Getting a Tattoo Aged 28

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getting your first tattoo

About a month ago, I got my first tattoo.

I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was 18 – that’s 10 whole years of research, design and chickening out. I’ve had hundreds of ideas, from the classic nautical star to the collarbone swallows pretty much everyone had in 2004. I was deeply into the pop punk scene when I was 18 and all my friends got tattoos to match their emo fringes, but I held off. I was never 100% happy with my designs – there was always a little voice that said ‘you’ll regret it in 10 years’. So I waited.

Then earlier this year, my friend Lil introduced me to Rebecca Vincent via Instagram. I spent hours pouring over her amazing work, feeling even more inspired when I saw she’d done Carrie’s gorgeous glasses tattoo. Rebecca’s style is exactly what I’d been looking for – delicate, feminine and unique. She specialises in dot work which gives such a gentle finish and after hearing high praise from a few of her previous clients, I booked an appointment. Then Lil and my husband Rob decided to join me!

The three of us went down to London together – Rob got his tattoo, Lil got hers, and I… chickened out. Again!

But, after a few more months and a little redesign, I was finally ready. Rob and I headed back to The Circle in Soho for another go. Rob is a pro at this tattoo thing now (he has three) so he helped keep me calm as I settled onto the bed and prepared for pain. And it bloody hurt! But Rebecca was amazing and so reassuring, and in 20 minutes it was all over. I didn’t cry, I didn’t need a break and when it was done I instantly wanted another. Getting tattooed is awesome! Then Rob casually got another and acted like it was licked on by kittens.

antler tattoo ideas

Even though it took 10 years, I’m so glad this is my first tattoo. It doesn’t really have any meaning, other than being a little nod to Rob’s stag, and it’s not influenced by any particular style or fashion. It’s just a beautiful design that’s classic enough to last a lifetime. I decided to get it on my ribcage (despite it being THE most painful place to be repeatedly stabbed with a needle) so I can show it off in scoop-arm vests but keep it to myself, too.

I’m not sure I’ll get another just yet – once the initial adrenaline had worn off, I started researching again and it may take me another 10 years to decide. So for now I’m just enjoying my first ever tattoo and the badass feeling that comes from getting inked. Tell me that never fades!

Do you have any tattoos?


Claire Reynolds

Haha, you still feel badass 5 years later, I can vouch for that! I still love being asked what my tats mean and “if I regret them” which is quite possibly the rudest question that is still widely PC. Yours is lovely Jen, all those years of waiting paid off 🙂

Maxine and Natasha

I have a very similar experience, have been wimping out since I was 18. Now at 2 months shy of 30 years old I finally have a tiny delicate anchor…..cant wait for my next! I love your tattoo, I must look up the artist!
Tasha x


Ooooh – I love this!! I’ve been dreaming about getting a tattoo for years, but like you I never quite commit to a single design / placement idea – I’ve challenged myself to get it done before this winter! Love yours – really pretty and elegant 🙂


Gosh you’re much braver than me, I’ve been going back and forth about whether to get a tattoo for years and I still can’t picture myself getting through the pain!
Rebecca’s work is stunning though, I love how delicate her designs turn out with her technique (I’ll be bookmarking her details in case I feel brave enough in a year or two!) Xx


I got my first tatt aged…well…even later than you. I love yours, it’s original and the placement is pretty cool too.


I love this! The badass feeling never totally goes away! I’ve got two tattoos; tiny birds on my wrist, and a dragonfly on my ribcage (but further back than yours). Ive never regretted them for a second. Which is lucky really. Xx


I got my first at 18 and don’t regret it enough to have it removed, but if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t get it! It’s on my ribs though so, as you say, I can hide it really easily. I have another on my forearm that I got done when I was 23 and I love it! x


It’s so pretty! I’m glad you finally went for it, as it looks really good. I’m booked in for a tattoo by Rebecca in October! I love her floral work, so I’m going to get some on my arm 🙂 x


Haha, I’m exactly like you. I’ve been wanting one since I was a teenager but I was always afraid of getting something I might regret later in life. But I think I might get it done soon. I’ve been trying on some temporary tattoos from etsy that look like the one I want, just to see if I really would like it or not.


It is so pretty! It’s good that you waited for so long to finally know what you want to get on your body. I am still processing the thought of what I want to get but I am also planning to get a tattoo someday 🙂

Emily Jayne Phillips

Love this – I’ve been debating getting a tattoo for just as long, but have never managed to settle on a design and was also put off by wanting it on my ribs and everyone telling me how painful it would be! I made a decision that if I wanted the same design for 5 years I’d get it, but I keep changing my mind!

Bitsy Beans

I got my first tat earlier this year aged 38!!!! I’ve wanted one on and off for years but never found the right design. For some reason inspiration struck and I decided that I wanted the Orion constellation. I am already planning my second and third tats…..

Emma Luxton

This is a really pretty tattoo. I knew what I wanted for my tattoo but waited 5 years before I got it done because I was only young and I wanted to be sure. Now Im so happy with it, it’s something personal and because of that I wanted it in a place that wouldn’t normally be on show so it’s just under my boob. I also immediately wanted another one, and I’ve got an idea for what I want but Im not sure where I want to, and Im probably going to wait a bit longer until Im sure I want it.

Emma x
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Lovely pic, tattoo looking sooo attractive.. i am 26 years old, i want make same tattoos on my body.. thanks you share this tattoo pic..


Awesome first time tat and experience, Jen. I am 28 and I do not have any tattoos. I’ve always wanted one but my now ex boyfriend never liked tattoos so I was definitely discouraged. We had been together for 7 years. We just recently broke up and now I’m contemplating getting that tattoo I’ve always wanted. Anxious and excited!


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