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Zara dress via charity shop, Primark cardigan, Zara belt, Primark brogues, Urban Outfitters trilby, gold name necklace, rings from H&M, Primark and Lou Makes

I have a rule. A rule for tights. From September to April they are my BFFs – it’s 120 denier or bust. But when May rolls around I get ruthless, and my lycra friends are packed away until the weather turns. Which, apparently, is two weeks later. Aaah Britain, how I love you.

I’ve been avoiding my dresses because I refuse to unpack the opaques, but I couldn’t leave this thrifty floral number hanging any longer. Navy tights, paired with a straw hat and colour-pop nails, are light enough for summer outfits while covering goose pimpled legs desperate for a slick of Dove Summer Body. Total wardrobe saviours.

PS – How wonderful is the Arty San ring by Lou Makes? It’s my new favourite!


Kelly Jones

I just wrote a post about this too ha! I can’t wear tights once it gets to May, which means lots of lovely clothes miss out! you look lovely xo.


Nice rings!
I hate having bare legs, so usually end up wearing longer skirts to avoid having to turn to my tights obsession…
L x

Sirens and Bells

I love your rings, they’re all so colourful!
I find that I wear tights alll year round, regardless of the weather, I just change the denier dependant on the season and temperature! xx

Vintage Vixen

Lovely and summery (despite the weather), Jen! I packed all my tights away when I got back from Goa, I’ve nearly cracked and got them back out a couple of times recently. xxx


We are rarely out of tights weather here in Scotland. Today I’m in opaques, vest, t-shirt, cullotte/short things and a cardi, plus a leather jacket on while out of doors!


haha, i have the exact same tight rule! Even if it’s not too hot for them they look weird in mid summer! Trouble is my saggy knees just don’t want to be unleashed on the world so i find myself in trousers come May! Also, that three stone ring is really quite incredible, found myself inspecting it for far too long ‘has she twisted rings into each other, is she really wearing three stone rings on one finger?..oh no it’s one ring.’ Sigh.


Gorgeous rings, pretty colours. I’m one of those wierd ones that keeps legs covered up all year round. Tight all year round! I only get them out when i’m abroad! x


Oh the weather just cannot make its mind up, can it? I nearly boiled to death the other day when I put tights on, but it was just so cold in the morning when I got dressed that I couldn’t face going bare legged.

That ring is amazing!


The weather is such a pain in the ass for outfit choices, isn’t it! You look lovely though (: I especially like the hat and that gorgeous arty ring.


I’ve officially abandoned tights as well. Although I regretted that yesterday, while caught in the rain.
I love the dress. Totally gorgeous. And that straw hat really suits you.


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