Easy Festive Dressing #1

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I always think dressing for Christmas is a tricky one. For most people, Christmas Day involves slobbing about at home, watching telly, drinking booze, and eating. Lots of eating. Which is obviously quite uncomfortable when you’re wearing your best sequin pencil skirt and 4 inch heels.

We’ve always ‘dressed up’ for Christmas but after last year – when I wore a bodycon dress with control tights and paid the price in stomach cramps – I decided to look for something a little more relaxed.

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So, all this week I’ll be featuring outfits that allow for a casual, comfortable Christmas without sacrificing that bit of sparkle. My first is ridiculously simple – an oversized chunky knit, the world’s most comfortable tailored trousers and some serious (yet flat!) party shoes. I recommend you all go out and buy these trousers IMMEDIATELY as they’re just brilliant – an elasticated waist (no button to dig in after all that turkey), loose, tapered fit and seamed front make them ideal for smartening up without feeling restricted.

What do you wear on Christmas Day?



You look gorgeous here and SO cosy! I am wearing a pouffly prom style dress, plenty of room for turkey under there 😉

Maria xxx

Katrina Sophia

Lovely. Look like a comfortable outfit for Christmas. I usually wear leggings/tight with the most comfortable tunic/dress I have. I add on christmassy earrings or hat too to give my outfit a festive feel too!


We are traditionally dressed up in Christmas because we’ve had quite big christmas celebration with over 20 people. Though this year we are spending the christmas just with my family (8 people) so I think I’m gonna wear something cozier and more comfortable. Perhaps my new red christmas jumper 😀


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