Childhood Memories in Scarborough

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Apart from York, I don’t think there’s anywhere that represents my childhood quite like Scarborough.

For the uninitiated, Scarborough is a seaside town in North Yorkshire. For anyone growing up in North Yorkshire during the early-mid 90s, Scarborough was the place to go on your holidays. Unless, of course, you were really rich and went abroad on your holidays – which no one was, because the pits were closed, the jobs were gone and everyone was on the dole. But I digress.

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I went to Scarborough almost every summer with my family. We always stayed in a caravan – one of those Haven holiday parks with a middle-aged man dressed as a tiger, trying to get everyone to do Agadoo – and we loved it. We went to some ‘nicer’ places too, like Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby, but Scarborough was always my favourite. In Scarborough, you could get sticks of rock that simultaneously smashed your teeth and glued them together. You could ride a donkey from one end of the beach to another (I feel terrible about this now, but it was the 90s and we just didn’t know). Your dad could catch crabs from the sea and you could pick apart their legs and eat them. You could collect a bucketful of shells and leave them outside the caravan in baking heat until the stench was simply awful.

Seriously, who needed Disney World?

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I think it’s been about 15 years since I last went to Scarborough. Despite living pretty close, as an adult the dodgy seafood, almost-constant drizzle and unethical commercialisation of animals just hasn’t appealed to me in the same way. But when Rob and I were at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel for our anniversary celebrations, Scarborough was within sniffing distance (that sea air, those fish and chips) and we couldn’t resist.

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We had THE BEST time in Scarborough. It was so lovely to stroll along the beach, despite the drizzle I knew would be present. We explored the colourful beach huts, watched dogs chasing waves and bought fudge, because that’s what you do when you’re in Scarborough.

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I was actually secretly pleased it wasn’t boiling hot and sunny – firstly because that’s just not how summer holidays in Yorkshire turn out (it always rains. Always) and secondly because I got the chance to wear my snazzy new Barbour jacket, kindly sent to me by the people themselves. It’s lovely and quilt-y and perfect for this inbetweeny time of year.

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If you’re in Yorkshire and fancy a nostalgic day out – even if you’ve never been before, the candyfloss and arcade grabbers will surely remind you of simpler times – head over to Scarborough and breathe in all that fresh sea air. It’s slightly tinged with the smell of greasy cheeseburgers and faded glory, but enjoyable all the same.



Scarborough is glorious! I also have many wonderful memories of haven holidays in a trailer tent and drizzly days at the beach. It’s my favourite place in the world … Seeing your lovely pics makes me think I might have to persuade Ste that we need to spend a weekend there again soon.


Not being a Yorkshire lass, I’d never been to Scarborough until this summer – I love how kitsch it is! I didn’t pick up any rock or fudge though, which was clearly a massive oversight.


A couple of years ago my dad moved to Scarborough and got a massive dog. I now have the best time every time I go see him, which if he meant to or not, was ingenious of him 🙂


Aww I’m headed to Ox Pasture Hall in a few weeks too and was planning a little trip to check out Scarborough on the way. I’ve never been before but this post has made me all excited – I love a seaside town!



Other countries must think we’re mad, but there is something about that combination of magnificent and slightly crap that makes the British sea-side holiday perfect.
I had similar holidays in Borth in Wales as a kid. If it was sunny, we went to the beach. If it wasn’t, we went to the ‘Animal Arium’, which was essentially the world’s worst animal park. There were some holidays we saw their collection of mice (who always had a little house made of bread), rabbits and terrapins rather a lot…


Aww! I had similar childhood holls, being down south they were mainly in Bournemouth.
Now I’m living near Cardiff…Barry (off of Gavin and Stacey fame) is our secret pleasure these days! Who doesn’t love a bit of mini golf and a go on the 2p machines on a weekend?!!
PS. Loving the new look blog! X


Oh my home town how I love thee.
26 years I’ve lived here now and it never fails but to make me love it. On a rainy day you can struggle for things to do, but even so, rainy walks and the scenery just make it all the better. The two different ‘sides/bays’ to Scarborough make it perfect for everyone.



I haven’t been to Scarborough for years and years, I definitely think it will be on the list for next summer after reading this post!


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