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Topshop jeans, Primark tee, thrifted jumper (originally Gap), Primark mac, thrifted shopper, Primark ring, Eclectic Eccentricity necklace

Isn’t it windy today? So windy that when I stepped outside, my hair was instantly whipped up into a style I like to call ‘bird nest chic’. Not exactly the look I was going for!

I stormed back inside, threw open my wardrobe and rifled through, angrily cursing Mother Nature under my breath. Now, as a girl with an abnormally large head, hats do me no favours. I’ve also never been able to pull off a hooded top with that modelesque, sports lux aplomb… I look more like a wallet-stealer than wonderfully stylish. Head-based accessories are really not my forte. 

But then I happened upon the vintage silk scarves I picked up at that vintage fair a few weeks ago. This muted floral number matched my creamy greens colour scheme perfectly. After a bit of rolling and knot experimentation (should it go at the front, a la Wino’s cleaner chic?) I had one pretty perfect hair-tidier. Hooray!

When I first mentioned the silk scarves I bought, a few of you asked for tips on how to wear them. This is definitely an easy look to pull off, and I bet it’d look even better with long, loose waves. The scarf is a big, square shape so I folded it into a triangle and then rolled it into a strip, making sure the point of the triangle was tucked within the roll. I then just arranged it over my hair and tied it in a double knot at the back! Lovely stuff.

Is the weather determining your outfit today? Or did you throw caution to the wind (literally) and wear a ra ra skirt sans tights? I’d love to know!



That scarf looks lovely with the outfit- I have a big head too so cheers for the tip!! Today I ventured out without a jacket, that’s as brave as it gets for me weather wise at the moment! xx


I love how you wore your scarf… you look so fabulous and I love this outfit… so cool and fresh. Have a great weekend Jen! xoxo


I love the thrifted shopper…very Cath Kidston.
I used to wear a lot of scarfs as neckerchiefs, but I think they look great in hair too. Also attached to bags!


Oh I really love the way you tie the scarf on your head! Such a creative way!! I used to love wearing scarves on mine back in my uni days while I was studying:P



Love your hair worn like that and how this outfit blends together so well. I hate hate hate the wind.
Have a lovely weekend x


I love this look! Loving the colour scheme (and how well it works with your colouring).


You really suit the scarf and that thrifted bag is fab.

I threw caution to the wind and put on my lightest spring dress with yellow tights and got soaked when it rained down in london, ah well, I looked kinda pretty xx

pip a la chic

I love your vest you’re wearing. Well since i’s suppose to be autumn here yesterday it was so bloody hot (I’m talking over 33 degrees and had the air con on) so I’m still rocking the summer dresses which is good…. few more months and its Winter eeeeekkk.


I love how the headscarf works with the jumper, even though they’re totally different patterns and styles. Must try the headscarf look myself soon as I’m cursed with such a short neck that I don’t see myself being able to pull off the neck tie look.

Ana - Toil and Trouble

You look great, love the scarf look! I don’t think your head looks abnormally sized at all, but I definitely have head size problems. It’s why I don’t wear hats, and I was told I always needed buttoned shirts as a kid because they wouldn’t fit otherwise…

Cafe Fashionista

The way you’ve fashioned your scarf as a headpiece is just stunning, Jen; I absolutely adore it! Today was bright and sunny here in Southern California – it just called for one thing…something cool and comfortable!

By the way, your book is in the mail!! 🙂

Vintage Vixen

How pretty do you look? Those pastel shades so suit your colouring and the scarf looks fantastic.
Can’t wait to see your new bag!


You look great here. It’s such a cool outfit. And the silk scarf looks great. I love the colours. I’ve never known how to wear silk scarves, so thanks for the tip.

The sudden heavy rain definitely determined my outfit. I was going to wear a dress, but saw tyher weather and changed into jeans.


very pretty! love the headband, I’m a sucker for hair accessories.
It’s so windy! I know I’m going to sound a right loser but it’s great for drying stuff outside, can’t beat that smell.

X xx


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