Blogger’s Block

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Sometimes, the words just won’t come.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been staring at the keyboard.
Or how many half-baked sentences you’ve written and swiftly deleted.

Even the most inspiring views don’t inspire.
Even the most encouraging words don’t encourage words.

And although it’s frustrating,
And although the situation’s far from ideal,

It might be time to experience life through my own eyes,
Rather than a camera lens.

Just for a little while.

sometimes, the words just won’t come.

Have you ever experienced Blogger’s Block? How did you deal with it?


Collette Osuna

I hear what you are saying, I’m pretty sure it happens to all of us. Maybe post about other interests you have, a DIY tutorial or a recipe….maybe just a post of your “favorite things” in photos….sometimes, you just need to take a little break to get your blogging juices back:)
A Funky Little Fashion Blog

Panty Buns

YES! I think your solution is the right one. Sometimes taking a break and getting the mind away from itself to spur our creativity from things around or outside ourselves is best. Too often I have gone ahead and written something anyway when I had writers block and then regretted the poor result later. I like the photo of your typewriter under the Home Sweet Home sign. Happy blogging and wishes for brilliant inspiration.


Yeah I totally have, and I don’t really have any answers (how helpful am I?!)

Although I do find that the more picture-heavy posts are easier than the wordy ones.



I have indeed, I am actually having a terribly unproductive day right now. The best way is to not feel guilty about it, that certainly won’t help. Sometimes it is good to do an classic wishlist post or top ten, easy to put together and inspiring 🙂


Yes! Sometimes you have so many things you can blog about but you don’t find the inspiration to write, it’s definitely a bit frustrating. Taking a breather definitely helps!


I know what you mean, Jen. I’m a bit wrung out with it all at the moment, as it seems to me when I write a post about something I love, no-one reads the bloody thing, yet if I do a quick off the cuff one about choosing between items of clothing, loads of comments.
I know it’s not quite the same thing but it does make me feel a bit blocked. Do I write about frivolous things people like to read, to write about what I like and accept I will be the only one reading it?


Hope you’ll be back soon- you definitely inspire me!

Maddie xxx


If I suffer from bloggers block, I go back to basics. The first item I bought, the first time I noticed something, the reason I go into blogging. There are always words to be said, just finding them can take a while- of course a glass of vino can help! xx


Ahhh very deep Brand Jen, I agree that blogger’s somehow focus more on documenting experiences rather than living through them and this is a balance I’m still trying to figure out. I often can have Blogger’s Block, even if I’ve had lots going on, sometimes the words are never quite right. I’m sure you’ll be back when you’re ready with something juicy to read (I love your blog issue posts, but don’t worry if nothing springs to mind as yet) so just take some time out to enjoy life and being “freelance!”


I totally agree.
Sometimes the words just won’t come. When they won’t, I take some time out, do something else.

I also schedule posts a couple of days in advance at times just in case bloggers block should hit me.
Often I find something will come to me when I least expect it.



I first shopped with them 3 Xmas’s ago. I was drawn in by the sparkly dresses. I think their fb page only had 200 fans when I joined haha. Haven’t stopped by in a while though, must a have look xx


I love how this is beautifully written, despite your bloggers block.
I think sometimes taking a break, and taking the pressure off yourself to post regularly really helps. x

Farrah Abigaelle

Writing doesn’t come so easily to me so I struggle a lot with bloggers block. Sometimes I feel like I”m repeating what ever I say hundreds of times and people will eventually get bored with that. Maybe take pictures of things you normally wouldn’t take pictures of that helps sometimes.
Farrah’s Muse


I tend to go back to the easiest option – an outfit post which doesn’t always need a lot of words. However this does depend on me having actually worn something blog-worthy and when I’m in the creative doldrums this isn’t often the case.

Just have a bit of a break. It’ll come back.


i either dont write and just publish photos as not every post needs words.. or i have a glass of wine.. im never short of things to say after a glass of wine 😉 xo


Umm, yes! I think that my continual bouts of bloggers block is what stops my blog being as fab as it should be….I know the theory that you have to post regularly and reliably to build up a following, but I really dont do that much that is interesting, and also I just echo the sentiment someone else said….if I’m not feeling creative, I dont really feel like putting an outfit together…

One thing that sometimes helps is reading and commenting on other peoples blogs. Occassionally it can spark something in my head, and I get the urge to put fingers to keys!


A beautifully illustrated piece despite your block.
I could blog for ever, I must be a frustrated writer.
Take a break, we aren’t going anywhere. x


I take a break and then come back with even more enthusiasm. I had a bit of a sporadic blogging period whilst moving house but now I’m back for good. They say a rest is as good as a change..or is it the other way round?!


Totally hear you here. I spend ages on posts thinknig of ideas – and then no one comments or seems to read and I can kind of think what is the point?!

If I can’t think of an idea I tend to sit down and make a list of things I like to read about and an idea usually forms from there.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Yep, quite often. I’m ultra fussy about how my posts read and look. And I don’t really do outfit posts, so mine have to be about the words. As someone said, it’s massively annoying when you write a post you love and get a handful of comments, compared to zillions on something you just banged out in a few minutes. Grr!


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