Dressed Like Dad

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Primark denim shirt, Zara chinos and belt, TK Maxx sandals

I realise this is hardly the most flattering of outfits, but it was the first day back at work after a Bank Holiday. Really, who can be bothered?!

The pairing of denim and chino reminds me of my Dad in the 90s. All I need now is a pair of aviator specs (not the cool kind… think Deidre Barlow) and some socks to go with my sandals. Dad Power!

Ever found yourself dressing like a parent? I know your Mum is the more obvious choice… but don’t underestimate Dad Power!



No, but my mum pinches my shoes! My dad’s signature look in the 90s was a big porno ‘tache, so I might have some trouble copying that.


My Dad’s quite funky in a cool tshirts and vaguely hippy attitude sort of way – not so sure I take after him though!

I do love those sandals. Are they TK Maxx own brand (do they even do their own brand?) or another brand that were on sale there?


My dad has the worst taste in clothes ever and will wear clothes until they literally fall to bits…. don’t think i’ll be taking any tips from him! hehe :p
You outfit however looks lovely! Very comfy looking but still stylish 😀 x


My dad’s girlfriend dresses him… 😐 We do have the same shoes (wellies) and the same jumper. But I wouldn’t dare take inspiration from him haha.

I love my mum’s shoes, it’s just a shame her feet a one size biiger than mine!

Lou x – craftyandquirky.blogspot.com


I love this outfit on you, & was just thinking how flattering it was, before I read you say otherwise!

My Dad’s very much a jeans & tshirt kinda guy.. My sister is terrible at borrowing his jumpers though – fleeces, hoodies, they’re always disappearing round to her house!

Right, off topic from this post, but I needed to talk to you about something..

I bought those gorgeous F&F silk trousers, mainly after admiring them on you.. however, on me, they look like pyjama bottoms! And not even in a way I could get away with – they literally look like pyjamas.. But I love them & they’re so comfy & I SO don’t want to have to send them back, so I was hoping for some advice..? Basically, how can I make them not look like pjs!? Thanks 🙂



Hawaiian shirts remind me of my dad…don’t think i’ll be wearing them haha. although he always used to wear chinos too.


I just stumbled across your blog and I bookmarked it almost instantly 🙂 It’s so refreshing to see someone who looks natural with a beautifully healthy figure blogging rather than a bulimic stick insect straight from the “Hot” page of Lookbook! You have a fabulous, timeless style and I look forward to spending the rest of the evening browsing through your blog. Well done you for not being a sheep 🙂


Hi Anon! Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for your lovely, lovely comment. It’s really made my night!

I’ve spoken about Lookbook before – I find the whole place awfully intimidating and not at all representative of the fashion blogging community. And although some times I curse my hips, I AM glad I stand for something different to size zero.

I hope you do come back and leave a name so I can give you a proper thank you. Lovely to have you here. 🙂

Jen x


i would have said the outfit was more GAP inspired but then thinking back my dad always wore double chino inspired outfits for nights out with my mum!!! he also wore naff avaitors aswell but it always rained the min he put them on so he was banned from wearing them in the end!!!

pip a la chic

Your trousers look very comfy. Anon’s comment was very sweet. I’ve tried to do chictopia but I honestly don’t fit into their style or whatever type of mould they like. Look book…pfft don;t even go there. But like Anon said it’s nice to see real females. 🙂


My Dad still wears tracksuit bottoms, I’m talking about those awful ones from the 90s! I don’t think I will ever be inclined to ever revisit that fashion era!

You look great, casual but stylish as ever x


Lovely casual outfit 🙂 Ive stolen a few of my dads old shirts and they look pretty nice with a waist belt. Also stolen a few of his old Levi jeans he used to wear 30 years ago and cut them into mini skirts which look pretty cool! x

Em x

I still love those shoes. I have to say my parents influence me, my dad is one cool dude and loves clothes, i’ve stolen shirts from him.


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