When Two Become One

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(Sorry to get that song stuck in your head).

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Remember the 90s? If you don’t, stop reading this and go watch Clueless. Then we can talk.

If you do, you’ll know 90s fashion was all about two seemingly separate and unrelated items becoming one. Skirts and shorts became skorts. T-shirts came with those attached-but-separate long sleeves, to give the appearance of layering without the additional washing and we wore cycling shorts under our skater skirts. I even recall a pair of jeans with a built-in bumbag.

And, of course, we wore dresses with trousers. Always.

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I took a leaf out of The Book of the 90s (not a real book) when getting dressed today. Although it’s not quite an outfit worthy of the heady, Global Hypercolour days of 1996, it has that 90s RnB vibe about it, and that’s pretty awesome in my book.

What trends do you remember from the 90s? Any you’d care (or dare) to repeat today?



Yes!! It’s been all about the cycling shorts under the dresses in summer (The best outfit for cartwheels and slacklines) and this is the perfect 90s transition for winter. Thanks for the 90s outfit inspiration/ excuse..




Is it bad that I feel so old now that 90’s trends are making the rounds again? I used to love the denim maxi skirt and either trainers or DM’s underneath. Also velvet hats and second hand velvet blazers used to be cool in the indie kid / brit pop circles I used to knock about in, don’t think I’d like to revisit the floppy hat look again! 😉

Peacock's Hat

Ah, I remember the skirts over trousers… thinking about it now, it must have made me look even shorter than I already was! I like your slightly Grecian/Game of Thrones take on it though. The drape on that dress is gorgeous.

Peas & Carrots

Oh yes, I remember the 90’s very well. I was in my early teens and had just discovered Topshop and Miss Selfridge. Shift dresses worn with over the knee socks (so very Clueless)….prob looked awful on me being 5.’3′. Dolly shoes, oversized shirts worn open over dresses (or was this just me?), culottes, Rimmel heather shimmer lipstick, sun in – like spraying cheap toilet bleach in your hair…….so my hairdresser told me when I arrived at the salon with bright orange streaky hair. I didn’t care, I thought i looked like ginger spice!!! Those were the days!

Kelly G

Love this look. Must be a fan of the 90’s – albeit a much more stylish version. 🙂
I remember Claire’s mini butterfly clips, gelled back buns and skirts over trousers. Oh and wearing all white to copy Claire from Steps in One for Sorrow.
Oh and my velvet blazer which still comes out now! xx


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