 🙂

Bitsy Beans

Oh my I currently the oldest reader!!! I shall be 38 in a few months time 🙂 Do I care? Nope. I accept my days of clubbing in a gym skirt are looooong behind me (thanks to two kids) but I am not ready to start dressing like an old woman 😉


25 and I feel ancient in the blogging world. Which is sad. I would say you’re flying the flag for the, ahem, older fashion blogger ladies but that sounds patronising. And I know there are other blogs out there for people over the age of 24, but perhaps it’s my Peter Pan complex. I’m not ready to grow up! x


This makes me sad but I do understand… in fact, I spent much of last year feeling old in comparison with other fashion bloggers and I tried to shoehorn myself into younger trends that just didn’t suit me. For some reason, I’ve hit 27 and thought ‘fuck it’. Maybe the older you get, the more accepting you become?

You’re still a child, anyway. Don’t worry 🙂 x


Jen you are approximately 1 million times more stylish and beautiful than I was at 27so trust me girl you have no need for eye cream! What an exciting year ahead, I must admit I’m already looking forward to seeing your wedding photos ( if you choose to share them of course!)

Xxx Maddie

Llara G

Jaysus. I’m 31 and would rather shop at Nasty Gal. Maybe it’s denial, maybe I’m drinking from the font of eternal youth. Who knows?


Werk that Nasty Gal style! I think maybe it’s more about accepting what you truly like to wear and going with your natural style, rather than trying to force yourself into a fashion that’s ‘not you’. Plenty of people look awesome in fashion-forward, directional clothing throughout their whole lives – I just think I’m more of a comfy-cardi-and-boots kinda girl! With statement lipstick and killer jewellery, of course 😉

Cheap Kicks

I’ll be 27 this year as well, I wouldn’t say I’m dreading it, I’m not really bothered other then it means I’m nearer 30 eek.
After seeing a few posts of you with longer hair now,I must say it really suits you.
Hope you had a fab birthday xxx


I’m 24, already I am shopping in jaeger and.hobbs, I’ve always disliked shopping in cheaper shops as I’m curvy so fast fashion has never suited me. I love the fact that now I’m getting older (and am working in a “grown-up” job) I can get away with it!

This outfit is perfect grown up-chic! X

Butterfly I let go

Ha! I’ll be 43 this year and all these comments from the 20somethings above about accepting your great age make me laugh! Wear what you like and feel good in and remember whatever you dislike about yourself now, you’ll be wondering what you were so bothered about 20 years later. Just don’t wish it away, the years go by fast enough.
Happy 2013.


I was 30 last year but it didn’t really bother me, I had a wonderful time celebrating & my gorgeous daughter turned 1 two weeks later. It’s not about me me me anymore although I started blogging again after both our birthdays. I’ve never considered that 30 is old for a blogger but I feel happy & confident in what I wear so happy to fly the older Brit blog flag 😀


I thought you rocked the disco pants! 27 is SO young Live it, Love and enjoy it I’m old enough to be your Mother!!


love the knitted cardigan! I don’t really have issues with my age, cuz I’m only 19, but I always struggle with finding clothes that match my body-type! Have a Fantastic New Year, dear 🙂



A fellow 27-er here and I definitely feel the transition which comes with the awareness you can’t avoid describing yourself as “late-20s”, but I think I’m a bit all mixed up. This year, I have been spending much more of my shopping cash on lovely office wear (I love my Hobbs dresses), which given I work in a pretty casual environment, is something I never thought I’d do), but I also still love decking myself out in stuff probably designed for 18 year olds.

Also: I couldn’t agree more with Tabitha. Where are all the style bloggers in their late-20s?


Turned 27 3 months ago… I don’t mind the number, but all these mentions of “late-20s” are bringing on a panic attack! I veer between “grown-up glam” and “overgrown toddler” in terms of my style – Gwen Stefani and J Lo are my yardsticks – I’m definitely not ready to give up my crop tops or sequinned minis for another couple of decades! It probably helps that I’m sometimes ID’d at over-16s events, but I like the fact that I can play up to my perceived youthfulness, or go more sophisticated as the mood takes me.

Sam Muses xx
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Welcome to the late 20s club 🙂 I am 27 and I don’t think it is very old at all. I think it is a bit of a myth that all bloggers are under 24. I think due to the generation of the internet and social media lots of young people start blogs and have them. Its a numbers game! The older our generation get the older the bloggers will be and will start to be more varied.

I am with you! Hobbs over Nasty Gal.xx


I’m only 19 – 20 this year, so I’m not feeling old or anything like that really, although I am feeling odd about turning 20, purely because it’s a new decade! I love your outfit, it really suits you x


I’ve got ten years on you and I often wonder if I am dressing ‘age appropriately’, nearing 40 doesn’t feel so bad (yet), I am more comfortable with my style than I have ever been and still like to dabble with trends but generally I know what suits me. That’s not to say that I don’t make the odd style mistake here and there though…

Melissa Reynolds-Lawrence

22 in a few weeks. And genuinely concerned that I don’t have a ‘statement’ look. I like different trends and don’t think I’ll ever settle into something ‘signature’. You look fab, by the way. Gorgeous and sophisticated xx

Bumpkin Betty

Last year was my 27th birthday too and I felt just the same as you, knowing I was officially in the late twenties struck a cord somewhere and I had a great year. I’m 28 in March which is a little scary as there a few things in life that still feel a tad unstable – career being the main one – but I’m a strong believer that things have a way of working themselves out and hard work pays off so I’m not worrying too much about age and just aiming to be happy!

P.S I love the new long hair and that cardi is gorge!


My Passport To Style

Hi Jen a massive Happy Birthday from one of your biggest fans!Loving the oufit! I’m so glad you said you don’t feel old,I heard a young woman comment the other day that she felt like an old hag because she had turned 17!I think there is a worrying trend for women to access everything they do in light of their age, I’m not sure men think the same way, sorry for this rant but as usual your comments really help put things in perspective. Happy New Year xxx



Happy Birthday! I think you look fab! I wish I had been half as ‘with it’ as you at 27. I turned 30 in August and could not have been happier. I think I am so much more confident as a slightly older woman, I feel like more of a grown up! I have also had to re evaluate my style – playsuits I certainly can not get away with! I’m more floral tea dresses and stripy tees now thank god 😉


I’m 70 and I recently wore a black velvet trouser suit with an orange T-shirt to my son’s wedding. You go, gal, and you’ll be as stylish at 72 as you are at 27.

dolly mixtures

At my age 27 sounds so young but yet I don’t feel any older at + 18 years this age so what’s the fuss about numbers? Embrace being nearly 30… older and wiser is the new black xo


Hope you had a good birthday! I turn 27 in March, I don’t feel too old (although I remember that turning 25 freaked me out a bit for some reason). Love that cardigan xx

Anna / angel in the north

Hair extensions look great! Like the outfit too – my age comprises a 3 and a 4 and I can honestly say I am more comfortable in my own skin and feel like I look better than I did in my early 20s. Of course I might be wrong! 🙂


27 is nothing! I’ll be 29 in Feb… only a year off the big 30 (I hate to say I think that’ll freak me out!) I love your boots and jeans.


I’m….. 40. The bonus? I can buy the Mulberry bags that I dreamed of when I was 27…. and I have a beautiful 14 year old daughter who looks lovely in all of the clothes that I might want to wear…. but really shouldn’t… age is a state of mind… if you don’t mind it you won’t get in a state! Enjoy 2013 – it sounds like you will have lots of lovely memories to look back on when you’re the grand old age of 40!x


Those trousers and boots look fab on you. They definately lengthen your silhouette! Feeling comfortable is a must while looking stylish in my opinion, no matter what your age!


Belated happy birthday! I’m 26 and spent most of last year, and being 25, in a constant state of scared of pretty much everything! I’m embracing my age, getting older, gaining some confidence and some metaphorical balls!


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